Yoga Poses for Larger and More Mature Women

Yoga Poses for Larger and More Mature Women

If you’re Over 25 Years

If you’re over twenty-five years or more, then I think we’ve all started on a yoga journey at some time; and earlier than later, we’ve given up the ghost and tried something else instead.


My only experience was many years ago when I went with a friend, and I didn’t like how the instructor treated her. He was rude and not subtle – everyone noticed. I think she hung on because of me. After a while, I spoke with the instructor reasonably and politely, and, in no uncertain terms, he told me to ‘f off and mind my own business.’ 

My friend left the following week, thus, so did I. I then joined another class. However, my friend was horrified that I had and emotions ran high with her, so, rather than upset anyone, I quit. My friend felt better, but a bit later, she went off the deep end as they say and had to see a phycologist. Although I felt sorry for her, I felt a bit cheated over the yoga thing, so I remained Yoga free – making myself a bit of a hypocrite.

Larger Women Hold Back

I think slimmer women are more included to join a class. The larger women hold back because they are self-conscious about their extra centimetres, and feel that the people at the course will be checking out how many pounds they need to lose.

How can I tell them that just isn’t real? How can I tell them that Yoga is the very thing that will help them to stop being self-conscious and probably cause them to continue with a class that will reduce stress?

Yoga is a Wonderful Experience

Yoga is a beautiful experience of correcting your balance – both emotionally, physically, and mentally, and feeling less stressed, less put upon, and less used.

I believe that no matter what you eat or drink, or what type of sport you play, or the type of exercise you do; Yoga is an essential form of stretching and balancing ourselves and our bodies which is what we need – it’s an essential form of existing peacefully and adjusting our whole bodies and attitudes with a soul and self-searching series of stretching.

You Can Usually Spot the ‘Yoganites’

You can usually spot the people that are yoga fanatics. They are more graceful, more peaceful, much calmer within themselves, and seemingly more youthful than their real ages. They are quiet, but when they speak, people listen to them because they are self-assured.

It’s time for Me

Writing this, I’m beginning to think it’s time for my second experience with Yoga. I think it will be the perfect experience for my body and probably also get my head straight for a change.

I think this time I’ll go alone, so there are no connections with anyone else. I don’t need anyone to share my thoughts about it. I don’t need anyone with whom to discuss it or praise it. I’m happier alone. I feel less burdened by anyone else and less obliged to them also.

Having decided all that. I next need to choose what type of class I need to join. Frankly, I think it’s staring me in the face. I need to join a class to release stress. I think that’s probably the most valuable in my case – and many other peoples’ situations.

I Need Re-Setting and Re-Balancing

Having been given to understand that Yoga movements are the most natural movements that our body could ever perform smoothly and enjoy: I have to stop and ask why most people find it so difficult at first.

I’m told that our bodies are so ‘out of whack’ because over the years, they’ve developed some bad habits, so Yoga is for correcting these horrid habits, and so at first it feels awkward and difficult.

However, after you’ve been practicing these moves for a while, it starts to get more comfortable. Although there was never any pain, the body relaxes more and more into these natural positions and welcomes the adjustments and balancing – as it should. The damage that we do to our bodies; Yoga puts right.

Yoga Tones Your Body

With Yoga, your body will become toned – like that of a top athlete. Its muscles will be stretched, and thus it will increase the blood flow. If you stick to it, you can end up looking radiant and fabulous.

A Rookie Mistake

Do not keep weighing and measuring yourself. That’s a trap that beginners walk straight into. It’s a Rookie trap, so don’t feel bad if you’re just starting out. But people who are new to it all keep measuring themselves sand weighing themselves and after a week or two, if them don’t see enough difference them become disappointed, disheartened. They move away from it – stop going and what’ worse, many of them say it doesn’t work.

Overweight Ladies

Larger ladies, oversized, pump, overweight – I fit into that category, I think. I mean, I know for a fact that if I dieted, I’d lose weight. I know that if I joined a fitness group, I’d lose weight. I really don’t know why I haven’t joined one. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m happy with my weight, nor does it mean that I like being like this and will ignore any opportunity to change.

The Age of Sage

The thing is, I just can’t be bothered to make that difference about my appearance now that I’ve entered into the ‘age of sage.’ The only reason I’d go and join a yoga class is to deal with stress and feel the peace. Oh, and also to be able to move more quickly – be more supple in my ‘senior’ years! I am considering to ‘sign up’ for those reasons.

We Could All Do Better

I’m reasonably comfortable just being myself in most ways. I have ‘twinges’ and ‘soreness’ in some areas. Some things don’t fit as well as they should, and some top buttons remain unbuttoned.

I could use a night of better and more peaceful sleep, and I’d like a considerable drop in the levels of my everyday stress, and if Yoga can accomplish any of that for me, then just show me where to sign, and I’m ‘aboard’ as they say.

