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The Top 10 Yoga Towels According to Reviews

If you are using a mat that is not intended accordingly for hot yoga, you will probably lose grip and slip more than on a dry surface, no matter how good it is. In this, you will need a yoga towel to prevent you from having potential injuries caused by sliding on the wet mat.

A yoga towel is a piece of highly absorbent fabric that keeps you dry throughout the intense workout; it reduces the chance of slipping, and by absorbing up moisture and sweat, improves traction.

It is made of microfiber material known for its wicking qualities. Most of the yoga towels soak up more sweat than their actual weight and can be repeatedly used during your workout sessions.

Here is the list of The Top 10 Yoga Towels According to Reviews:

1. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

The Yogitoes Manduka yoga towel has a patented skid less technology that utilizes nubs to grip your mat, and it will keep you in place. It is quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and ultra-absorbent that will prevent you from slipping and having injury during your workouts. It is ideally useful during hot yoga or any super sweaty workout.

This kind of yoga towel is easy to take anywhere with you. For you can have it with you in the gym, the beach, and even traveling. It is also an eco-friendly yoga towel with its original woven texture that is sustainable. It is made from recycled plastic water bottles. The dyes used are free from AZO, lead, and heavy metals.

It garnered 984 ratings with an 85% 5-star rate. One of its reviews includes, “When I am in my sessions, It does not move, it does not slide, it will not budge. I needed something to let me focus on my training without the panic of falling and sliding.”

2. Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

The Yoga Jaci yoga mat towel will wick away the sweat from your body with its super-absorbent quality. It absorbs every drop of your sweat from your face, hands, and your whole body during your workout session. It has a guaranteed premium microfiber material that prevents you from slipping during your sessions. 

In terms of reviews, the Yoga Jaci mat towel will not come last. It gathered a total of 1,283 ratings, with 84% of 5-star reviews from consumers. One of the satisfied customers said: “This was a perfect size, covering my entire mat with a tiny bit of excess fabric on the top and bottom. I did not pre-wet the towel, though I sweat on it throughout the class. Going to invest in more of these! When it comes to its longevity, I can’t speak yet, but the initial quality seemed good.”

3. Shandali GoSweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel

The Shandali yoga towel is perfect for plans of heading to the beach or any remote vacation. Going on your vacation, you do not need to pack a bulky yoga mat. With your Shandali yoga mat, any place will instantly turn into a yoga studio.

The Shandali yoga towel absorbs slippery sweat and makes your expensive last longer; besides, it also gives your yoga posture a plush velvety feel that would feel great. With the help of this yoga towel, you can have a stable and sweat-free foundation to practice on. You can stay focus and advance quickly in your asana practice without the risk of slipping on sweat or having any other injuries.

“No doubt, I will definitely buy this item again in the future. This towel perfectly covers my Manduka Pro mat, which is why I picked this one out of the other mat towels on Amazon.” It is one of the reviews from the purchasers of the Shandali yoga towel. It has 1,888 ratings, and 74% of this gave five stars reviews on this item.

4. The Perfect Yoga Towel

The Perfect yoga towel is best for sweaty or any hot yoga sessions where you need to dry your sweat to maintain posture and balance. It is a microfiber towel that is high quality, odorless, durable, non-slip, and perfectly sized to place on top of a regular size yoga mat. It is lightweight, easy to pack, and dries fast so that you can bring it with you anywhere.

It bagged a 79% 5-star rate from a total of 279 global ratings. One of the customer’s top reviews says: “This company is one that I will continue to be purchasing from for years to come. The color is precise, soft to the touch, & is a good size even for someone like me who is 6’3″ 240. Bravo. Nice job!”

5. Heathyoga Yoga Towel

The Heathyoga yoga towel is made of a super absorbent, soft, and moisture-wicking premium microfiber that will soak up sweat like a sponge. It is ideally for sweaty and hot yoga sessions. It is excellent to have with you when you are traveling and to do your sports.

This yoga towel has received a total of 738 global ratings with a 72% 5-star rate. One of the buyers is very much satisfied; here is a review: “Yoga towel works great and looks stylish! I have not used my towel throughout a Hot Yoga class yet, but it has already offered me with enhanced grip when used while sweaty after a 2-mile run and in a regular yoga class. I didn’t mist it with water either time or it improved my grip in both situations.”

6. Youphoria Yoga Towel

Most of the yoga mat turns into a slip and slide when you are sweating, but the Youphoria yoga towel grips best when it is wet, making it perfect for your hot and sweaty yoga sessions. It is made from a lightweight microfiber material that is made to absorb water 7x their weight. When you are sweating, it prevents you from slipping with silicone, which is one of its material.

The Youphoria yoga towel got 2,385 ratings, in which 67% of it gave a 5-star rate to the product. “This mat handled the deluge of sweat from a class and kept the mat underneath it in reasonable shape,” one of the top reviews from customers.

7. Ewedoos Yoga Towel

The Ewedoos yoga towel places your attention back to your yoga session by effortlessly securing it on top of your mat. You will no longer have any distractions, such as repositioning or brunching during your sessions.

It has a perfect size for any kind of yoga mat and is made from a premium non-slip and absorbent microfiber material. It absorbs away your perspiration and creates a slip-free surface that prevents you from having injuries. 

It garnered 867 global ratings, with 76% of it is 5-star. One of the customers wrote a review saying, “The towel work just so well. I always believe that the kind of towels that truly stuck are the ones with grips on the bottom, but I got it all wrong.”

8. Pefi Yoga Towel

The Pefi yoga towel can be used as a yoga rug in the gym, a camping towel, as a beach body wrap but on top of that is, you can put it on top of your yoga mat to prevent dirtying the mat and slipping from it. It is made from premium quality materials such as 100% polyester microfiber that gives you durability and comfort.

One of the purchasers said, “This yoga towel fits perfectly over my yoga mat. I sweat a lot during yoga, and it absorbs all of the sweat quickly and easily.” This ensures a great product along with its 79% 5-star rate from the 532 total global ratings gathered.

9. YogaRat Yoga Towel

When you feel your sweat pouring from your face and body during your sessions, just wipe it out with this towel. It helps you maintain your dryness and have a better grip to avoid getting injuries. It is also made from super absorbent materials that are thin and easy to pack when you are going outside.

It received 1,285 fantastic reviews with a 5-star rate of 73%. One of the fantastic reviews from customers is this: “This is a good little yoga mat for the price. Nothing fancy but does the job. Even though it’s not designed as a non-slip mat, it doesn’t slide around hugely on my mat. I do 3 hot yoga classes a week & it’s fine.”

10. ATIVAFIT Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Made from 100% polyester microfiber that is odorless, non-slip, durable, and soft. It is super absorbent that will keep your body warm and dry during your sessions. It is portable because it is lightweight, compact, flexible, and foldable, so it is easy to pack and bring anywhere you want to. 

It gets 79% of the 477 global ratings is 5-star. One of the top reviews from the customer goes like this: “One of my favorite fitness purchasing this is probably one of the best towels I have ever purchased. The tie-dye is phenomenal it’s so seamless, if you’re a heavy sweater this is perfect for you.”

These are all for the Top 10 Yoga Towels. May this help you find the perfect yoga towel for you.

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