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How to Lose One Pound per Day (the Healthy Way)

Guess what I heard?

Yesterday I stopped to get lunch and heard the people at the table next to mine, discussing and complaining about their respective diets.

I have a theory about diets: to choose one, stay with it, accomplish your goal, and then get into a holding pattern. However, unless you’re a nutritionist, don’t discuss your diet – you don’t understand It, or the wily ways of food, so why talk about it?

Food Attack!

Have you noticed that the moment you mention you’re on a diet, everyone offers you cake or crumpets, doughnuts, or other snacks and desserts? I have this theory that people regard you as their next target whose diet plan they must derail.

Do you wonder why they’re called crash diets? Maybe because you cut so much food out of your daily intake that you crash land!

No more Diets!

Personally, I think when we talk about diets – we shouldn’t. We should rather think about health. Instead of counting calories, we’re going to think about changing the way we eat for the rest of our lives. We should decide to be being healthy and stay that way. We need to think about keeping our bodies in good condition – not just outside but also inside.

There are do’s and don’ts, but neither of them should be in the extreme. Before eating anything, we should think about what we are about to eat.

People talk about eating their way through the rainbow, people talk about counting calories. They see items as being in groups – the fats group, the sugar group, the carbs group, etc., or the gym group – exercising, stretching, flexing, bending, reaching, the squats, the lunges, and the pain.

Just Walk…

All of the above should be a normal regular part of your life. If you want to go somewhere, start walking, enjoy the first part of your journey on foot – or find a better way of walking during some part of your day. We were given two legs and two feet, and we were clearly meant to walk.

Day One

**If you have white oatmeal and red strawberries for breakfast, you can have yellow eggs and brown bread for lunch, green string beans, and yellow pattypan veggies for dinner and white fish. The daily snack you can have as often as you like today is the color orange.

During each day, while you’re consuming your rainbow, let’s not forget to consume 2.5 liters of rain/water to keep hydrated.

So, yes! That’s an exciting way of looking at it. And, if that’s the case, part of those stretches should be smiles!

Personally, I think that’s a better way of perceiving it than counting calories. If you start counting calories, you have to know how many beans make five, how many cracker breads make 17, and how many sultanas make 12.

We’re not cramming for exams here, and how will you ever learn about food in terms of numbers only – food is supposed to be more meaningful than that.

When we’ve identified what we need to count calories for, let’s say it’s fats – which fat do we need? There’s low fat, then there are hydrogenated oils, then there’s flax oil, and then there’s the fact that I would have to look up all this info and learn it before I could make a quick calorie assessment of one small part of it.

Day Two

**I like the sound of golden cornflakes, white bananas, and white milk for breakfast; with white chicken breast and green lettuce and red tomato for lunch; and for dinner, a small piece of brown grilled steak, green broccoli, brown mushrooms and white potato with pale brown sauce. Snacks all day today are green – like grapes, kiwi fruits, etc.

If you look at a piece of food when you’re hungry, by the time you’ve worked out the applicable calories or not, you’ve probably eaten the food because you were hungry. If I see a pack of purple, they’re blueberries, and while I’m paying for them, I’m already eating a few because I’m hungry, and it’s fun this way.

Day Three

**So, that day I was eating purple for snacks; my breakfast was one rasher fried brown bacon and white slice of sough dough bread; I had a small piece of white fish and small white potatoes boiled; for dinner, I’ll have a light brown chickpea salad mixed with thick cream (cream), red chopped tomatoes and chopped yellow capsicum. As I already said, the snack color is purple.

We have good days – when we want to celebrate and eat lots. We have terrible days when we’re angry and want to drink lots – and we have sad days when we’re so sad we neither want to eat nor drink yet probably burn lots of calories by the heavy emotion of it all.

Of course, we have the days where we set out quite determined to do all the good healthy things and avoid stress.

Day Four

**White yogurt and multi-colored chopped assorted fruits for breakfast. White Bread and Brown Hot Dogs for lunch with yellow sweetcorn. Dinner is any two pieces of chicken, brown, with hot or spicy sauce, yellow patty pans, pale green avocado, and two red tomatoes. The snack color is red – could be cherries or a red lollipop or strawberries or red capsicums.

If you examine the paragraphs in italics, you will see you have seven days full of food. They all have protein, they all have carbohydrates, they have vegetables, and they have fruit. It’s up to you how you put the days together and what order you want them to be placed in.

If that’s a diet, it sounds pretty good because you’re clearly eating well with a healthy assortment of food you can have on any day you like.

