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Seven Natural Weight Loss Tips Supported by Science

The unhealthy lifestyle and food consumption of which you partake in your life is probably a major aspect in you gaining weight. of building your holistic body figure.

If you are one of those people who don’t eat healthily and don’t look after your body and it’s fitness levels, then this is probably one of the major reasons why you gained weight. 

In this article we need to discuss building an holistic lifestyle with the principle of  healthy body, healthy mind. This with a view to pointing you in the direction of a longer and happier life.

However, the unhealthy food intake and lack of discipline in eating and general body care are some of the reasons for gaining unhealthy weight.

Ignored hormonal changes can result in the body increasing weight and you going into denial about your bigger, heavier body. According to studies, in your middle years there is usually a metabolic slow down. 

This slowdown leads to weight gain – that refers to both sexes.  A slower metabolism could result in a slower you. Instead of running, you walk; instead of turning into an outdoorsy person at the weekends, you become an indoors couch potato. 

Your bad food choices cause you to gain weight and your sluggish lifestyle also causes weight gain. So, you’re carrying twice as much weight as you should and falling more and more into denial and frustration and anger at yourself.

Your inactive lifestyle can contribute to where, if you have increase in cortisol or the stress hormone production, then there can be greater chances of weight increase.

A lot of people dream to live in their ideal body but many do not end up reaching it because of their lack of resolve and determination. There are also other body related aspects in gaining weight.

Why is it best to lose weight? 

If you are experiencing obesity or excessive weight, you are probably reading this article because you want to take a step closer to a better body and healthier living.

First you need motivation and a really worthwhile goal. Here are three great reasons that motivate many people to lose weight fast which could include you:

  • Boost self-confidence

A better figure can boost your self-confidence as it helps you to look better and be more attractive. This can surely affect your holistic life for self-confidence is one of the best life weapons you can acquire.

  • Health concerns

Losing weight can greatly help you to reduce any chances of having diseases. This is probably a good reason to help your motivation to pursue your goal.

Do you really want to lose weight or slim fast? If your answer is still “yes,” then continue reading for we will be discussing the natural weight loss tips that have proven to be effective. 

Here are the seven natural weight loss tips that are backed up by science:

1. Add Some Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which is needed by your body in order to have a healthy bowel movement. It is also a natural effective weight loss food that you can add to your diet.

Vegetables and fruits are also hunger-satisfying fiber that is rich in vitamins and water which helps our DNA to stay healthy. As you take in these fiber-rich foods, you also consume its water that can help you in your hydration.

Fiber-rich foods are also considered to be a natural appetite suppressant. This will help you reduce your craving and food consumption to lose weight fast.

2. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours per night

Some research published in 2013 by the journal Nature Communications has advised us that the sleep-deprived eaters prefer to have high-calorie foods, whilst those people who are well-rested individuals treat their bodies with more respect and eat healthily. 

The research also backs up the concept that when we feel sleepy, it snoozes the part of our brain that helps in telling us when we are already full.

According to sleep expert and neuroscientist, Matthew Walker, the lack of sleep is killing us. He also has contradicted the notion that we can operate without sufficient sleep. He claims that sleep is essential in maintaining a healthy life and body.

The discipline in eating healthy and adequately will never be effective without the full cooperation of your mind.  

So, the next time that any person would encourage you to sleep less or have less rest, means you need to standfast and work towards you goal by ignoring those people.

3. Take your Time to Eat Breakfast

There are a lot of people who skip breakfast or take their breakfast late. Avoiding overeating sometime within the day can be fully implemented as you take your healthy breakfast.

If you also do skip your breakfast, then now is the right time to take a pause and understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This might be a cliché for you for there have been a lot of people who have claimed the same point but this is the truth. It is backed up by many experts in the field of nutrition and science.

According to the recent Mayo Clinic research, the people who skip breakfast approximately gain five to eight pounds each year than those who regularly take their breakfast.

4. Find Time to Work out in the morning

Recent studies have also proved that people who work in the morning with an empty stomach can burn 20% more of the body fats during their workouts. As you do a morning workout with an empty stomach, you use more of the stored-up body fats as your fuel.

5. Enjoy the Sunny Day

Do you always take your Sunblock with you?

If yes, then it is probably your time to get in the sun with your bare skin without using any sunblock at some point of the day. The sun will give you Vitamin D which is a nutrient superstar.

The best time to get in the sun for Vitamin D is at noon. Vitamin D can help you lower your risks for disorders like diabetes, heart disease, rheumatism, and others.

It is also important for you to take note that there are certain times of the day that UVB rays are intense. Going out for Vitamin D is not advisable during time of peak heat.

However, if you do not want to get in the sun for Vitamin D, you also have another option. It is to take vitamin supplements for your body.

Are you curious on how Vitamin D can help you to have weight loss?

A researcher from the University of Minnesota reported that the more Vitamin D you have in your body, there is greater potentiality to have fat loss.

6. Stay Hydrated 

Water is one of the natural appetite suppressants. If you do not want to take in water and rather prefer the carbonated drinks, then you are destroying your diet.

One study conducted last 2016 has proven that more than 18,000 people who consume more water have been more satisfied. 

These people also ate food with fewer calories and prefer to eat food that can prevent one from gaining weight.

If you want to lose weight fast to reach your slim body, then you should let water be your everyday partner.

7. Be Mindful of What You Drink and Drop Artificial Sweeteners

Do you love sweet flavored or carbonated drinks?

If yes, then you probably need to ditch the artificial sweeteners that you consume every day. Scientists have found out that taking in fake sugar cannot give a person a free pass in terms of diabetes and obesity. 

Researchers also have pointed out that artificial sweeteners can mess up how our body processes fats.

Taking a step towards your goal of losing weight is never easy but is definitely attainable. It takes great commitment to work out a strict regimen for your food intake and lifestyle. However, if you remain  focused and persistent, you will enjoy the rewards and benefits within quite a short space of time. 

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