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Six Healthy Egg Breakfasts and some Health Benefits of Eggs


There are so many excellent health benefits to be gained from eating an egg that they are beginning to sound like wonder food. Eggs were the champions.

A long time ago, on another planet, far, far away, we used to think eggs were perfect for us. Then we underwent an era of eggs being criticizing and us being told to be wary of eating them. Eggs were investigated to see if they had any health benefits and, worse still, it was decided that eggs, in certain instances, should be avoided and, in other cases, should be limited to three per week at the most. Eggs were the enemies.

Now, eggs have been re-discovered and re-categorized. They have been named, the wunderkind of food, and appear on all the ‘got to get’ and ‘health food’ lists. Eggs have been re-instated as the champions – and now we can tell you why!

1. Antioxidants to Protect Eyesight:

It’s said that eggs are helpful for the eyes, in that they help to prevent cataracts and eyesight in general. The reason for this is that we are told eggs are a source of the antioxidants that keep the eyes healthy.

2. Good Quality Protein:

The amount of protein in eggs is higher than the protein in milk, beef, fish, and chicken. This type of protein contained in eggs is of the highest quality, which, taking into consideration their low cost, makes them a must for our bodies.

3.Eggs Don’t Increase Blood Cholesterol:

For more than a decade (from around the 1990s), we have been warned against eating eggs for this very reason. Now, finally, a few years or so ago, we hear eggs do not cause heart disease and are safer to eat than other foods that are high in fat.

4. Brain Health is Promoted and Memory Function:

It turns out that eggs are a source of choline – good for pregnancy and fetal brain development, and also recommended for the elderly with memory function.

5. Help to Improve Mild Iron Deficiency:

If you are displaying symptoms of tiredness, irritability, and regular headaches are symptoms of mild iron deficiency; so, add eggs to your weekly food intake. The yolk of the egg contains a form of iron that humans find easily absorbable by their bodies’ systems.  

6. Protect our Bones:

From both eggs and sunshine, we get vitamin D, which is needed for bone health. To help in the fight against osteoporosis, the consumption of eggs is essential.

7. Causes Healthy Hair and Nails:

Eggs have high sulfur-containing amino acids, plus lots of vitamins and minerals just perfect for improving the condition of your hair and nails.

8. To Promote Weight Loss:

Eggs are full of all things healthy, including protein. Therefore, after eating an egg, we feel satisfied for a much longer time. If you think about it, for people on a diet, this must be excellent support for weight loss because you eat an egg and don’t feel hungry for hours after that.

9. An Adequate Diet:

Eggs contain so many right nutrients – 20-30% of vitamins A, E, and B12 plus 10-20% of folate. Therefore, even one egg is extremely nutritional.

10. They Improve Your Day:

As eggs are so full of great things and so nourishing, to have an egg or two for breakfast will set you up until lunch at least. It will also help you to run on all cylinders – full steam ahead – and that’s a great start to anyone’s day.

If this has inspired any of our readers to give eggs a chance to prove any of the above, then let us help you further while you’re still ‘in the mood.’

To get you started, we’ve given you six simple egg recipes – none of which should take you more than 30 minutes to cook – but for most of them, you’ll get the job done in about 15 to 20 minutes or less.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve given you a list of ingredients and instructions on how to cook each recipe.

We hope these will make your mornings (or anytime) brighter and look forward to hearing any comments you may want to share.

Meanwhile – eggs are on the menu. Enjoy and be healthy!


  • Fried Eggs on Toast
HD wallpaper: bread with sunny side-up egg served on white ceramic ...

Two Eggs

Two slices of bread

A small amount of Vegetable Oil

Frying Pan

Fish Slice or Spatula

Start by putting the pan on a medium heat

Heat about a tablespoon of oil in the pan

Put the two slices of bread in the toaster

Carefully crack open one egg into the pan

Do the same with the second egg

Baste the eggs with the hot oil in the pan until glazed over the top

Bring the now lightly toasted bread from the toaster

With the fish slice (or spatula), carefully lift out of the pan, one egg

Place it on one slice of bread

Do precisely the same with the second egg

Remember to turn off the stove and remove the pan away to cool

  • Standard Omelet
Egg omelet with meat and herb filling | ✅ Marco Verch is a P ...

