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What Are Fibrous Carbs?

Many diets and weight loss plans tend to stay away from carbs. Carbs; may they be simple carbs, fibrous carbs, or starchy carbs, tend to have bad reputations. The truth is, you can consume carbs and still achieve your weight loss goals.

According to Web MD, carbohydrates are made up of starches and sugar the body breaks down into glucose. Glucose feeds cells of the body and becomes a source of energy.

What are Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are organic compounds present in foods.  They are sugars, starches, and fiber present in foods. Carbs break down into glucose. They are then absorbed by the bloodstreams and become the body’s stored energy.

Carbohydrates are categorized as fibrous, starch, and sugar. Fibrous carbs and starchy carbs are complex carbs, while sugar is a simple carb. The difference between complex carbs and simple carbs is that the body can quickly convert them into stored energy.

  • Fibrous Carbs

Fiber is slow in converting carbs into glycogen (glucose). It takes more time to digest fibrous carbs; thus, you will feel fuller longer. This can lead to weight loss because you will crave less for food.

Fibrous carbs do not get converted to fat since the massive amounts of indigestible insoluble fibers do not release extra energy similar to starchy carbs.

Fiber controls cholesterol and promotes regular bowel movements, too. Fibrous carbs consist of foods with fiber as their primary component. Today, most dietitians categorize carbs based on their ingredients and fiber content.

Fibrous carbs also have higher vitamin and mineral content than starchy carbs. It is thus advisable that you fill half or more of your plate with fibrous carbs.

  • Starchy Carbs

Starchy carbs, which are also complex, can raise your levels of blood sugar. A rise in the levels of blood sugar can lead to an increase in insulin. This, therefore, promotes the storage of fats.  

  • Simple Carbs

Simple carbs are sugars made up of molecules with shorter chains. They are also quick to digest, thus making you feel hungry after a short time. The energy they provide the body is short-lived. Simple carbs produce an upsurge or a “sugar rush” in the body.

Since simple carbs are sugars, they are quickly converted to energy by your body. This leads to the rising and quick fall of levels in blood sugar.

If you are craving more sugar to keep you going in the middle of the day, this means you must have eaten too many simple carbs making you feel hungry quickly and want to have more sugary snacks to increase your energy.

Fibrous Carbs vs. Starchy Carbs

Fibrous carbs and starchy carbs are complex carbohydrates and can thus contribute to weight loss. There is much debate, however, on which of these complex carbs contribute better to weight loss.

  • Fibrous Carbs
  • Fibrous carbs enhance your metabolism and are mostly consumed when on a weight loss regimen.
  • Fibrous foods only focus on improving metabolic activity and providing nutritional value.
  • Fibrous carbs are healthier than starchy carbs, but they do taste so good.
  • Fibrous carbs are ideal for people who are sugar-sensitive because it burns excess fat and prevents obesity.
  • Starchy Carbs
  • You should avoid consuming starchy foods when you are on a weight loss regimen.
  • Starchy foods are not healthy, but they taste good.
  • Eating starchy carbs can make you crave more for sweet foods or sugar.
  • Consuming starchy foods can make you have mood swings.
  • Starchy carbs are not ideal for sugar, sensitive people because it will increase blood sugar levels.

It is advisable to consume more fibrous carbs for optimal burning of fatty enzymes, helping you lose weight, healthy, and fit.

Fibrous Carbs and Weight Loss

Fibrous carbs are healthy carbs because they break down longer in your body and, therefore, provide a steadier source of energy for your body compared to simple carbs.

More energy is needed to burn them than simple sugar. This will make you lose weight instead of gain weight.

If you are on a weight loss diet, fibrous carbs such as leafy vegetables can help drop your fat weight. Fat or weight loss results when you get rid of excess calories allowing your body to shift to stored body fat for energy. This makes you lose weight.

Choosing foods that are high in volume and low in calories will effectively make you lose weight. This allows you to eat a lot of food without vast amounts of calories.

Fibrous carbs are commonly found in plant foods. Fiber slows down your absorption of nutrients. This helps keep your levels of blood sugar even and your cholesterol lower. It also keeps your bowel movement regular.

Foods Rich in Fibrous Carbs

Carbs provide high-quality energy to your body. The concept is simple to understand. Fibrous carbs are high in fiber; thus, they take more time to digest than refined carbs (sugar).  This makes you fuller longer and contributes to your weight loss goal.

A word of caution, though. People with sensitive stomachs will tend to have their stomachs irritated from a high fibrous carb diet. This can be remedied by steaming foods with fibrous carbs to make them soft.

Fibrous carbs do not only help in your weight loss goals. Fibrous carbs, also known as good carbs, are also good for your body.

Here are some foods that are good sources of fibrous carbs:

  • Fruits

Fruits are not only a good source of fibrous carbs; they are also a good source of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Vegetables

Most vegetables are fibrous carbs. Fibrous vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber. When you eat these vegetables, you do not have to watch how much they are eating in terms of calories.

  • Whole grains

The endosperm, germ, and bran of whole grains are rich in fiber. Such grains as wheat, barley, oats, millet, and rice are rich in fiber.

  • Nuts

Nuts are tasty fibers. Every ounce, for example, of pistachios contains 2.9 grams of fiber. Almonds are also high in fiber. An ounce of almonds (23 almonds) contains about 3.5 grams of fiber.

  • Legumes

Legumes are rich in fiber and are healthy carbs. Legumes high in fiber include lentils, peas, chickpeas, and peanuts. One-half cup of each of these legumes contains about 7 grams of fiber.

  • Beans

Beans such are lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and white beans are high in fiber content.

How to Consume more Fibrous Carbs

The American Diabetic Association (ADA) states that adults need to target consuming 25-30 grams of foods rich in fiber every day. Consuming your daily recommended fiber can be beneficial to your health.

Here are a few tips on how you can increase your daily intake of fibrous carbs:

  • Have a side dish of cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, radishes, watercress, bok choy, kale, and cabbage.
  • Include legumes or beans (Lentil) such as chickpeas, kidney beans, white beans, and black beans.
  • Eat whole-wheat pasta instead of white pasta. If you have allergies or are gluten-sensitive, you can eat brown rice pasta in place of white pasta.
  • Have a snack of roasted chickpeas.
  • Add some berries to your oatmeal for breakfast. Fruits that have edible seeds are a good source of fibrous carbs.
  • Toss in some nuts to your salad.

If you are prone to stomach irritation, slowly increase your fibrous carbs daily intake until you reach the recommended 30 grams. Likewise, increase your water intake to prevent constipation.

Final Thoughts

Carbohydrates should always be part of your diet to promote a healthy body.  A healthy diet should consist of more fibrous carbs and a few starchy carbs and simple carbs. A large intake of fibrous carbs also helps in your weight loss goals.

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