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How to Lose a Double Chin and Face Fat


There are lots of people with ‘banging bodies’ but big fat faces and double chins!

If your face is fat, it’s for one or both of the following reasons:

Don’t laugh, please, but the first reason is obvious – it’s just that you don’t like its sound.

Firstly, your body fat percentage could be too high or

Secondly, your facial structure and genetics predispose your face to roundness.

None of us want to be fat. Some of us that are plump in the facial areas have unusually accepted it by the time we’re in our thirties, and are happy with their decision that they’d rather eat than cry.

It’s Only Face Fat

Fat doesn’t mean disgusting, and it doesn’t mean repulsive, it merely means you’re more rotund than a lot of us in that body area, but have accepted the fact and now are getting on with your life.

Those people usually have beautiful personalities, and I quite enjoy their company – most people do I expect because they’re so pleasant and easy to get along with.

Who cares if your friends are a little stouter than some others. They’re lovely people to know and have as friends – and that’s enough for me.

Diet Food

I know people who are not fat but obsessive about food and calories, and I really dread it when they come to visit.

I have to go to the select stores, and buy special food for them, that says on the label Diet Food or something equally reassuring, so that I can pay a ridiculous amount of money for it and be pleased that my friends will be happy.

When friends visit me, and they seem to be upset a little, it’s not usually because I don’t know enough about tennis or football or rugby, etc., it’s usually that I didn’t buy enough diet food for them and,  – because you have to eat an awful lot of diet food to feel that a breadcrumb has passed near your lips.

It’s a Feeling, Not a Food.

Why do we worry about being fat or thin (unless it’s for a medical reason) – it just isn’t worth it. However, I’m always accommodating and ready to help my fuller faced friends to lose weight when they ask. I sit with them and listen to them pour out their hearts about why being fat-faced makes them miserable!

Thinner Doesn’t Seem to Mean Happier.

But they never tell me how happy they would be if their faces were thinner. It’s all about smarter clothes, cuter shoes, nicer hairdos and so on – but nothing to do with happiness. Oh well, we should all show a little interest and help our friends when and if we can, because I’m sure they’d help us even without being asked.

Slim and Sensitive

Most of my slim bodied friends are allergic to the word fat, and I’ve found a great many other words that mean it and don’t actually say it. Thank goodness – so that’s quite helpful. 

I dare not say things like ‘oh those vertical stripes look so good on you because naturally downward stripes make people look thinner, so it means I’m saying she’s fat.

Almost all of the fat in your body is stored just under the skin and is scattered throughout your body, in varying degrees and in places that we, the general public, don’t think about.

As you are probably aware already, most of your body fat is stored directly beneath the skin in different degrees, throughout every area, including parts that most people don’t think of, like the face, fingers, and feet.

Subtle Facial Features

Most of us have subtle facial features, and it doesn’t take much of our body fat to mask them. This is one reason why we have to get really thin before we can see clearly, the changes in our facial appearance.

Men, especially, need to get to around the 10% body fat range before a noticeable shift from facial roundness to angularity can be seen. Most women need to lose around 20%  body fat for the same to happen to them.

We know we have to Exercise Hard to Lose Facial Fat.

So, we now know we have to get thinner; however, it’s quite hard to guarantee that you will end up with the face you really want. Hence I keep noticing Plastic Surgeon’s Brochure being tight clutched in hands with fat little fingers.

You’ve probably realized that some people will be noticeably fatter than you, but they’ll have the facial features you so badly want. Again, keep a tight hold on that book behind your back!

You’ve probably noticed other people who are more or less the same bodyweight as yourself, but their faces are much fatter.

Facial Features Make a Difference

Now, this leads us to the second point noted above, anatomy and genetics. Our faces are all built differently – sharp features, high, prominent cheekbones, strong jutting jaws, and so on. While others have a more wilted look. Face with bolder features.

All of our faces are built so differently. Some of us have sharp features, high, prominent cheekbones, strong, jutting jaws, and so forth, and others have a more muted look.

Some Faces are Angular, and Some are Round

Some faces take on bolder features and naturally look leaner, than older features than rounder ones. We know we can reduce at least some of the fats in our faces. But no amount of dieting or exercise is going to change the underlying structure – which is bone.  

The point is:

Some people will always have a leaner face than others, at any given fat ratio between body and face.  Other people believe that they are so right, and it’s certainly the only other reason that people practice these particular exercises that target a double chin.