Three Eggs

Sunflower Oil

Any fillings you may choose

i.e., grated cheese, fried mushrooms, sliced ham,

Nonstick Frying Pan

A bowl to mix eggs in


While the pan is heating on medium to high, add a little oil

Beat up the eggs and add salt and pepper to taste

Pour the eggs mixture into the pan

Tilt it, so the eggs cover the whole pan

Cook the mixture on medium heat until it starts to solidify around the edges

Now with the spatula, scrape the solid egg towards the center of the pan

Let the uncooked mixture run out to the edges

Cook a little longer till all mixture is solid

Down one side of the mixture add the filling if any

With the spatula, gently place under other half and fold over

Turn off the stove

Take the pan and with the spatula gentle slide omelet onto the plate

  • Eggs and Bacon
Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon at Speakeasy | Best scram… | Flickr

Two Eggs

Two rashers of bacon – streaky or back are good

Vegetable Oil

One non-stick frying pan

One spatula

Place frying pan on the stove, add oil and heat to medium

Place two rashers of bacon in pan and cook

Put on a plate and keep warm, or leave at the edge of the pan

Add a little more oil

Crack one egg into the pan then do the same with the second egg

Baste with the spatula, so the oil keeps covering the yolk

Wait until the yolk is glazed over and cooked

Turn off stove

Use spatula and place carefully under each egg to remove to a plate

Remove bacon rashers and place next to fried eggs.

  • Boiled Eggs with Soldiers
Egg and soldiers | Breakfast round at Dave and Jess's | Christian ...

Two Eggs

Four slices of bread, toasted and lightly buttered– Marmite optional

Pan of water

Large serving spoon

Put the pan of water on the stove to simmer.

Carefully use a spoon to lower each egg into the water

Simmer for about two minutes if eggs were at room temperature

Or, simmer for about three minutes if eggs were from the fridge

Turn off the heat, however, leave the pan on the stove

Place the lid on the pan and leave for a further two minutes

Toast four slices of bread, lightly butter and spread Marmite if required

Cut toast into soldiers for dipping into the eggs.

  • Scrambled Eggs
Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs | the-cooking-of-joy.blogspot… | Flickr

Two large or jumbo eggs

About six tablespoons milk or single cream

A knob of butter

Non-stick frying pan

Wooden spoon

Small bowl for mixing eggs

Crack both eggs into a bowl

Beat them and add the milk or cream until mixture smooth

Heat non-stick frying pan to medium heat

Add and melt a knob of butter; do not let it go brown

Pour egg mixture into the pan

Leave it to cook for about 30 seconds without stirring

Now stir gently with wooden spoon folding mix from the bottom of the pan

Leave for another ten seconds and gently fold mix again

When all the mixture is just cooked and little wet and runny in places

Turn off heat and remove from stove

Give a final stir of the mixture, then serve the scramble

  • Poached Eggs on Crumpets
Wobbly looking poached egg on crumpets | Looked sufficiently… | Flickr

Two Jumbo Eggs

Two Toasted and Buttered Crumpets


Tabasco Sauce if required

Egg Poacher

Place a little water into the egg poacher and put on medium heat

Put a small knob of butter into two of the egg holders to melt while the water boils

Once water is boiling, crack one egg each into each egg holder

Put the lid over the poacher and leave to cook

Let it cook for about three minutes – according to your taste

While eggs cook, slice the two crumpets in half or use whole, per your taste

Toast the two whole or four halves of crumpet

Butter liberally

When eggs poached to taste, turn off the stove, remove the pan to cool

Using a cloth so as not to burn fingers, carefully turn out each egg onto crumpet If required, add a few drops of Tabasco Sauce on each egg and serve.

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