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The Different Types of Belly Fat and How to Get Rid of Each Type Fast

Someone says ‘Belly Fat’ and everyone says ‘oh, gross’ but then they all look down and grab a handful of their belly fat and tell themselves they’ll do something about it one day soon. Then they all get up and wiggle away as their bellies and breasts bounce, and their thighs chafe. I’m deliberately making this sound gross because we need to wake up quickly about this belly fat stuff and how dangerous it can be.

I was reading a journal – Medical News Today – and it informed me that we only have two different types of fat to be concerned about – however – we have three different types of body fat. I’ll explain further along in this article.

Visceral fat – surrounds the organs.

Subcutaneous fat – sits under the skin.

Visceral FatSurrounds the Organs

We stand by the water cooler at the office and discuss this matter in hushed tones; or in louder voices in the restroom, we talk about being Fat or not. How being Fat affects your diet and your wardrobe – what’s available for plump ladies, and how depressed they may feel about their sizes and how they look.

Dangerous Illnesses

Thinking about it now, we don’t talk nearly so much about the illnesses it can cause.

We split up these fats into many more numbers and categories and give them different names, Beer Belly, Mommy Belly, Hormonal Belly, Bloated Belly, etc. I can imagine a bunch of men looking at this and each other, saying, I think Jeff has the Beer Belly but not the Mommy Belly, and Dave has the Bloated Belly but not the Hormonal Belly.’ It’s a bit of a laugh, but deep down, it’s an embarrassment which you must rectify quickly.

Keep the Name – Lose the Fat

No matter whatever you want to call it, you do have it, because it’s all Visceral Fat – and quite dangerous! It’s wrapped around different organs in your body, causing immeasurable harm and illnesses – so you need to lose the fat as soon as you can.

Instead of asking, ‘is this dress too tight? Or Are these pants too small for me’ you should, instead, ask ‘How can I lose this weight quickly – I want to be healthy – I don’t want to get diabetes and heart disease.’

Let’s quickly talk about:

Subcutaneous Fat – Sits Under the Skin

This is the wobbly and unsafe fat that lies just beneath the skin and wiggles when you walk. It’s jiggly, and you can grab a handful of it. It pops out from just beneath your bra, under your arms, and spills out over the top of your trousers – then we call it a muffin top as if it were cute – it’s not cute; it’s harmful.

Although it’s not nearly as harmful as Visceral Fat, it could eventually become Visceral fat, and in any case, it’s ugly, and you don’t want it. It’s a good indicator of how much Visceral Fat you have sitting under that bouncy Subcutaneous Fat.

I saw a couple of teenage boys in the street, walking behind a pretty and plump young girl, and they were playfully calling to her. ‘It must be jelly ‘cos jam don’t wobble like that’! She giggled, but you could see their comments had hurt her. The irony is that these boys weren’t skinny, they’d also put in plenty of overtime with a knife and fork, and they had no right to denigrate this girl.

Therefore, you have to lose that fat – either or both types – as quickly as possible and then, most importantly, keep it off.

I’ve collected lots of helpful hints of how to do this, and they will be helpful for either and both types of fats, so if you perform one thing that’s good for getting rid of Visceral Fat, it will probably also be useful for getting rid of Subcutaneous Fat.

Children Imitate their Parents

Before we continue, let’s mention our little Darlings, who are usually seriously underestimated. ‘Oh, Johnny won’t notice,’ you say, and yet the very next day, little Johnny is hanging his belly (which you didn’t even know he had) over his pants and belt just like his Dad does!

Just Like Dad

The Mom might proudly say, “Oh, look at my little boy, just like his father! Pride might not be the right emotion here. The correct re-action might be, oh dear, the child’s picking up too much weight. We should put a stop to that.

Children use their parents as their examples, so they imitate them in as many ways as they can –  how do you explain to a child that it’s OK for you but not for them? Because I say so!

This statement doesn’t work. Nope! You’ve got to start watching and modifying your behavior immediately.

If you’re carrying a lot of fat, chances are, so are your kids, so a new lifestyle at home needs to be established for both parents and children alike!

Like Father, Like Son

That saying ‘like Father, like son’ is right on point, and we need to remember the impact our behavior has on our precious ones. Our kids’ behavioral patterns may be cute, but they’re not wise, and it’s up to you to draw a halt to these things and set your little Blessings on the right path.

In the instance where your kids have become a little porky; maybe it’s because they sit inside and watch TV with you, instead of getting exercise by playing outside with their friends; therefore, the onus is on you to send them out to play; even if you have to stay and watch at first. 

