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Is Snacking Healthy?

How would you answer that question? I think if I asked five different people, I would receive five completely different answers. People have diverse ideas about snacking. I haven’t thought about it lately, so why don’t you help me with this important question. First, let’s find out what we’re talking about.

Therefore, to be completely clear regarding this subject, I’m going to answer a question with another question.

What is Snacking?

I researched it in my Thesaurus and found that snacking is categorized as eating a small amount of food between meals.

I have to remind some acquaintances that it’s referring to a small amount of food, not a small mound of food; then there are others who really don’t care, they just snack because they want something to do something with their hands or find some oral comfort.

My friend, Ruby had an Uncle Bertie who always had a lollipop in his mouth. Ruby said it was just a habit, but Uncle Bertie said he needed the oral comfort.

That seemed clear enough but, just to be sure, I wanted a bit more definition.

What Is a Snack?

Again, the Thesaurus said a snack is ‘a very small meal’. I don’t think we can get more precise than that, so I asked another question – but this time not from a book.

Why Do We Snack?

Some people say it’s because they’re peckish – meaning they’re a little bit hungry or, some other people want to have a specific taste in their mouths. They certainly don’t seem to think about the consequences of all this extra food that they eat.

Bravely, they cast caution to the winds, snack heavily, as put on excess weight in 10 pounds in a couple of months. Then the conversation changes from “How much weight have you lost through snacking?” to “How much weight have you gained from snacking?”

Snacking and your blood sugar

Some people think you must eat every couple of hours to keep your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. This isn’t necessarily the case. Diabetes has a lot to say about this.

A few years ago, a study was done on men with type 2 diabetes, and it was discovered that by eating only two large meals per day, it produced a lower level of blood sugar levels per day and more significant weight loss than if they ate six times per day. Meanwhile, in lower fasting, blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and more significant weight loss were accomplished by eating six times per day. Finally, other studies reported no difference in blood sugar levels, when the same amount of food was eaten – equivalent to meals, or meals and snacks.


I suppose we must deduct, at this point, that, the variances are on the type of snack or meal you eat – say, low carb, low sugar, low fat or low protein; as opposed to high dairy, high protein, more nuts, and avocados, or more juices and shakes.

So, you don’t need to snack to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. But high protein or high fiber snacks raise blood sugar levels a lot less than when you eat high carb snacks.

Snacking and your Metabolism 

I’ve been advised that if I snack every few hours, I’ll be boosting my metabolism and burning up more calories! Unfortunately, for all those people who wished this was true, it isn’t. In fact, one study has found that the number of snacks you eat – or meals and snacks, has no effect on the calories your body burns. 

Another test showed that a person could take in a lot of calories in a snack before going to bed and find that they have lots of energy to burn.

However, exciting as it sounds, it’s common sense because when you sleep, your body doesn’t actually do a lot with the calories you took in just before sleeping, that day; so, when you wake up the following day, your metabolic rate is high.


Although many people believe that snacking every few hours improves our metabolism, studies have shown that frequent snacking or eating has little or no effect on our metabolic rates.

Is It Healthy to Eat Snacks?  

If you’re a person that spends most of the day thinking about, talking about and eating snacks, then the answer to that question is, certainly not!

Many people will arrive at work every day, clutching their snack pack. Why? Ask them if they’ve eaten breakfast, and I bet you, nine out of ten people, nine out of ten times will say no.

Considering that once they’ve booted up their pc, plugged in their cell phone to charge, and gotten themselves a cup of coffee, they’ll unpack their snack pack and start to munch. Now, in my opinion, that’s breakfast.

You can call it a snack, but it’s still early in the morning, and you haven’t checked your emails yet; but, whatever you’re eating, I’d still call it breakfast.

They’ll continue to argue it’s a snack because of the size! I’d say that whatever it is, it’s food and it’s a good idea to bring something to eat if you don’t eat before you leave home in the morning.

However, if you’re having a tough day at work and feel a little low on energy, I guess it’s a good idea to grab a bite.

Nevertheless, think about why you are eating a snack. Not because you want to lose or gain weight, but simply because you need a bit of a lift in energy to get you through the next few hours. With that in mind, it will help you choose your snack with more intelligence. 

Conclusion (Is it healthy to eat snacks)

We’re told not to eat a lot of bread, but a sandwich can be healthy and a very good choice – say one with protein i.e., Chicken breast and lettuce, or maybe a few fruits, i.e., a couple of bananas, or an apple, a handful of grapes or some nuts.

When you’re peckish, don’t just grab something – make a wise decision, and then sit and enjoy eating it, so your body knows it’s taking in food. Don’t just take a few bites as you work.

Being peckish should give you an enormous clue because birds mainly peck, and when they do, they can’t fit an entire meal in their beaks. They peck on little amounts of food at a time. Similarly, when eating with chopsticks, you can only manage to take in a few grains of food into your mouth.

Is It Better to Eat Big Meals or Little Snacks?