Explanatory Images – Yoga Poses

Below in this article, you will find things to give you ideas of the various positions you’ll be expected to assume in your new Yoga classes. I thought you might like to see some and start practicing on your own for a while. There are no explanations as to how to accomplish these poses, but you might have fun figuring them out by yourself.

Life Changer

I’m told it could be quite the life changer. You roll up to your class, unroll your little mat, and from the moment your instructor enters the room, things start to change for you.

Graceful and Supple

That sounds pretty good to me. I frankly think that if you feel more supple, you’ll probably start moving around with the grace of a ballet dancer eventually and that gives you confidence. If you’re more flexible and graceful, you’ll probably have lost a little weight.

Less Weight – More Confidence

A loss of weight and a boost in self-confidence make a massive difference to your attitude towards life, and people notice you for all the right things and none of the wrong things. It will probably also improve your sense of humor!

People are Attracted to You

Isn’t that a grand feeling? It must make you feel calm and serene, looking poised and elegant. People will feel attracted to you because of these things, and I think that’s something you can feel incredibly proud of.

Self Confidence is Sexy

The sight of someone going about their life with self-confidence is very sexy. When people know what they’re doing and do it confidently with laughter and calmness, other people notice and want to be like them.

It doesn’t matter what size your body is, or how your hair or makeup looks – all that counts is that you are at peace with yourself and utterly confident in what you are doing, to the point where you can laugh and joke and accomplish your goal.

I’m banging on a bit about this, but really, it is so true. Self-confidence is so attractive to other people that they’ll always give their attention to the one who seems to be most confidence – looks apart.

Overweight Women often have a Poor Opinion of Themselves.

When women especially are somewhat overweight, they usually have a poor opinion of themselves. They never realize that some people go out of their way to be in that lady’s company because she cares, and she laughs, and she’s genuine.

Many of us ‘larger women’ with the ‘fuller figures’ feel that certain parts of life’s happier experiences are not for us. They think they don’t come up to standard and will, therefore, never be satisfied. It’s incredible because we are hurting ourselves – nobody else. Everyone else loves us, but we fail or refuse to see it.

Yoga is very appealing, and I think with all the daily stress added to our lives, perhaps Yoga is the very thing we need to reduce that stress and calm us down.

Our Partners?

Perhaps we should try to get our partners to go with us, although…. I wouldn’t bet on the success rate with that! Men tend to go with other men or go alone.

Lose The Stress

I hope after reading this that many of you larger ladies – like me – will sign on the bottom (pardon the pun) line for a Yoga class –if only to reduce stress.

I also hope you will feel so much better that it will encourage you to sign on for another – and take you, friends, with you!

Don’t Hesitate

Stop being hesitant, stop thinking this isn’t for you and start saying yes to things you’d never have considered in the past.

Look after Yourself

This is all about you! Look after yourself, have an adventure, go beyond your usual boundaries, and find happiness as you explore. Be you. The real you! Not the persona you present to the world, thinking they’ll like you better if you agree with them on everything.

Laugh and have fun and disagree quietly occasionally because it’s OK to be you – your real self. People will respect you more and be happy that you appreciate them enough to tell them the truth.

Yoga Poses for Larger and more Mature Women? Yes!

Yoga poses for larger and more mature women are essential for our health and wellbeing, and I think that we, as larger or more mature women, should try these Yoga poses repeatedly until we get it right. It is only then, that we can start to enjoy the multiple benefits of Yoga in our lives.

5 Yoga Poses for Larger Women

The Downward Dog Pose, (or Adho Mukha Shvanasana,)

This is where you stand, feet on the floor slightly apart, face down, bending forward, hands-on floor, making an arch with your body.

This pose stretches the hand, hamstring, shoulders, calf, arches of the foot. It strengthens the arm and the leg..

The Child Yoga Pose

Kneel on the floor with knees apart and toes touching. Bring your arms and hands stretched out along the floor, thumbs touching. Face should be down on the floor.

The Easy Yoga Pose

Sit on the floor cross-legged with knees resting on feet. Your back must be straight and your shoulders in alignment with the backs of hands resting on knees. The first finger and thumb should be touching.

The Chair Pose

Stand with your feet on the floor placed closely together, bend your knees which are close together as if you were going to sit, then straighten your spine and keep your arms and hands close together place face upward and arms and hands above and slightly behind you. This makes an S shape with your body.

The Tree Yoga Pose

Stand straight on one leg with foot placed straight down on the inside of the thigh. Extend the knee outwards. Keep the spine straight. Place arms, elbows, and hands in a praying position extending elbows and pressing hands together, fingers upwards as if in prayer. Back straight and head facing forward.