The other good thing is the snack thing which, if it’s green you can have a green apple (granny smiths) or grapes, or kiwi fruit, or… If it’s orange, you can have nartjies, apricots, melon, mango, etc. You can have an entirely comprehensive range of different healthy things – just keep thinking of the rainbow and the rain.

There are rules. There are rules for everything. No sugar may be taken for anything. You can’t eat anything between meals except the appointed snacks.

You can walk – fast or slow or anything in between, but walking is nice and natural and almost anyone can do it and enjoy it.

Day Five

**Today, breakfast is brown as in chocolate – any kind and as much as you like. Lunch will be white pasta, let’s say spaghetti, with brown, green, and red filling, say, Bolognese. Dinner is yellow fish with Brussel sprouts string beans and sweet potatoes, brown. Snacks all day should be the color orange – and as breakfast was chocolate, some people who don’t like this idea will go for something orange as in, mango, Naartjie, apricot, and all other things in that color orange.

Five days already, but remember you could make this above day one if you prefer. This system is something you’re controlling, so this could be day two or four or seven or five or whatever you’d like it to be.

Last but not least, try not to use the word diet. Throw it out of your vocabulary, have some fun getting healthy by colors, always have breakfast (if you’re not a breakfast eater, then you must snack on the color of the day, and eat it for breakfast). 

I’ve found that when people have diets to follow, they become diet-resistant and fight the contents they’re allowed to have. Then why bother in the first place?

This rainbow and rain I’m suggesting sound like more fun, more health and therefore more interest in what you’re taking into your system so maybe you’ll want to stay with it for a long time.

Day Six

** breakfast is brown Weetbix, white milk, any fruit of your choice. Lunch is white rice and brown topping of curry – say, chicken, or fish, or steak or chickpea curry and fresh beetroot – purple. Dinner is pizza or meat pie of your choice. The snacks are green.

This is all about you. You chose it, you liked the idea, and you’re doing it to get and stay healthier because you’re important to yourself and a great many people around you.

It’s such a casual routine, and you don’t have to do the days in order; you can do day five after day two if you like. Just reading this part, you can see how there is no stress involved and no worries.

With all the strict diets, fitbits and calories counted, it’s no good unless you want to do it. Once you really want to do it, it’s amazing how you’ll keep to it and start to look healthy quickly. If you slip a few times, it doesn’t matter because it’s all for you, and when you realize no one else notices (because you haven’t told anyone you’re on a diet), you get right back to what you started and continue.

Day Seven

** breakfast is yellow in the form of a two-egg French omelet; you can stuff it with cheese if you like. Lunch can be two brown fried fish cakes in a white hamburger bun. Dinner can be brown mince, and you can make anything you want with that – either a hamburger or curry it or make a pasta dish or whatever. Vegetables are white onions fried, with fried mushrooms and fried capsicums of any color. The snack color is yellow – as in banana, etc.

Stay with this, and not only will your body’s organs improve, but your skin will look healthier, and your hair will shine and, oh yes, you’ll lose weight. Don’t weigh yourself every day because the body doesn’t work like a machine with little clock parts; just weigh in once a week at the most, and you’ll be fine.

If you’re in any doubt, why not talk to your doctor and tell them your idea and see what they suggest. That should put your mind at ease as to whether or not you’ll be healthy.

A few years ago, I felt sluggish and not as healthy as I would like. So, the Rainbow and the Rain came into my life and I was as healthy as a bean sprout within a month! Just try it and see what happens. I got a lot of fun fitting the colors to the foods and snacking on fruits – and nuts – I’d never tried before.

A couple of friends decided to join with me on this rainbow, and we had so much fun laughing that I can honestly tell you that not once did any of us feel guilty because maybe we’d done something a little differently. We simply got back to where we should be and carried on like before.

We created the rainbow.

For quite a while, it became a thing among other friends and us, and then we got distracted by something and stopped talking about it; but we still live like that. The main point is that we found a way of getting healthy and staying healthy without fear of reprisals, no guilt, no rigidity.

This way is fun to do more or less as you like and get more laughs than ever – which is another way to stay healthy and enjoying it. In the past, over the years, I’ve tried many diets, and no enjoyed any of them.

Just follow the rainbow.

Then came the rainbow and I changed my own life – I reported to no-one, and had the best time ever. Years later, I’m still following the rainbow and staying fit, healthy, and happy – can you beat that? I don’t know anyone who can.

The only thing you need for this is a desire to be healthy and to look after yourself, and a good sense of humor when you forget a color or a day. Other than that, you’ll probably laugh a lot and lose weight!

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