Many people have resorted to exercising, and lots of them find it does help – such a relief.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose face fat. You absolutely can…

Facial Subtleties

Most of us have subtle facial features. Sometimes they are masked or hidden beneath a very fine layer of fat. This is why we must be quite thin before we see noticeable changes in our facial appearance.

That being so while getting as lean as that, is guaranteed to give you abs and arm vascularity, alas, it’s hard to say if it’ll give you the face you want.

You’ve probably noticed that some people have the same features as you, but are noticeably fatter than you.

Men More Worried About Losing Hair than Face Fat

Men who are involved in the fashion business or earn their living as models have quite a problem. They have very few people they can talk about it with, and some of them have no idea how to set about dieting or losing weight.

In fact, if you get right down to it, they are more worried about losing their hair – and that, to the best of my knowledge, has been a much worse experience than women with face fat.

As stated, most men need to lose more body fat – 10% before seeing a noticeable shift from facial roundness to angularity. Most women need to get down to around 20% or more body fat to accomplish their goals.

You’ve probably also seen othe people at more or less the same body fat levels, but with much fatter faces.

Maybe It’s a Genetic Thing

My friends, this brings us to the second point noted above: anatomy and genetics.

All of our faces are built differently.

Some of us have sharp features; high, prominent cheekbones, strong, jutting jaws, and others have a more muted look.

Faces with bolder features naturally look thinner than rounder faces. While we can reduce the amount of fat in our faces, no amount of dieting or exercise will change the underlying structure. So, the point is this:

Different Generations

If you look carefully, you’ll probably find different members of your family in different generations have a similar face shape to yours, which means you’ve inherited the shape and look of your face from your family.

Some people are always going to have a leaner face than others at any given body fat proportion or a particular look to their faces.

You Can Lose Face Fat by Exercise

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose face fat. You absolutely can; you have to work a lot harder at it, and you should really take time to decide it’s worth it.

Let’s have another look before giving up on this as we do on so many other things.

I think many people do believe these reasons but don’t want to come across as lame, so they say nothing and walk around as if something was troubling them but won’t talk about it.

Form A Group

First, find a like-minded group of people and do these exercises with them. That could be a great help. Meet regularly and help each other with your workouts.

You could discuss them and have a bit of a competition with them and turn it all into quite a lot of fun. It never has to be so series that you could end up in tears, it should be an excellent basis for some beautiful friendships and the beginning of so many positive things.

Exercises for Fat Faces

The Jaw Jut

  • Tilt your head backward and raise it to look toward the ceiling.
  • Push your lower jaw forward. Feel a stretch under the chin.
  • Hold that jaw jut for a 10-second count.
  • Relax your jaw. Return your head to a neutral position.
  • Similar to whistling at the ceiling. This exercise will help strengthen your neck.
  • This exercise can be done standing.

The Pout

  • Pucker up your lips, as if to kiss the sky. Extend your neck to move your lips as far away from the face as possible.
  • Your neck muscles should feel stretched, but not painful.
  • You should hold this for 5 to 20 seconds and repeat 10 to 15 times.
  • Pouting and slowly moving your chin towards your chest can also prevent a double chin. 
  • This is another effective way to strengthen the jaw and neck muscles.
  • It can be done seated or standing.
  • Simply stick the bottom lip out as far as possible to form a pouting face, as if taking a selfie.
  • Hold this position for three seconds, then begin to tilt your head towards your chest while keeping your lower lip out.
  • Hold for another three seconds.
  • You should do this 10/20 times. Maybe practice this when you’re shopping.
  • Whistling towards the sky is an excellent way to stretch and tighten your neck muscles.

Whistle at the Ceiling

  • It sounds a bit strange but, stretching your head up to whistle at the ceiling can help strengthen your muscles.
  • Tilt the head backward, look at the ceiling while sitting, close your lips into the whistling position (you should feel the muscles on that side of your neck contract).
  • Hold for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • If sitting, one should aim to do about ten reps.

Blowing Up Balloons

Is really good for the jawline. If you don’t have any reason to blow up any balloons, then just take some to work with you and in your spare time, whenever you get a chance, for a few minutes or longer just sit and blow up balloons and let them down and blow then up again and so on.

Chewing Gum

Here’s a small exercise for the facial muscles. You must use Chewing Gum to make it work. It can also lose the extra fat on your double chin.