Their Growth Should be Better than Yours

In cases like this, I have always said ‘slap the parents, not the child’ because you’re their example, and it’s your responsibility to ensure their growth is not necessarily the way yours was, but the best way it can be.

Tips for Slimming Down

These apply to both sexes – in fact, you can include the kids in you need to.

Food and Eating

Eat lots of soluble fiber. It’s brilliant the way this works, and I think you’ll appreciate it: 

It absorbs water and forms a sort of gel. When this gel passes through your digestive system, it helps to slow down the other food that’s also passing through the system. This fiber type shows that it increases weight loss by making you feel full, so you eat less.

Isn’t that clever?– I think it’s excellent!

Acceptable Foods

Try foods like Barley, Oats, Beans, Figs, Prunes, and sweet potatoes to do this with. Also,

Barley, Nuts, Seeds, Lentils, Fruits, and many Veg. Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Dried Peas.

High Fibre foods are essential. Here are some that will be a big help: Flax Seeds, Shirataki Noodles, Brussel Sprouts, Avocados, Legumes, Blackberries.

Say No To Trans Fats

Foods containing trans fats – for example, soybean oil, certain kinds of margarine, and spreads – read the labels. These fats are linked to inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance, and abdominal fat gain.

No Alcohol

Some alcohol has its benefits, but if you drink too much, it can be extremely harmful. Thus, if you’re one of those people that can’t keep a steady and slow balance – and a lot of people can’t, then it’s best to abstain entirely and don’t imbibe the dreaded booze.

You probably don’t know that alcohol can give you belly fat – can you believe that!

In fact, if you drink enough of the stuff on a constant basis, it can create a waistband of fat right around your body, paving the way to central obesity.

Alcohol contains sugar and other harmful ingredients so, cutting back on alcohol would be a good thing, an excellent thing – if we can leave it there. But unfortunately, we can’t, and we continue to upset the balance by over-imbibing and encouraging the unwanted and hard to stop the onslaught of obesity.

It’s really best to say no to alcohol ultimately but, don’t swap your midday gin or evening cocktails for some sugary alcohol-free substitute. Not only will obesity be an inevitability, but by taking in too much sugar, you’re also attracting diabetes and heart disease – amongst other things.

A High Protein Diet

Once you’ve digested even a small amount of natural protein – say poach or fry a chicken breast until its golden brown. Let is stand for a while, then slice it. Next, take large, very crisp lettuce leaves and put some chicken slices (about two) of chicken breast in there and without seasoning, wrap it up in the crisp lettuce leaf like a parcel and eat that. You’ll quite quickly get used to not having any condiments or sauces on there, and you’ll get that really full feeling you should have without feeling stuffed.

Here’s the truth, the whole truth, and something you should really think about and then adopt. You can fill yourself to the gills with bread and potatoes, crisps, and junk food, and you’ll feel full, but you’ll never feel satisfied. Yet a small breakfast bowl of mixed fruit and nuts with a dollop of pure Greek plain yogurt can do that for you.

You could spend the whole afternoon eating cakes and tarts and sweet things until you’re finally burstingly full, and yet a two egg French omelet filled with mushrooms will have you satisfying full in 15 minutes.

See what I mean about protein? Don’t just listen to me, or take my word for it – try it – you’ll be amazed.

Protein raises your metabolic rate. It helps you to retain your muscle mass during weight loss. So, make sure you eat some protein at every meal. It’s straightforward to do, i.e.

Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Dairy, Whey protein, Bean – all types

Say No to Sugary Foods

Don’t eat sweet things like cakes or tarts or buns or muffins or donuts or dessert – anything sweet – unless it’s a piece of fruit. No custard of whipped sugary cream,

or fancy desserts or puddings.

As Few Carbs As Possible

Carbohydrates should be mostly avoided. I suppose there’ll be one soft spot you have towards a particular carb, be it bread or pancakes or cake or whatever. That specific item will creep into your diet occasionally, and you have to realize what’s happened and try to stop it from happening again.

Say No to Sugary Drinks

This also applies to all types of sugary drinks – stay away from them – there’s also water.

Please don’t consider drinking soda, fruit punch, sweet tea, Alcoholic mixers that contain sugar.

If you can keep a food diary, then do that because it would certainly help keep track of what you’ve had and so on. The other way is not ever to cheat so that you don’t need a diary, and your next meal can be whatever you want it to be.

