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How to Lose Weight Fast – with 5 action steps!

There are many ways to lose weight fast, however if you do not pick the right methods, most of them will leave you unsatisfied and unmotivated.

If you do not have the motivation, discipline, and willpower, hunger will likewise cause you to give up your weight loss goals.

Losing weight is all about burning the calories you eat. For most people this means physical activity or exercise and making healthy food choices. If you understand the right balance between these two elements of weight loss, you will get slim fast.

You want to lose weight fast so you can enjoy the body you want but do not want to do it in a manner that will send you to the hospital or feel that you are in a car race.

Losing weight the right way boils down to knowledge which will allow you to make informed decisions. It is important that there is nothing you will do that will conflict with the rest of the items in your weight loss program.

Losing weight is not am all or nothing struggle that requires dramatic changes in your lifestyle to achieve your fat loss goals.

Losing weight is not just to allow you to have a beautiful body so you can wear the lovely clothes you want to wear. Losing weight makes you avoid deadly illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension.

Do you want to lose 10 pounds in as fast as 7 days? Here are 5 action steps that can help you lose weight fast and feel and look better, too.

1.Always Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you skip breakfast, you will tend to overeat at lunch by as much as 50%. If you are always on a rush, it will only take a minute to prepare a cup of low-fat yogurt with banana slices and low-fat granola.

2.Eat Right

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables because they are low inn calories and fats. They are nutritious, too.
  • Each meal should have a balance of fat source, protein source, and low-carb vegetables. You can eat a lot of low-carb vegetables but still maintain your intake of carbohydrates to about 20–50 grams per day.
  • Go on a high protein diet. This will reduce by about 60% your thoughts and cravings for food because high-protein diets make you automatically full. Protein always lords high when you want to lose weight fast.
  • Include a diet mostly based on vegetables and meat because they contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber you need to be healthy.
  • Avoid having a low-fat and low-carb diet at the same time. This will make you miserable and most likely abandon eating right.
  • Cut your carbohydrate intake so you can eat fewer calories. Studies show that low-carb diets can make you gain a few muscles while initiating fat loss. 
  • Limit your intake of starches and sugar to bring down your hunger levels allowing you to eat fewer calories.
  • Avoid soda, soft drinks, and other sugary drinks because they have a lot of hidden calories. Drink water instead.
  • Red meat, beer, and chips will make your belly big so completely avoid them.
  • Manage portion sizes because you will tend to overeat when you are served too much food. Use a small plate because it can be easily loaded with food.
  • Avoid eating in fast food restaurants because their foods are high in calories and fats. If you are really craving a fatty treat, order the kiddies-sized meal.

Eating healthy, along with proper exercise will help you lose weight fast.

3.Engage in Physical Activities

Physical activity will complement your healthy eating habits and will therefore make a perfect slim fast program. You do not have to get into an intense exercise routine. Long walks, playing Frisbee, and dancing can make you drastically lose weight.

Some of your normal activities are forms of exercises such as walking for short distances instead of taking your car; and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Thus, you do not need to really go to the gym often. Three times a week will do.

You can also include lifting weights in your exercise routine even for just three times a week. It will help you burn a lot of calories and will keep your metabolism up, as well. You can replace weight-lifting with some cardio workouts such as jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, or running.

Having a slow metabolism is a common side effect when you are working on losing weight. It is not a must, but it can drastically help you lose weight fast.

4.Balance Food Intake with Physical Activity

Calorie intake is definitely easier than calorie burning. When you are working on losing weight, healthy eating and physical activity (any activity that ups your heart rate) go hand in hand. You need to do both to achieve a healthy weight.

5.Track Yourself

If you want to lose weight fast, you need to track your progress every step of the way. Being aware of your progress motivates you to keep on going on. Keep track of your food intake and make an exercise log. You can do this in a journal or download useful weight trackers.

Weight trackers will make you more conscious of your food intake and exercise routines. It also allows you to modify certain elements in your weight loss program to achieve your goals.
Weigh yourself first, before starting on your lose weight fast program. Your weight may fluctuate at any time so it is best to weigh yourself once a week. You will get more realistic and better results too when you weigh yourself every week.

It is important to record your food intake, exercise, and weights. These data track your progress and make you assess your slim fast program as well. This is most important when you are just learning the ropes on the right ways to lose weight. You may be amazed at what your weight tracker will reveal about yourself.

Valuable Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Working on losing weight is not a walk in the park. It entails a lot of hard work, commitment, and discipline. Here are some tips on how to achieve your weight loss goals.

● Work with a registered dietitian or registered dietitian nutritionist. They can create a more feasible and realistic meal plan for you that will fit your exercise routine and your weight loss goals.

● Before venturing in any weight loss [program, talk first to your healthcare provider. This is a must especially if you have chronic health issues or heart conditions.

● Aim for fast fat loss but do not forget maintaining your achieved weight still by eating healthy and exercising.

● It is best to work on your weight loss program with a friend or a group. This will give you more motivation to keep you going to achieve your weight goals.

● Study how your sleeping behavior can affect your slim fast goals and make the necessary adjustments.

It is also important that you include how to maintain your weight in your goals once you have achieved your ideal weight. When you lose weight fast, you can easily regain them if you stop eating healthy and engaging in an exercise routine.

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