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What is the Ketogenic Diet and Is It Safe?

Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet is the supposed answer to all of your food-related issues.

Want to lose weight? Go Keto!

Want to get a healthy lifestyle? Go Keto!

And there are other claims too.

Logically, the question arises, are these just claims? Or is there some truth in these?

To know more, let’s first discuss the keto diet.

What Is Keto Diet? And How Does It Work?

A basic answer to this question would be a diet that requires you to limit your carb intake and eat healthy fats instead.

Ketogenic Diet started as a remedy for epilepsy patients when it was observed that fasting had a positive effect on their condition. Fasting wasn’t a long-term solution, so doctors did some research and made a keto diet. It mimics the positive effects of fasting without the adverse effects of long-term fasting.

When you start on a keto diet, your body reacts to the low amount of carbs it’s getting. A “carb flu” is pretty normal in the first few weeks. Once your body realizes that it’s not going to get extra carbs to burn, it starts burning stored fat.

Now, this is great in the long run but can cause some fatigue at the start. You will undergo ketosis which means that internal stores of fat are now burning to keep your body running. And that your metabolism is working as it should.

A lot of research went into making the keto diet. It would be natural to assume that the keto diet is for everyone, and that’s true for most cases.

Many-purpose Keto Diet

Keto diet is more of a lifestyle than a diet, but it can be managed over time. Keto is a beneficial lifestyle that can lead to weight loss and other key benefits.

One of the main uses of a keto diet is by epileptic people. It was primarily made to help minimize the effects of epilepsy and promote a healthier life.

In addition, keto is also useful in weight loss. The body has a bunch of fat and other nutrients stacked up, and these can cause you to gain a lot of weight. Now keto diet helps your body burn these excessive fat stores and thus lose weight in the process.

Keto Diet also helps patients with Diabetes, type 1 and 2, maintain their blood sugar level at a certain level. And thus maintain a healthier lifestyle.

But Keto May Not Be For You

Despite all the benefits, keto may not be for you. Keto diet is for those who can commit to a tough lifestyle for a long time.

A low carb diet isn’t very pleasing at the start and causes fatigue, headaches and other problems.

Kidney stones can also be formed as a result of the keto diet. This isn’t a direct side-effect of the keto diet, though. A keto diet can reduce normal water levels from your body. So you must drink more water than usual to avoid kidney stones when you’re using the keto diet.

In addition to these side-effects, keto can be very tough to maintain. You can’t take in more than a certain amount of carbs per day, or your body will not react to the keto diet properly. This is tough as we’re surrounded by high-carb foods and beverages.

In addition, your body will also crave that extra dose of the carb when you start the keto diet. So you need to have strong willpower to be on a keto diet that actually works.

Despite all of this, the benefits outweigh the limitations by a very big margin. You can achieve your health goals with a keto diet, and all you need is willpower to do what’s required.

Don’t stress yourself too much, and give keto a try.

Good Luck!

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