Please Eat Fish

Fish will become one of your best friends – and you need to aim to have at least two servings a week of either salmon, or herring, sardines, or mackerel, anchovies- or any other fish that takes your fancy. There’s nothing wrong with tuna, or cod, whiting, or haddock – it’s all good healthy fish, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Don’t Drink Fruit Juice.

They say it must be good for you because is give you mineral and vitamins but what about all that sugar it contains? And all the other sweetened beverages. Instead, why not try unsweetened juices or even beetroot juice or carrot juice.

Eat Probiotic Food

Or take a probiotic supplement. This could be helpful with gut bacteria, which may promote weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting

They say you should try intermittent fasting. It’s a method that’ becoming very popular these days on the weight-loss scene. This is how it works:

Fast (the verb, not the adjective) for 24 hours approximately 2 to 3 days per week. So, that means that for two to three days per week on one day, you won’t eat anything – obviously, you’ll drink something – but something that is safe like a sugar-free drink.

Drink Green Tea

Apparently, green tea is exceptional in a drink and is thought to be quite effective in helping weight loss.

Change Your Lifestyle

Change your lifestyle to get things right. You’ll find yourself planning your food and even eating even a handful of grapes for breakfast, plus you’ll probably have a tangerine or an orange in your pocket for lunchtime – who knows? – but you’ll definitely find yourself eating way more fruit and veg than you’ve ever done before.

You’ll look in your fridge and freezer and not find any fast or instant foods. In that second before panic takes over as you think you’ve nothing to eat, you see frozen fish, frozen chicken breasts, frozen beef, and other meats, and you realize how much your life had changed in such a short time and how much healthier you’re feeling.

The weight has begun to fall off you, but best of all, you’ve changed your way of life – this is not just some flash diet you’re on for a few months – this is the way you’ll live both now and in the future. 

Belly Fats

Let’s just quickly revisit this subject of belly fats.

There is Brown Fat, which is basically in babies. Researchers are looking for different ways of using the activity of brown fat in adults to prevent obesity.

There is Beige (brite) Fat, which I think is a new research area sitting between brown and white fat cells. Brown and Beige Fat cells can burn fat instead of storing it.

Research is currently being done on hormones and enzymes regarding turning white fat in beige fat. Lots of exciting research is currently looking at how to prevent obesity while maximizing healthy body fat levels.

Essential Fat

Can you believe it’s just that! We actually need this essential fat for life and a healthy body. It can be found in the Brain, bone marrow, nerves, membranes that protect organs.

It plays a significant role in the regulation of hormones and includes fertility control and many other things.


I think that’s our story on all the fats, their purposes and how to losw weight from each one of them.

There is only one successful way of losing weight that is by changing your lifestyle and changing the way you eat for the rest of your life.

It cannot be a little whim that you try for a couple of weeks and then go back to ‘normal’ eating because you’ll pile the weight back on again – and you do. The trick is to change your way of eating forever.

If you fail to do this, it won’t work, and you’ll stay fat; unfortunately, this could make you quite ill and cause you to contract various diseases. 

This is not to say, of your pinky finger swells up, or you get a rash on the back of your hand, you must lose weight. We cannot use little things like that as our reason for being overweight.


Sleeping is vitally important and should not be shrugged off as something you’ll get to eventually. You need your sleep more than you realize. It’s essential for a healthy and happy life.

In the evening, if you feel like going to bed, then go to bed even if it’s not your usual time. Maybe your body is trying to tell you something. Experts tell us that a person who sleeps well and gets enough sleep is more likely to lose weight than a tired person.

Apparently, you burn a lot of calories when you sleep. A little midday snooze will do you a world of good, and maybe you can burn off a few more calories at the same time.

Remember, the reason we are doing everything we can to lose weight is to be healthy inside our bodies and to be rid of any disease. When you are overweight, it attracts illnesses, and we are trying to combat that by being healthy and happy.

Lose the Stress

When you’re stressed and overwrought, not unlike sleep, it’s hard to lose weight, but when your relaxed and calm, the weight loss should be easy. 

In winding up, I must emphasize that there’s no magic potion you can take, and there’s no easy way to do this, but all of the tips in this article should help a lot. You can make it difficult, or you can make it easy for yourself – it’s all up to you. We know you are going to lose weight; it’s just a matter of how. We’ve explained to you that the best way is to change your lifestyle to keep it off for good, and then you could remain healthy all the time. The decision is yours.

Meanwhile, we have explained to you:

The different types of Belly Fat , the functionality, and How to get Rid of Them. We know you must have found some of it very helpful. We hope that you find your own way to the weight loss and wish you well to stick to it and attain success.

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