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Grape Jelly – What You Need to Know

Grape Jelly is a delicious sweet fruity spread that is made from combining sugar and grape juice, which is heated until they reach the exact consistency.

It is famously known as a partner of peanut butter making a PB&J sandwich. Many people would spread the jelly alongside peanut butter because of its delicious taste.

But does it have any health benefits? Is it suitable for our diet and weight loss, since it contains a vast amount of sugar despite being made out of a superfood?

Jellies and jams are types of preserves. The difference between the two is that jams are made together with fruit pulp and skin, while jellies are made only of fruit juice. Also, grapes have numerous health benefits. It can help improve mood, slow down aging, and reduce cholesterol.

A tablespoon of Grape Jelly (about 20 grams) contains:

  • 50 Calories
  • 0g Fat
  • 0g Protein
  • 13g Carbohydrates
  • 11g Sugar

Upon knowing the breakdown, it is better to keep yourself at a minimum consumption; otherwise, it will lead to more sugar and calorie intake. Hence, you are safe as long as you are not eating it directly from the cup.

Also, most of its calories came from sugar. Natural grapes are low in calories and zero cholesterol.

Health benefits may also improve if you pair it with peanut butter making PB&J sandwich.

  • Peanuts are high in healthy fats
  • Peanuts are high in protein
  • Rich in E and B6
  • Rich in dietary fiber

Hence, peanut butter balances out grape jelly’s sweetness because it is high in fat and protein. It is a balanced treat unless consumed excessively. So, here are the health benefits of Grape Jelly:

1. It Contains Plenty of Potassium

A single grape contains 4.6 mg of potassium in it. So, in every 100 grams of grapes has at least 191 mg of potassium. 

Potassium is considered to be among the most essential minerals in the body. It acts as electrolytes that help regulate muscle contractions, nerve signals, and fluid balance.

  • This mineral plays a vital role in muscle contractions. Below the line of the average levels of potassium needed in the body can cause muscle weakness and irregular heartbeat.
  • Potassium activates nerve impulses all over the body. The functions of nerve impulses are to help regulate heartbeat, reflexes, muscle contractions, and more.
  • Electrolyte affects the fluid balance in our body, and a potassium-rich diet helps maintain an adequate fluid balance.

Moreover, it is a suitable defense mechanism against blood pressure, stroke, kidney stones, and osteoporosis. Therefore, maintaining adequate potassium intake is necessary for our health.

2. It Contains Copper

A 1 cup of fresh grapes contains 0.192 mg of copper. Although our body needs only a little amount of copper, it is always important to keep these minerals in our bodies.

It is crucial for iron absorption, energy metabolism, red blood cell formation, nervous system health, healthy bones, and immune function. A lack of copper diet will usually sign symptoms like anemia and osteoporosis. 

Here are some crucial facts about copper:

  • Most copper is found in the liver, brain, heart, kidneys, and skeletal muscle.
  • Too much or too little copper affects brain function.
  • Important for energy production.
  • Necessary for bodily functions.

Furthermore, copper deficiency is linked with several brain impairments like Menkes, Wilson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, it is vital to keep a good balance of copper in our bodies.

3. Low in Calories

A single grape contains two calories in it. Grapes are low in calories, which is beneficial in a healthy diet and weight loss.

Our body needs calories to operate and keeps our heart and lungs function well. Calories are energy in the body that helps to carry out essential processes to survive.

The recommended calorie intake per day varies between males and females, depending on metabolism, age, and physical activity. Generally, females should have 2000 calories and 2500 calories for males per day.

However, unchecked calorie intake will lead to weight gain and high body fat, causing stress all over your body. It can also result in a greater risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancers.

While it is true that our body needs calories for energy and other bodily functions, we must not forget that extraordinary calorie intake is harmful for our health.

4. High in Vitamin C and K

Grape Jelly is also rich in Vitamin C and K, which is crucial for our overall health. Here are the reasons why:

  • Vitamin K is an essential factor for wound healing and bone health.
  • Vitamin K produces four proteins needed for blood clotting.
  • Vitamin K can be used to treat specific bone problems.
  • Vitamin K safeguards our bodies against heart diseases, prostate cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

In general, Vitamin K works for the functioning of bones and helps maintain good bone health.

On the other hand, Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is important for the growth and repair of bodily tissues. It also serves to form collagen, immune system, wound healing, iron absorption, and maintaining cartilage, teeth, and bones.

  • Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients.
  • Vitamin C prevents cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, skin wrinkling, and prenatal health problems.
  • Vitamin C can reduce the risk of pneumonia and lung infections.
  • Vitamin C lowers the risk of stroke.

Grape Jelly contains more vitamins aside from Vitamin C and K. From this, we can point out that grape jelly is good for our health but with moderation.

5. High in Manganese

Manganese is also an essential mineral for brain functions, nervous systems, and other enzyme systems. It is a trace mineral, which means our body needs it in a small amount.

Benefits of manganese include:

  • Improve bone health alongside other vitamins like vitamin K and C
  • Manganese is a part of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an essential antioxidant in the body.
  • Helps reduce inflammation and other pains associated with inflammatory diseases
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Lowers epileptic seizures
  • Helps in the metabolism of nutrients
  • Protects the brain against free radicals 
  • Essential for thyroxine production
  • Contributes to wound healing.

In short, manganese is also crucial if we wish to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. By merely eating grape jelly, you can already gain all of these together with other vitamins.

Final Thoughts

Grape Jelly has so many health records that are important to our bodies. Aside from that, they are also a natural resource source that has direct contributions to weight loss.

Grapes are the main ingredient of Grape Jelly, which has many health benefits despite being a small fruit. However, it is important to remember that Grape Jelly is a preserved food that contains a lot of sugar.

There is no danger eating Grape Jelly, but if you are undisciplined to consume more than what is recommended, you will probably get more health risks than benefits. In other words, moderation in eating grape jelly is crucial to maximizing its health benefits.

Never be too confident, overeating as excess calories will convert into body fats. Better expect to gain weight if you consume more calories than what you can burn.

Therefore, always be attentive to the dosage of eating grape jelly. Do not forget that exercise is just a complementary action; what is important is our diet.

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