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The 9 Best Steppers Machines for 2020

Stepper machines or step machines work to stimulate the action of climbing stairs. Exercising on a stepper machine allows you to enhance your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your legs.

It may be boring to exercise on an exercise bike or treadmill for many years. Stepper machines can bring back your excitement in getting a good workout.

A stepper machine is fitness equipment that works on your lower body. Adding resistance bands, if the equipment allows, can also make it work your upper body.

Many people prefer to use steppers machines because they are compact and easy to store in your home. They may be small machines, but they can give you an excellent workout.

Low Impact Exercise

A stepper machine exercise is a low-impact workout because your feet remain on the surface of the machine and do not reach the floor. It spares your hips, knees, and ankle as compared to aerobic exercises and running.

Benefits of Exercising in Steppers Machines

The benefits of exercising in stepper machines are unclear to many. However, going through the various gains you stand to get out of this equipment, you will be on your way to exercising with this fantastic fitness equipment:

Low-impact Exercise

A stepper machine workout is a low impact workout that is an excellent alternative to jogging or running. It is a simple exercise that will not risk damaging your joints as it is a low-risk method of exercise.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Moderate-paced but frequent exercise in your stepper machine will improve the functions of your heart and lungs.

Does not Strain or Pain your Joints

Frequent exercise on your stepper machine allows you to achieve similar gains as other high-impact exercises that may cause strains and pains.

Tones your Lower Body

This fitness equipment works to strengthen your lower body from your butt, thighs, and calves.

Burns Calories

A stepper machine allows you to have a cardio and resistance workout at the same time. Regular workout on this fitness machine will help you burn calories and lose weight.

Affordable Fitness Equipment

Committing to a fitness goal need not be expensive. Having and using the stepper machine in your home saves you time and money in commuting to the gym and in gym fees. Albeit a cheaper alternative, it delivers similar results.

A steeper machine is a portable, small, and quiet fitness equipment that benefits your overall well-being.

The top Stepper machines in 2020:

1. Stamina Folding Stepper

The Stamina Space Saving Folding Steppers does not take a lot of space and easily folds up for easy storage after use yet gives you a good cardio workout.

This stepper machine has an ergonomically designed handlebar and multi-functional monitor. It also comes with hydraulic resistance and a resistance band.


  • Space-saver
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Comfortable handlebars


  • Tends to be noisy
  • Can be difficult to balance

The Stamina Space Saving Folding Steppers are safety features that will not allow you to lose your balance while on the equipment. 

2. Stamina In Motion Compact Strider

The Stamina InMotion Compact Strider can be used while in a sitting and standing position. You can also opt to use the forward and reverse options of the equipment.


  • Lightweight making it easy to move around
  • A built-in monitor makes it easy to focus and be motivated with our fitness goals
  • Burning calories is possible either by standing or sitting


  • Occasional clunking can be experienced

The Stamina InMotion Compact Strider is available in black, orange, and green. 

3. Bowflex Max Trainer Series

The Bowflex Max Trainer Series has a tank-liked. This stepper machine simultaneously works on your arms, legs, and glutes

This stepper machine may be small, yet it can give you a serious workout.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Provides low impact exercises
  • Gives full-body workout (upper and lower body)
  • Comes with a trainer app


  • Not suitable for tall persons

The Bowflex Max Trainer Series comes with a Max trainer app that keeps a tab of your data. The app also includes instructional exercises. The app is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.

4. FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical Stepper

The FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical Stepper is a cool stepper machine because you can place it under your desk and exercise while working. This fitness machine works on your lower body.  Its pedals can rotate up to 8 inches, and it also comes with eight resistance levels.


  • Can be conveniently placed and used under your desk
  • Comes with multiple resistance levels
  • Equipped with a flywheel for smooth pedalling
  • Tension adjustment can be made with your feet.
  • Sleek design


  • Heavier than most stepper machines
  • Expensive

You can adjust the resistance level of the FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical Stepper depending on what you can handle. Its built-in monitor can show 6 types of data for your every step.

5. Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper

The Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper features a simple yet unique design. It comes with hydraulic cylinders to provide non-squeaky motion. The handlebars are covered with foams to ensure a comfortable grip. 


