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Use a Weight Loss Journal

Weight Loss Journal

There are a lot of influential people who have been journaling or who have kept a diary with them, like; Thomas Edison, Ernest Hemingway, John Adams, and Winston Churchill.

In an article published in ‘The New York times’ by Hayley Phelan, journaling was extensively discussed together with the benefits that it provides for people.

It was added that journaling was one of the most cost-effective and useful tools to have a better mentally and emotionally healthy life.

Three researchers from the University of Rochester, namely L Renee Watson, Marianne Fraser, and Paul Ballas have also identified the positive impact of journaling for mental health.

Some of the benefits of journaling include reducing stress, coping up with depression, and reducing stress levels.

Moreover, another great help that journaling can effectively extend towards a person is to have weight loss.  

How Can Journaling Help You to Lose Weight?

Journaling is a way of writing what is inside your mind. You can add anything that you want to write as you keep track of your life.

As we connect weight loss and journaling, we can highlight the two benefits that were revealed through the study of the three researchers from the University of Rochester. 

First, it can help you track the day-to-day symptoms or negative habits for you to recognize the triggering factors that do not benefit you on a daily basis. Once you track it, you will learn ways to control it better.

Second, it helps you to have positive self-talk and identify the negative thoughts or behaviors in your mind.

These two benefits can be directed to the purpose of having journals and the great opportunity to use it for your weight loss goal.

As you set a goal, you also need to have commitment and dedication to pursue a series of work or undergo the process to reach your desired outcome. 

In mixing the concept of weight loss goal with journaling, we are now directing towards weight loss journaling. In the next portion of this article, we will understand more about it. 

What is a Weight Loss Journal?

Journaling is an effective proven way to reach your weight loss result. As you keep a weight loss journal, you are opening yourself to an age-old highly effective strategy that increases your weight-loss success.

CNN published an article featuring a woman who was able to lose half of her body weight with the great help of journaling.

From weighing 260 pounds, the woman named Jackson reached 130 pounds as she kept on journaling out her weight loss goal.

Jackson also added that journaling helped her trace her life patterns, and how she was able to make the changes for herself for good.

She also pointed out that the level of effectiveness on weight loss is revealed as we look at it over time and consider if it worked and why.

Jackson is just one of the people who were deeply changed through journaling. If you also want to have an effective approach to weight loss, you are on the right article for we will discuss how you can use a weight loss journal.

Using Weight Loss Journal

Before we go to the ways for you to start your weight loss journal, we need to acknowledge first that weight loss goals require commitment.

Achieving your slim body is not just overnight work but rather it requires a change in your everyday habits.

In this portion, we will look at the effective usage of a weight loss journal and how you can do it daily.

  • Start with a Weight Loss Plan

You need to have a standard to reach your goal which is the best starter. In achieving goals, you need to plan so that you can discuss how you worked out the ways in your journal.

Be specific on your weight loss plan. You need to personally know the healthy ways to slim fast or acquire weight loss.

On the other hand, you need to know the things and ways that contradict your weight loss plan. As you commit to this, you will come to understand that this will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

We will work this out. You can start your weight loss plan by answering the essential questions below:

  1. How frequently do you need to exercise?
  2. What is the best weight loss exercise for you?
  3. What time do you want to wake up?
  4. What time should you sleep?
  5. What kind of foods do you need to eat?
  6. How will you be able to count calories?
  7. How long should you sleep?
  8. How can you avoid stress to reduce the potentiality of weight gain?
  9. What is your ideal day to pursue your weight loss plan?
  10. Do you want to set a target date to achieve your slim body? If yes, when?

These questions will help you have a fundamental understanding of how you can work out your plans to reach your body goals. 

  • Mindfully Record, Track, and Assess with Your Journal

In your journal, you need to record, track, and assess your day-to-day engagements. Here are the things that you need to be mindful of daily as you write it down on your journal:

  1. Record Your Intake and Mealtime

You need to have a balanced diet to lose weight so record your food and drink intake to know if you are achieving this.

Studies reveal that skipping meals will lead you to weight gain. As you skip a meal, you are making yourself experience hunger which may cause you to give in to your cravings and have a higher volume of food consumption.

In this, you need to record your meal and mealtime and know if you are following it on a daily basis. 

  1. Count Calories with Your Journal

You can input in your journal the calorie count of the meal, food, and drinks that you intake. You also need to know more about the best food that you can eat as you have your weight loss plan.

Make sure that you eat the food with lesser calories. If you do not know how to count calories, then you can start by installing calorie counter applications on your phone.

You can then know more about how you can effectively use the application based on the guidelines provided. 

  1. Assess Yourself and Your Environment

Be mindful of your actions and your environment. Try to assess if there are moments that trigger your hunger or cravings. You need to know what factors are causing you to eat more and avoid it.

You can also consider your emotions since there are triggering factors that can direct you to lose track of your weight loss plan.

Let us acknowledge that you need to develop a discipline in eating right for you to reach your ideal slim body but not eating is not good for your body as stated in the first point.

  1. Track Stress Levels and the Causes

Stress is one of the great triggering agents that causes a person to gain weight. This is because one of the primary ways for the body to cope with stress is eating which results in a person’s increase of weight.

Eating is the body’s comforting way to combat stress. Jackson, the woman who has lost half of her weight also has pointed out that stress was not helping out her weight loss plan.

Journal out Your Heart

A lot of people use journaling to track life happenings, changes, improvements, and goals.

However, there are a lot of people who have not yet discovered the way to journal to reach their body goals or acquire fat loss.

Since you now know that you can use a weight loss journal to help you achieve your body goals, then start actualizing.  Think positively for through this method you can be on track to reaching your weight loss goal!

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