Remember that the only reason you eat is to have enough energy for the day and to keep yourself fit and healthy. Therefore, this eating is a very personal and intimate thing from person to person. What suits me might not work on you.

So, the answer here is basically whatever works appropriately for you. If your meals were compatible with your snacks, then you would be eating healthily all day. It’s essential to start the day with breakfast.

You don’t have to be a caterer, just start with a couple of bananas if you’re in a hurry. If you get a little low on energy mid-morning just pull out of your bag, some Oatmeal and mixed nuts energy bars your married sister makes

Then maybe for lunch, you can have a stuffed omelet made with part Oatmeal and stuffed with maybe mushrooms, ham, and thick Greek yogurt. That will hold you easily until supper.

Supper arrives maybe in the shape of some turkey meatloaf with oatmeal and a very tasty tomato type sauce baked in. – you can’t possibly go wrong with that.  Maybe an hour before you go to bed, have a bowl of cooked oatmeal with fruit, and you’ll sleep like a baby and wake up ready to face the world with anything!

That was a good day of eating without picking up any weight – in fact, if you check, you’ll probably discover you’ve lost weight on that day! So easy!

This was actually a diet day, but it sure didn’t feel like one. Those energy bars were just great, and they got you through until lunch, how lucky you are that your big sister treats you like she was your Mom, and you don’t mind doing things with the baby for her, do you?

We call her your big sister, but she’s actually slimmer than you are – that should give you another clue; this woman knows a lot about health and successful dieting.

Big meals and little snacks are all about your personal metabolism, So, ask your big sister, as you know your body better than I. Get her opinion as she clearly loves you, she’ll be honest with you.

When Should I eat Snacks?

Once again, only you – or someone very close to you – could possibly answer this question; because, once again, it’s all about you.

When do you think you should eat a snack? The real answer is only when you’re too low on energy to be able to work on through to lunch.

The answer should not be “oh, I think I’ll try out that new snack bar that’s just come out on the market. It doesn’t have a lot of chocolate, and all those nuts and fruit in it are good for you.”

That’s the wrong diet to select and for all the wrong reasons! If you want an energy bar, get your wife to get the recipe for the energy bars that your cousin makes so well. If your wife makes those for you, you’ll never look back.

So, let’s establish here and now that snacks are not supposed to be eaten at all. They are merely there just to help us get through the day. 

We must control our appetites better because snacks are not sweeties that you can have lots of (and go more often to the dentist); they are just a quick lift to give you enough energy to work through the day.

Can I Snack Between Meals?

If you read the section above, you will be reassured that it’s precisely the right times of the day to have snacks – between meals. I think it’s a clever arrangement. There are your main meals of breakfast, lunch, and supper, which do sustain you, but some can’t eat a vast amount of food at one sitting.

Others can eat everything, including the kitchen sink, but others’ stomachs can’t take in as much as the others.

And when suppertime rolls around, they’ve often felt hungry and have had to have several more snacks between meals. Naturally, this means that their metabolisms work slower than the others.

Different metabolisms are the answer to this puzzle. Each person’s metabolism is different from anyone else’s. You really have to work at it to find out what works for you so that you feel that you’ve eaten, but you never feel overfull. That’s an excellent condition to be in.

That’s another thing with snacks. Don’t eat any main meals to the point where they make you feel ‘stuffed’ and overfull, and wanting to lie down for a while. That really is not healthy, and performances like that will make you feel snackish a lot earlier, and you’ll want to snack on more than usual. Yes! There’s another puzzle!

Main meals, snacks, metabolism are all on a seesaw, attempting to balance, yet they need seem to get it quite right. At least, by eating oatmeal in your every meal and snack, you now have a far better chance of perfecting your balancing act.

That seesaw won’t be going up and down at sharp angles nearly as much as it did before the onset of oatmeal. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but until you understand your body and its unique metabolism there’s not much point in getting uptight and turning to food for compensation.

Can I Lose Weight While Eating Snacks?

The answer to this is a very reserved Yes! If you want to eat snacks, you’re obviously also eating main meals. You can most certainly lose weight if you’re careful and plan the procedure so that it is effective. 

We’ve already established that our metabolic rates are different, so maybe it would be a good idea if you make notes for a week of what you eat (take into your body) then you can look at your list and see how you can adjust it a little so help you to lose some weight.

If you keep to the list, and if the list works and you’re on the right road, you’ve done it yourself! How good it that?? 

Sometimes I find that very honest friends and acquaintances are only too happy to join in the conversation about your size, weight, and how to lose it.

Unfortunately, sometimes they overshare or use the conversation to be a little nasty in the spirit of “getting back at you.” Still, if you ignore all that – they’re actually doing you a favor and telling the truth!

Frequently people agree with you to be nice to you and get your approval. That’s exactly what you don’t want. Don’t let people near you, schlupp – you can spot schlupping a mile away, and nobody likes it. Don’t listen to all those flowery phrases because they are not doing you any good. What you really need is erudite evaluation. If it comes from an experienced expert or a friend who cares about you and your future, then you’ll be hearing some critical truth and getting set on the right path!