  • Handlebars are covered with foam for a comfortable workout
  • Equipped with a hydraulic drive system
  • Resistance levels can be adjusted
  • Folds easy for convenient transport and storage


  • Can be heavier than another stepper machine of similar design

The Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper includes a data monitor in the centre of the handlebar. It also comes with sliding shock adjustments so you can set your endurance levels. This fitness equipment has a quiet operation.

6. Kettler Montana Stepper

The Kettler Montana Stepper is equipped with an adjustable resistance hydraulic system. It has a durable handrail, and the feet platform is wide. It also comes with a built-in LCD console to display your step data, energy consumption, and heart rate.


  • Durable fitness equipment
  • Features an ear clip-type heart rate monitor
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Highly affordable


  • A portion on display is in German

Many consider the Kettler Montana Stepper as the best portable and compact stepper machine at an excellent price. 

7. Sunny Tandem Stepper

It is fun to workout with a buddy, and the Sunny Tandem Stepper allows you to do just that! Two persons can step on either side of the equipment and have a fun-filled workout. It comes with hydraulic drives, textured petals, and an LCD monitor to track your burned calories.


  • Two persons can work out at the same time
  • It does not consume too much space
  • It includes four hydraulics
  • LCD monitor to track steps and calories
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price


  • Does not include resistance bands
  • Tension is not adjustable.

The Sunny Tandem Stepper is perfect for a full-body workout for you and your exercise buddy.

8. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

The Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is durable enough for home use as well as for public gyms. This steeper can help you burn calories while toning your abs. This stepper machine can also be used under a stand-up desk when you want to multitask. 


  • Applicable for many workout positions
  • Includes 16 adjustable resistance levels
  • Comes with a Max training app
  • Can accommodate persons weighing up to 400 pounds


  • Expensive

The Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is easy to assemble. You can use it immediately out of the box.

9. Stamina in Motion Strider

The Stamina InMotion Stridercan be bought either with or without the cord. This stepper machine includes a comfortable handle, non-slip pedals, adjustable tension levels, an LCD monitor to track time, steps, distance, calories, and more.


  • Can be used while standing or sitting
  • Pedals can be used in forwarding or backward motions
  • Foamed handles for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handles
  • Available in 3 models
  • Affordable


  • Has a squeaky sound
  • Too heavy for older people

The Stamina InMotion Strider comes with non-slip pedals and a durable steel frame. It can accommodate people up to 250 pounds.

The Right Way to use Stepper Machines

When you use a stepper machine, it is as though you are just climbing the stairs. There are some techniques on the right way to use stepper machines to keep your balance while keeping pace with the speed and intensity of the machine.

  • Develop some rhythm when you are on the stepper machine. Do not attempt to go too fast when you are just starting with the machine, and you will tend to struggle with the intensity and pace. 
  • Develop some rhythm when you are on the stepper machine. Do not attempt to go too fast when you are just starting with the machine, and you will tend to struggle with the intensity and pace. 
  • Develop some rhythm when you are on the stepper machine. Do not attempt to go too fast when you are just starting with the machine, and you will tend to struggle with the intensity and pace. 
  • Develop some rhythm when you are on the stepper machine. Do not attempt to go too fast when you are just starting with the machine, and you will tend to struggle with the intensity and pace. 

Start slow on the stepper machine. As you get comfortable with the machine increase the intensity of your workout.

Choosing the Right Stepper Machine

Sleeper Machines come in a variety of models and styles. Here are some things you need to consider reducing the chances of you buying the wrong steeper machine for your needs:

Quality and Durability

This should always be the prime consideration when buying fitness equipment. We need to be confident that you are stepping into a high-quality and durable product. Check online reviews to get feedback from actual users of the machine.

Features and Limitations of the Machine

Make sure you know what you are buying. Take extra effort in determining weight and height limitations. Make sure you are getting a machine that fits your requirements such as an LCD display, handles/ cords, levels of intensity, training apps, and other features you may need.


Determine how you are going to use your steeper machine to determine the level of noise you can tolerate. If you are going to use your steeper machine while watching TV, choose one that is not too noisy.


Everyone has a budget or has pegged a certain amount for fitness equipment. Strike a balance between price, quality, and the number of features of the steeper machine.

Final Thoughts

A steeper machine allows you to do low impact exercises in the comfort of your home. It is simple equipment that makes use of simple step motions but can benefit your lower body, increase your cardiovascular function, and even make you lose weight.

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