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Liquid Diet

For patients with…

Chewing or swallowing problems – dysphagia, radiotherapy, trauma, inflammation in mouth, throat, esophagus, paralysis of throat muscles, jaw wiring

Pre or post surgery (GIT surgery)

GI strictures/partial obstruction


Two different types of liquid diets:

Clear Liquid Diet

Clear fluids or solids that are liquid at room temperature – most easily digested type of diet. Used in the progression from TPN or EN nutrition to a full liquid diet.

Full Liquid Diet

Liquids or solids that are liquid at body temperature.

Used in the progression from a clear liquid diet to a soft/light normal diet

Divide liquids (200-300ml) into small meals across the day (5-6 times/more)


Table of foods allowed and to be avoided on a full liquid diet

Milk and milk productsMilk (milk powder), maas, smooth yoghurt, yogi sip, amahewu
Smooth cottage cheese (made runny with milk)
Yoghurt with fruit chunks
Grated or sliced cheese, feta
Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes Liquidized meat, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes
Dhal made very runny Humus made very runny
No soya chunks
Dried beans, peas, lentils
Breads, cereals Pureed or mashed potatoes/ sweet potatoes with no skin (made very runny with milk)
Rice cereals, pronutro Mealie meal, tastee wheat, maltabella, jungle oat bran, sieved oats porridge (made very runny with milk)
Baked Potatoes with skin Muslei (nuts, seeds) or any other cereals Phutu, samp,Bread, Roti, Pancakes, waffles,Pasta Rice, breyani, pilau
Fruit/juicesPureed raw, soft cooked or canned fruits made very runny No whole fruits or dried fruit Dried fruit
VegetablesPureed soft cooked or canned veges made very runny
BeveragesMilo, nesquick, horlicks, milkshake, hot chocolate
Coffee, tea, rooibos
Nutritional supplements, ensure, Nutren optimum, build up etc
All fruit juices (no pips or seeds), fruit squashes and vegetable juices
Carbonated drinks it tolerated e.g. coke
Energy drinks e.g powerade, energade
Bouillon (savoury clear soup) Bovril and water
FatsCream, butter, margarine, mayonnaise, cooking oil, sour creamFried and fatty foods
Herbs, spices seasonings All herbs and spices Lemon juice Vinegar
Sauces, soups, condimentsWhite sauce, cheese sauce (made very runny with milk)
Salad dressings, smooth chutney, tomato sauce
Smooth soups( add liquidized meat or vegetables)
Pickles, Atchar, olives
No soups containing legumes, or croutons etc.
Jams and spreadsSmooth jams (no skins/pips), syrup, honey, bovril, marmite, fish paste, smooth cheese spread
Smooth peanut butter (not on its own – can add to milk drinks)
Chunky peanut butter
Sweets, chocolates, sugars and snacksAny type of sugar
May be able to suck fruit gums, boiled sweets and chocolate
Nuts, seeds, pips
No sweets or chocolates with raisins, nuts, seeds or pips
Samoosas, chilli bites, popcorn, crisps, sev, chevda, sweet meats
Desserts and puddingsCustard, instant puddings, chocolate mousse (made very runny with milk)
Ice cream, fruit ices, yoghurt ices, jelly, souffle’s
sago, semolina, vermicelli or tapioca puddings (made very runny with milk and well blended)
Desserts containing nuts, seeds, pips, raisons or any other food on the avoid list Cakes, muffins and biscuits
By Melissa Pyle, BSc. in Dietetics, Registered Dietician (SA)

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