A 2011 published study said that in the journal, they found that people who chewed gum felt more satisfying after their meals and were less likely to snack.

By resisting the urge to snack, you’re reducing the number of calories in the diet, and this will help you lose the fat that’s causing your double chin.

Chewing gum is like a mild form of mouth exercise. It can strengthen the muscles around your jaw to keep away a double chin at Your Face.


Are we drinking enough water? Hydrating sufficiently can make a big difference as it is said to boost metabolism and decreases facial puffiness and bloating.

You can be relatively lean and have a really good muscle definition with a nice set of abs underneath your shirt, and still see a double chin in every picture.

Why? And what  can you do about it?


You can smile. Everyone can smile, and it has a fantastic effect on your face. Smile as much and as often as you can. It will make a huge difference, and you’ll feel better too.

And there’s, even more, you can do…..

Why Is My Face Fat and His/Hers Isn’t?

Use a ball

Tools are quite useful to get the most out of an exercise.

For this, you will need a 5/10cm ball to hand.

It might be worth keeping one in your desk drawer so you can exercise during breaks.

Ensure you are sitting with a straight back. Now relax your shoulders, then grip the ball with your chin.

Push down with your chin against the ball in a steady motion.

Repeat this between 10 to 30 times each time you do it – you can even do a few extra sets.

Squeezing a ball with your chin towards your chest will strengthen your jaw and neck muscles – Plastic surgeons know about this.

Find Another Option

After all the exercising – which we know works to quite an extent, and the chewing gum – which replicates mastication which is a great way to get the jaw a lot of exercises and therefore be quite effective in that area, we must now turn out attention to the sculpted jawline – the one you dream about but seem unattainable

There is an answer for you, and you don’t need to have that breakdown because I have read extensively about this, and it really does the trick. First, find the best Plastic Surgeons you can find – I’m sure many of your friends will be able to give you referrals on that subject.

Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgeons are going to get the job done and done correctly. No more exercising, no more chewing gum, no more aides of any kind whatever. You have now come to the end of your search for the Holy Grain – you will have this perfect jawline if it ruins your husband financially. Of course, it won’t because everyone needs a favor and so on, so things will be fine. 

Look at all the people you know who have had plastic surgery and, of course, the main thing is that perfect jawline because if you just diet and do nothing else, who know what you’ll end up with!

Non-Surgical Procedures

There are some non-surgical procedures, and there are fillers – and that’s before I’ve mentioned the Botox, and the surgical threads to tighten loose skin.

I often find that when people get to this point – almost at their idea of perfection; it’s really time to stop. Say you’re writing a letter, and you keep adding bits wondering how to finish and when, if you stop and re-read it, you probably should have ended it ages ago. You can say more in fewer words in you put them all together really well.


Stopping to wonder why you search for this type of perfection worries me. Is it to make you feel better when you look in the mirror or make us like you any better when we give up on you? Is it vanity or…vanity?

Furthermore, what will you do with it when you reach your goal? Will it really do marvelous things for you, or is it just you saying you’re unhappy with what you have to you need to change it?

There was a time when most people were grateful for what they received and made the best of things. No more.

Under the Knife?

The world is so confusing these days that some perfectly lovely young ladies and gentlemen are quite prepared to ‘go under the knife’ as they say, in order to please an awful lot of other people – who really mean nothing to them! Other than a source of financial gratification.

A Silly Schoolgirl

I spent a lot of my earlier life wish I looked different from how I did look at that time. But what did I know? I was an innocent and rather dippy schoolgirl who probably needed a good shaking up and to be pointed in the right direction.

That sort of thing is not lawful today and, in a way, it’s a bit of a shame because a lot of people would get the better direction that they receive these days.

First, Learn to Like and Love Yourself

Frankly, I would like to say to every one of you, firstly learn to like yourself – and perhaps that’s not so easy, but it needs to be done. Then learn to love yourself just as you are.

Once you’ve done that, decide if you want chin straps, chewing gum, or even Plastic Surgeon. I get a feeling that the answer might be no on all three questions.

These Exercises work, so Keep Doing Them.

We know these exercises work so, to all you impatient people out there, just settle down and do them – say, in a group as I suggested, to keep you motivated or yourself – you just have to harness your willpower. But do these exercises, and you will change your current face shape into one that is hopefully more pleasing to you. But remember, you’re only doing this to please yourself. Everyone else likes you just as you are now!

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