18 Best Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

1.Peanut Butter and Apples

If you’ve ever eaten apples and peanut butter together, you’ll know that’s it’s a great taste! Apples are high in fiber and peanut butter – although being high in the calorie count, it’s never been accused of gaining weight for you!

2.Red Bell Peppers and Guacamole

Red Bell Peppers are incredibly healthy, while Guacamole is high in fat and fiber, yet it’s the calorie count of 85 grams keep this snack at no more than 200 calories. Again, a wonderful flavor.

3.Berries with Plain Greek Yoghurt

Whatever the Berries…preferably blueberries, or raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and any other of the many berries available blended with that or so velvety Plain Greek Yoghurt – you’re looking at under 150 calories from a mix of 100 grams yogurt and 50 grams of berries!

4.Flax Seeds, Cinnamon and Cottage Cheese

Mix the Cottage Cheese, a handful of Flax Seeds, and a dusting of Cinnamon- the most stunningly healthy properties that all together taste heavenly. I worked it out for you, and about 15 grams intake will cost you less than 150 calories.

5.Hummus and Cucumber

You all know that Hummus is made from chickpeas, olive oil, and garlic? So, 52 grams of sliced cucumbers dipped in 100 grams of Hummus – about just under 180 calories.With the flavors that come out of this, I wouldn’t mind if it exceeded 200 calories!

6.Mozzarella Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in flavor and helpful with heart disease (149 grams fr 1 cup)Mozzarella Cheese also decreases heart disease (60 grams cheese – under 200 calories)

7.Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are packing lots of goodness and health. About 140 calories – 13 grams. An excellent source of protein, incredibly filling, have Vitamins K2 and B12.

8.Raw Carrots and Blue Cheese Dressing

Carrots are right for your body, helping against heart disease, cancer, and cataracts.Blue Cheese Dressing is good for your flavor buds, so 100-gram baby carrots and 30-gram blue cheese dressing cost you 200 calories for that nourishing, flavorful snack.

9.Beef Sticks (Jerky) (Biltong in South Africa)

Beef Jerky is an excellent stick of dried beef, which they call portable protein, and that’s true! These dried strips of meat are full of omega 3 fatty acids—seven grams of protein per stick – 28 grams.

10.Canned Fish – Salmon and Sardine

These two fish are very high in omega 3 fatty acids that reduce your risk of heart disease.

100 grams for 3,5g ounce serving of either = 17-23 grams of protein – 130/180 calories.The flavors sing on your tongue.

11.Ricotta Cheese and Pear Slices

Pear slices together with Ricotta cheese make a beautiful pairing (part the pun) Lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness, with protein and calcium!100 gram Ricotta Cheese  – 250 calories; 1 pear sliced, 12 grams protein – 250 calories.

12.Turkey Roll-Ups

This recipe is about 20 grams of protein and 180 calories.

Take 4 slices of Turkey Breast

4 teaspoons (20 grams) of Cream Cheese

4 pickles or cucumber strips.

Each Turkey breast should be spread with one teaspoon of cream cheese.

Place a pickle sliced lengthwise on the breast.

Roll up and maybe put a wooden toothpick through, to hold the rolls

13.Olives – Calamata

Always eat Olives – especially Calamata, when they are available. They are so healthy, 25 green or black olives are about 100 – 175 calories, depending on size.

14.Avocado Pears

Avocados are full of health. They are nutritious and satisfying.

Sprinkle half an avocado with salt and a dash of cayenne pepper is 130 calories.

15.Cocoa with Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is so versatile. This snack is 14 grams of protein – about 200 calories

Half a cup 125 grams of full-fat ricotta cheese

One teaspoon 5 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder

A pinch of Stevia or another sweetener

Put Ricotta cheese in a bowl with Stevia or sweetener

You can eat this little snack of flavor with some pitta bread or a cracker.

16.Cantaloupe and Cured Ham

Slice the Cantaloupe into thin wedges

Take Prosciutto (dried cured ham)

East together for a wonderful flavourburst

Ham and Cantaloupe together are under 200 calories

17.Five Small Celery Sticks

Five celery sticks with cream cheese – 60 grams, less than 200 calories.

18.Hummus (Chickpeas)

Hummus is made, as you already know from chickpeas etc. This beautiful little Israeli dip – well, it’s also a Greek dip – both countries claimed so it must be really good! I can tell you it’s one of my favorite dips, and I can think of nothing that replaces it, whenever you can enjoy this dip because there is always something to hand to dip in it!

So, we’re at the end of our discussion; did I answer your question of Is Snacking Healthy. I think I not only answered it, but I gave you a lot to think about.

Don’t stop thinking about the recipes here; they are all health-giving and organ saving nourishing foods that we should know about and enjoy. I hope you try at least some of them.

Most important of all, remember to laugh. You’ll lose a lot of weight through the sheer joy of laughing.

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