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Mango Ginger Water

Today we’re going to discuss Mango Ginger Water.

Last night I had way too many carbs and fats for dinner and ended up trying to sleep with the most painful heartburn. I last looked at my watch, and it was after 2 am then I remembered there were a few pieces of raw ginger in the kitchen cupboard.

I reached the kitchen at top speed and then back in bed, I slowly chewed a piece of raw ginger, the heartburn went away, and I slept well.

Natural Wellness is very important, and it is on my personal list of ‘must-have’. When I read that potatoes with their skins on are most healthy because the layer of goodness is just under the skin, then I stopped peeling potatoes (even for mash) – and just washed them before cooking.

I also learned that bananas are good for you – calcium & potassium, etc., but not just in the morning; they also help you sleep. So, I started eating a banana before bedtime.

This morning I heard how well Ginger and Mango could both boost your metabolism. I already knew that ginger is a natural pain reliever – from menstrual cramps to migraines. It also reduces morning or motion sickness, and stomach aches in general.

Ginger has also shown that in addition to boosting your metabolism, it is a natural pain reliever. Ginger that gives us relief from migraines and menstrual cramps, and, if you look at the studies, you’ll find that Mangoes boost your metabolism and aid in digestion, boost your memories, and increase our sex drive.

Let’s tell you how to make it.

Detoxifying Mango and Ginger Infused Water:

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes.
  • Total Time: 3 hours.
  • Yield: 1 x 2 quarts.
  • Category: detox water.


  • 1 x inch piece of ginger root, peeled and sliced.
  • 1 x cup fresh mango, cubed.
  • 3 x cups of ice cubes.
  • 1 x water.


  • With a vegetable peeler, lightly or gently remove the ginger skin and cut into 3-4 slices – say, about the proportions of a coin.
  • In a 2 qt. Pitcher, add the cubed fresh or frozen mango and the ginger.
  • Top with 3 x cups of ice and then fill with water. (The ice is important, as it keeps the mango and ginger submerged to help infuse the water.)
  • Refrigerate for at least 1-3 hrs before serving, then pour into an ice-filled glass.

Make one of every day and put it on your desk or leave it in your kitchen if you don’t go to an office to work.

You’ll be pleased to find you feel so much better over a period of time.

I also like to drink the usual mango shake and the mango lassi, but just as we enjoy finding new ways of doing things, our preferences change regularly.

One of my preferred mango drinks recently has been a type of mango and ginger lemonade. Last summer, when temperatures rose, I felt sipping on something fresh and staying chill and calm and cool. We know that flavors are the best things to combine appropriately to get you in a good frame of mind.

This following receipt you can make in advance. The sugar syrup is to be combined with the mango puree and keep that mix in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. I

If you want to drink this, say two days later, just add some lemonade and cold water to it and enjoy it! If you have surprise visitors at your home, it’s always great to just mix water and lemonade and just drink. Everyone enjoys mango in the summer.


In a large pot on the stove, add sugar, plus 1/2 cup water and ginger.

Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved and then bring the mixture quickly to a boil, and immediately remove from heat.

Now cover the mixture with a lid and let it steep for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then use a strainer to remove the shredded ginger and strain the liquid into another bowl.

For those of you who are interested in the properties of Mangoes:

I mentioned ginger a moment ago, so let’s now have a look at mango and its wellness properties:

High in Anti-Oxidants.

Mangoes contain several anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants shield our bodies against cancer: breast, colon, and prostate cancer, and leukemia.

Helps in maintaining cholesterol level.

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, fiber, and pectin, so it’s a wonderful fruit that works hard again, controlling high cholesterol levels.

It helps in cleansing skin.

Eating Mangoes has many benefits, like cleansing your skin from inside; treating pores and giving your skin a glow, and getting a flawless complexion.

Helps in regulating diabetes

Mango leaves work well against diabetes if you eat them.  So, if people have diabetes they should boil mango leaves in a pot on the stove – say 5-6 Mango leaves.

The mixture should be soaked overnight and drink the sieved beverage when you first get up. Also, mango has a low glycemic index; eating mango in moderation will not increase your blood sugar levels.

Helps in alkalizing your body

We should know that Mangoes are supplemented with tartaric and malic acid and contain traces of citric acid, it helps in preserving the alkaline reserves of our body.

A way to lose weight

Another point, as mango is full of a lot of vitamins and vital nutrients, just to eat one mango makes you feel fuller than usual. Also, as choc full of chewy content increases the intestinal purpose and burns unwelcome calories from the body. In turn, this helps to remove any extra undesirable weight.

An Aphrodisiac fruit

Also known as the ‘love fruit’, the mango has aphrodisiac qualities (which also increase virility in men). So, have mangoes can enhance your love and passion.

For healthy eyes 

Mangoes are also loaded with vitamin A, making it a perfect fruit to improve eyesight. It also prevents night blindness and dry eyes.

Aids good digestion

The enzymes in mangoes help in breaking down protein content in the body. Enriched with fibre, mangoes aid good digestion and prevents many stomach related diseases.

Prevents heat stroke

Mangoes also prevent heat stroke. Eating it will cool you down instantly. Hence, it refreshes you. Add this ‘super fruit’ in summer and stay cool during the hot weather.

Help in strengthening the immune system

Did you know that Mangoes also contain vitamins C, A, and other different kinds of carotenoids? All these essential nutrients are beneficial for your immune system – to keep it strong and healthy.

Use it as a body scrub.

Instead of eating a mango, use one as a body scrub. Apply the scrub on your body, and you’ll see that it gives you a smoother and more tender skin. You can mash mangoes and make a paste by adding honey and milk. Massage well and leave on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off to get a great looking and feeling skin.

Improves concentration and memory

Whenever you find it hard to concentrate and can’t remember things well, the best answer to this is just to eat mangoes – lots of them. They will improve your concentration and memory.

Contains high iron content

Anemic people benefit from the high iron content in mangoes: a natural remedy for anemic people. Also, women should try to increase their iron levels by eating mangoes that should also improve the calcium content in their bodies.

Now we know that those two items – Mango and Ginger – have powerful nutrients in them to keep us healthy.

Start drinking them but, when you start a new habit you should stay with it. Then you’ll find out how health-giving these items really are.

We hope you enjoy the Mango Ginger Water – and the other one –  Stay healthy!

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