Flat Abs Workout in 20 Minutes

Flat Abs Workout in 20 Minutes

Acquiring a flat belly is an excellent advantage for you, which gives you holistic benefits for your health, figure, self-confidence, and more.

However, if your belly is sagging a little, then you are probably reading this article due to your interest in working out on having the goal for flat abs.

Before we go to our workout steps, le’s first understand what causes the accumulation of belly fats in your body.

What Causes Belly Fats?

Can you first try to check out the status of your belly, do you think you have excess abdominal fat?

If so, the major causes of it are poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics, stress, smoking, poor sleep, and too much consumption of alcohol.

According to Harvard Medical School Publication, your excessive abdominal fats can lead to higher chances of having diseases.

Some of the diseases or health complications mentioned are dementia, cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer.

Moving through exercise was mentioned by the same article published by Harvard, and it was pointed out that exercise can help you reduce your body waist circumference.

As we acknowledge the impact of having excessive belly fats, it helps us understand that it does affect us not only visually but also internally. In this, having a flat belly or abs is one of the best goals that you can have.

The 20 Minutes Abs Workout

As part of your goal to have flat abs, you can do the steps each day as you maximize your 20 minutes for your abs workout.

These are also incredible circuit workouts with just six moves. You can complete it for only one minute each. The goal of having this workout is to help you repeat the entire circuit workout three times.

This will give you 18 minutes, and it will leave you 2 minutes that you can allocate for your breaks if necessary. As recommended, you can use your mobile phone to set as the timer during the circuit workout.

  1. Russian Twists

If you are looking for a workout step that is great for the upper portion of our abs and obliques, then this is the one that you are looking for.

To do this, carefully move side to side as you hold the backward lean position. As you do this Russian Twist, you must be able to feel this exercise targeting your core, for this is the main focus.

However, you must not twist too fast but rather keep it a smooth rhythm through each of the turns. You can repeat making this move as much as you can, and you can do it for one minute.

  1. V-Ups

Start making this move by laying flat on your mat or the floor. Carefully and slowly raise your arm so that it will meet your knees, as it forms a V.

Try to tighten your abdominal muscle and rely on your body core strength to help you have a balanced position. You can hold for as long as you can possibly do. Repeat in making this move for as many times as you can for a minute.

  1. Supermans

Begin through laying flat on your mat or the floor. Slowly raise your arms straight in front of you while you are also raising your legs at the same time and carefully lifting your chest off the mat.

Hold in doing this position for an extended period. Repeat this by moving as many times as you can do for a minute.

  1. Crunches

Naturally, we can all do a crunch. You can start by making sure that you have tightened your abdominal muscles as you lift yourself up.

Start focusing more as you engage on your core rather than focusing on the number of repetitions that you can finish. It is also good to have a slower crunch, for it is more effective than giving yourself up quickly as much as possible.

You can do this repeatedly and have it last for one minute. 

  1. Jumping Planks

You can start making this move through a regular plank position. Carefully jump your legs out towards the sides as you keep your feet together.

Make sure to keep alternating both of your legs in and then legs out. Repeat in doing this move many times as you can for a complete minute. 

  1. Toe Touch Crunches

In doing this exercise, you need to make sure that it is felt in your upper and lower abs. Try to hold your feet in the air through your lower back. Make sure that it is firmly against the floor or your mat.

Make sure to remember that through this exercise, your body’s lower back must stay on the mat or floor. Slowly reach up and try to touch your toes.

It is okay if you cannot have as high as you can. Continually repeat this move many times for a full minute.

Once you finish one whole circuit, you can repeat it for two more times for you to complete. In making the moves, remember that you have two minutes for breaks, and you can use it when necessary.

Goal Booster: The Advantage of Having Flat Belly or Abs

In giving you more inspiration to keep reaching the goal for a flat belly or abs, here are the top four advantages of having it.

  1. Builds Your Self Confidence

Acquiring a flat belly can help you in boosting your self-confidence and let you feel good about yourself.

  1. Have More Clothes to Fit You

The second advantage is that you will find it easier to have clothes that can fit or suit you. In this, you will never again worry if you will no longer fit your favorite clothes.

  1. It Will Lead You to a Healthier and Happier Life

As you develop your abdominals, it will make you healthier. You will attain lesser risks to acquiring potential diseases since having excessive belly fats will make you prone to some severe diseases.

Also, you will have a happier life since having a flatter lower abs will provide you significant advantages that will make the quality of your life better.

  1. Makes You More Attractive

A slim body is unquestionably attractive. If you are planning a vacation, especially on a beach, then you will no longer need to worry because you can show off your body once you have a flatter belly.

The four top advantages of having a flatter belly are just a few of the things that can encourage you more to aim for your goal of having flatter abs.

Work on Your Goal for Flat Abs!

As you now know, the advantages of having a flat belly and the steps to keep moving through the abs workout, you can work on your goal.

You can repeatedly do the flat abs workout for 20 minutes per day. If you are having a hard time, then you do some twist in the length of the pauses to make it more suitable and comfortable for you.

Just make sure that you complete the workout moves and let it target your core to gain the result of having flat abs. You can add this routine to your planner, and you can set the alarm per day, or have it on your board to help you get reminded of this goal. You can do it!