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Five Natural Suppressants for Weight Loss

Can you still remember when last you tracked your diet, exercised, or paused to check the overall condition of your body? If your answer is ‘no’, then now is the best time to check your health and fitness.

There are many people in various industries that devote lots of time in doing their everyday responsibilities without holistically acknowledging the needs of their bodies.

Have you ever experienced working the whole day without any rest and ending up being exhausted? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s probably this condition may prevent you from having enough time to think of the best food for your health and weight.

In 2016, it was recorded that 39% of adults aged approximately 18 years old and above, were considered to be overweight. That same year, the world’s adult population also reached 13% of people suffering from obesity.

The percentage of the world’s obesity has tripled from 1975 to 2016. The changing work environment and people’s priorities are but one of the primary reasons for this concern regarding the increase in the rate of obesity.

Upon reading this, if you are also feeling unhealthy or a little overweight, or you just want to lose weight to look good, then this article is specially written for you. We wonder what natural appetite suppressants you take to achieve an effective weight loss; we also wonder if you’ve looked carefully at your regular food intake to understand your need for natural appetite suppressants.

Gaining Control on Your Appetite

Appetite stands for your desire to satisfy yourself by eating. Having a large appetite is one of the primary factors of your high food intake. 

As you desire to lose weight, it also equates to your need to take a step towards the discipline you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. To reduce your appetite, the natural suppressants that we will discuss here are the top natural appetite suppressants for you.

Maybe you’re curious to know if there really are appetite suppressants provided by nature. The answer is “Yes”, there are natural foods you can eat to suppress your appetite and make you feel full at the same time. These foods are all natural and can help you to slim down quickly.

What are Natural Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss?

The natural appetite suppressants that we refer to here are the ones that are from nature – natural unprocessed foods. These help us to lose weight and suppress and reduce the intensity of the accumulation of the fats in your body.

There are two core categories of suppressants, the natural and the pharmaceutical. 

FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration) or government approved pharmaceutical suppressants that are on the market which are safe and effective to consume.

However, the natural appetite suppressants will definitely be a better choice if you are seeking a natural and effective way to lose weight fast. 

Your goal to be slim or lose weight is achievable as long as you work at it and improve your lifestyle – the one won’t work without the other; so if you’re intending to eat right and eat less, you also need to exercise more and ensure you get the right amount of sleep.

Here are the 5 natural suppressants for weight loss:

1. High-Fiber Foods

The high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, flaxseeds, and legumes are the foods that you can take for a natural and healthy way of eating. These high-fiber foods should also dull your appetite because it takes your system a long time to digest these foods and therefore you feel satisfied for a longer period of time.

In other words, these types of foods speed up your metabolism and thus help you in maintaining bowel health through high-fiber foods – because you will feel fuller which will minimize cravings for the wrong types of foods. 

Fiber full food also absorbs much of its weight in water and this can help your body through hydration. 

In your bowel health, the dietary fiber is also able to soften and increase the size and weight of your stool. Once you have a bulky stool, it is easier to pass and decreases the chance of constipation. 

2. Green Tea Extract

The health benefit of Green tea is evident even in today’s times. Many people still prefer to consume it – yet the preference for green tea consumption started thousands of years ago with our ancestors. 

Green tea extract is proven to help regulate a person’s appetite hormones which can contribute in lowering a person’s food cravings and consumption. Another great benefit of green tea is its ability to help decrease the proliferation of fat cells in your body.

Also beneficial in elevating the levels of adiponectin, where the low level of this adiponectin has been linked to the problems in your insulin resistance, increased inflammation, and other metabolic disorders, the consumption of green tea is highly recommended.

The elevation of your adiponectin levels can help to prevent you from having greater risks with your metabolism, insulin, and other diseases. All this can be overcome if you consume sufficient quantities of green tea.

3. Spicy Food

Natural spicy food ingredients like curry, turmeric, dandelion, black pepper, and cayenne pepper can help your body in increasing the ability to burn the fats, reduce your appetite for desserts and other foods that are unhealthy, and helps normalize the glucose level of your body. 

The spicy ingredients and foods like ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and can also reduce your free radical damage that can be related to aging and it also helps you to suppress your hunger levels.

4. Water

Are you surprised that water is also part of the list? 

Water and other liquids can also help you in attaining your body goals through weight loss. Water can reduce your food appetite by making you feel full. As you take in the water you will gradually feel fuller and therefore not want to eat. 

The brain signals fullness only twenty minutes later – which is why a person should always wait for about twenty minutes before deciding if you really want a second helping or a desert. As we understand it, this is one of the reasons why we need to drink more water, more slowly, then wait a while before deciding on anything further. The same applies to soups; starting your meal with a serving of soup – being liquid – will soon register that your stomach is filling up and will cause you to eat less.

5. Grapefruit Essential Oil

The natural grapefruit essential oil is proven to help your body in losing weight. There is a lot of research that points to the grapefruit essential oil’s beneficial antioxidants, acids, enzymes, and volatile oils that can help you in your goal to slim fast.

The above properties found in a grapefruit are proven to help in lowering your cravings, reducing your appetite, and giving you a mild uplifting energy.

They are also effective in stimulating your body’s lymphatic system which is known as the network of organs and body tissues that work together to help in getting rid of the waste, toxins, and also unwanted materials found in your body.

Great Accompaniment to the Natural Suppressants

The actual weight loss itself is better achieved by taking the natural suppressants together with living the best and heathiest lifestyle. The five natural suppressants for weight loss are listed above, and as you apply them, consider applying also te five accompaniments to your lifestyle that can help you in your quest for health and weight loss.

Here are the five accompaniments to your lifestyle to help you achieve a slim and healthy body:

  1. Start Exercising.
  2. Eat Healthy Foods 
  3. Develop a High-Protein Diet
  4. Have More Sleep
  5. Cut Down Refined Carbs

With the natural suppressants and implementation of the accompaniments, you can start achieving your goal.

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