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Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts

Either, or

What do you think of when you read the words Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts?

Do you think ‘oh yummy, how nice, I’ll enjoy that’?

Or do you think ‘oh yuk, I don’t like Brussel sprouts, I won’t eat them’!

Love and Hate

Some people adore vegetables; they will eat them in any way you prepare them and even ask for more.

Whereas other people hate vegetables, seldom eat them, and avoid them at all costs.

You shouldn’t force the issue in these cases because if you hate something and someone tries to force you to eat it, you’ll probably end up hating it even more.

Most Children Dislike Many Vegetables

Many people – especially children – don’t like Brussel sprouts. This vegetable, especially, is one that is disliked and sits in a group with artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, celery, and spinach!

This is the group that children seem to dislike the most and, although one could understand maybe the artichoke, everything else in the rest of that group should be regarded as acceptable. We learn many different ways to cook them.

Change Your Mind Today

I thought today was a good day for talking about Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts.

If you’ve never tried Brussel sprouts this way, maybe you’ll try this recipe and suddenly find yourself enjoying this vegetable.


You need a bag of Frozen Brussel Sprouts, and you don’t even have to defrost or thaw the vegetables. You can, of course, slice them in half, but frankly, I can’t see the point in it as the sprouts themselves are relatively small.

Although Brussel Sprouts are little, they are powerhouses of energy and health. Their nutritional details are quite outstanding, so here are the contents for you to peruse:


A serving of four contains:

Calories:  108kcal. (so, one person would consume 27 calories)
Protein: 2g
Fat: 9g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Potassium: 276 mg
Fiber:    3g
Sugar:  2g
Vitamin A:  534IU
Vitamin C:  60 mg.
Vitamin K:
Calcium: 30 mg

Look at that list! It’s full of goodness!

Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts

  • 1 bag Frozen Brussel Sprouts ((btw, did you know that these frozen sprouts are healthy, you don't even have to defrost them, and they're rich in antioxidants and fiber)   )
  •  Olive Oil (you need to be quite lavish pouring this on the sprouts. It makes them brown, and also stops them from burning.)
  • Salt & Pepper & Other Seasoning (you certainly need a little seasoning to taste, however, I feel you need additional seasoning.)
  • Parmesan, etc. for More Taste (I also add a glug or two of good balsamic vinegar but, have you tried just squeezing a fresh lemon and scattering a handful of grated Parmesan cheese liberally over the sprouts about 5 mins before serving? It makes for a lovely flavor that you'll want to try again)
  1. Get a baking tin and line the bottom with parchment paper.

  2. Cut open the bag of Frozen Brussel Sprouts and spread them out on the parchment.

  3. Make sure there is space between them all, so there's no sticking together.

  4. Don't let the Brussel Sprouts defrost. Use them straight from the freezer, or they'll go soggy.

  5. Place in an oven preheated to 450 degrees F

  6. Bake for approximately 15 mins.

  7. Now pull out and add the following seasonings

  8. Add the Olive Oil.

  9. Add the Balsamic Vinegar.

  10. Add the seasoning.

  11. Roast for a further 10/15 mins.

For those people who enjoy the food but not the work of preparation, this is for you!

You don’t need to defrost the frozen Brussel sprouts.

You don’t need to slice the frozen Brussel sprouts.


These little golden-brown sprouts are now just bursting with flavor, and you’ll probably have eaten them all and start looking for more. So, on this occasion, it’s best if your hostess serves you and puts just enough on your plate – or you’ll be eating other people’s portions!


People’s reactions are, in general, ‘who knew a vegetable could taste as nice as these Roasted Brussel Sprouts’! Their opinions are the frozen roasted Brussel sprouts are soft throughout, whereas the fresh Brussel sprouts, once roasted, have a sort of chewiness to them, which some people quite enjoy. People will say that the original is always the best, but maybe after considering these variations, minds might be changed ad new opinions formed!

Frozen Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The sprouts with the bacon are just irresistible. This combo is so yummy that, if you’ve invited friends round for supper, make sure that this dish only comes out of the oven about the same time as your friends arrive – or you’ll eat the lot while waiting for them!!

This recipe is the same as the one for Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts with a few additions. Just before you serve, take a handful or two of crumbled baked bacon and sprinkle them over the top of your Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Alternatively, you can change things up even further by trying Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts.

Who doesn’t love bacon? Crumbled bacon bits will make any meal look appealing – especially when paired with Brussel Sprouts. You can’t miss out on this one, or you’ll kick yourself!

Here’s another way of doing this meal that you might enjoy even more.

Frozen Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Garlic

This variation is also extremely popular and is often preferred to the basic one.

Let’s start with the basic Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts. Then chop two cloves of garlic, adding the pieces to the tray of Brussel Sprouts when you take it out of the oven to add the seasoning. Obviously, you can add more or less; that’s your choice. Then continue as normal.

The value add of garlic is excellent as it contains lots of nutrition, improves the dish’s flavor, and smells wonderful as the aroma wafts through the house. Garlic is always a healthy and flavorsome addition to this dish – in fact, it’s a great addition to any dish!

Just as you thought we were done, I have more variations for you.

Frozen Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Onion, Bacon, and Tomato

This is now developing into a full-flavored, rich in goodness, beautiful dish.

As before, we will use the standard Recipe for Roasted Frozen Brussel Sprouts.

The different accompaniments are added along the way.

The first addition is a handful of thickly chopped onions.

Scatter them among the Frozen Brussel Sprouts with 10 mins of starting to roast,

Cut the tomatoes in half and place those carefully in the dish when you pull out the baking tray to add the other seasonings.

This cannot be done earlier, or the dish’s contents will turn out soggy and unpleasant.

Just before you serve (about 5 mins), you can quickly bring out the tray and sprinkle the chopped bacon all across the top of the dish – return the tray to finish the roast.

What’s your opinion on this variation? It’s a very satisfying dish, full of goodness and health.

You could add mushrooms and peas, you could add cauliflower and parsnips, but that might alter the dish’s personality and lose its simplicity and fundamental richness.

Personally, I would opt for versions two or four, but that’s me being picky. It’s a glorious dish as its original version shows, with simplicity and nutrition.

Store and Reheat

I can’t imagine any leftovers from a lovely dish like this one. However, maybe you made more than people could eat, and there were leftovers.

To Store: If you wanted to store leftovers, you could put them in Tupperware in the freezer. Preferably, however, you’ll get better results if you store them in the refrigerator for up to four days.

To Reheat: it’s best to remove the Tupperware contents and place it on the baking sheet in the baking tray. Then place in the oven which you preheated up to 350 degrees F. Leave the tray roasting in the oven until the leftovers are really hot.

Avoid the Mushy

However, please note that it’s is a bad idea to reheat those Brussel Sprouts in the oven as they started off frozen, and once you freeze them again, they are bound to go mushy in the oven. So, once they’ve thawed again, things could be rather unpleasant. Preferably, please reheat the Brussel Sprouts in the microwave for a drier result that you’ll be more pleased with.

One Bag of Froze Brussel Sprouts

All of this about a bag of frozen Brussel Sprouts, which takes only 40 mins to roast! What a pleasure when you can create a wonderful meal for four people with no effort and in almost no time!

Try It – You’ll Be Happy.

I do hope you try at least one of these versions we’ve discussed here. You could even cook it and use it as a side dish if you preferred, but first, it would be nice to try the basic original versions the way they were meant to be served and eaten.


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