Eleven Tips to Lose Weight by Walking

Eleven Tips to Lose Weight by Walking

Talking a Lot about Losing Weight

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about losing weight utilizing reducing our food intake – i.e., dieting. We’ve twisted our bodies into some difficult, if awkward, positions in yoga and even been riding bicycles.

Many years ago, when I was 32 years old, and I lost over 20 kgs on a sensible diet without exercising. Months and years passed, and I kept the weight off, but about 20 years on in my early fifties, the weight had almost all returned.

Exercise instead of Diet

This time I decided not to diet but to get some exercise. Nothing too fancy I thought. I’d been given two legs for walking, so that’s would I would do. I drove out in my car to plan a route and reset its odometer so I would get an idea of how far it was. There was one section of the course that I can go, but you couldn’t get your car across the rocks, the muddy stream and the mini cliff that was in the middle of one of the routes I want to take, so I had to work it out as best I could.

So, there were two routes very close to each other, one was around 4.5 miles, and the other 5.5 miles. So, one was about 1 hour and the other about 1-hour 20/25 mins.

A Neighbor or Two

If was very simple; I got up very early every morning at about 4h30 and was on the road by 4h45. My next-door Portuguese neighbor joined me and we were walking, starting at 4h45 and into our power walking a few minutes later.

We did that every morning of the week – 7 days a week – no less. No matter what the weather: even if it was pouring with rain – we walked.

At first, it wasn’t so lovely. It hurt. We didn’t like doing the longer route because of pain. I learned Portuguese swear words just as my Neighbour learned how to swear in English.

My Neighbour’s 18-year-old non-Portuguese daughter joined us two early fifties ladies, and soon we were all swearing in Afrikaans! After a few months of this seven days per week early morning torture, something changed, and we began to enjoy it to the point when we went the longer route and still enjoyed it.

Our Limbs Stopped Hurting

Our limbs no longer hurt. We could do both routes at the required time, and we could talk to each other during power walking. Finally, we were feeling the benefits.

We had decided to only weight ourselves once per month, and the first month we nearly gave up – there was so little change. The second month didn’t exactly excite us but, by the third month, the weight had just dropped off us, and I’m talking about more than 10 kgs per person.

You Can Get Hooked on Exercise

Exercise gets to a person in a way nothing else does. So eventually you

do it because you feel you have to. You’ve become hooked on it. Every early morning you think you have to walk the path or you’re failing yourself. You feel fitter, healthier, happier, and more content and whole. It’s like a drug, and you cannot stop. The weight dropped off, and I became lighter than ever before. I became remarkably fit and healthier. I slept better, and my limbs were all more flexible, my body core was more durable, my hair had a healthy sheen to it, and I always felt positive and happy.

My Favorite Nephew

Then, one day, my favorite nephew came to stay with me for a week or two.

He was about 21, and there were times he just couldn’t get on with his parents, so he ‘moved in’ with his aunt – me – until he was feeling calmer again. It seemed I had a very calming effect on my niece and nephews.

Naturally, when I got up to walk, the following morning, he wanted to come with me but was so out of shape that as we got past the first couple of hundred yards and he was coughing and learning over and calling out ‘oh man, this is tough.’ I thought he was teasing me, so I kept going, and then I noticed he fell and remained quite still.

Even a Bicycle was Too Much

I went back for him, and he was winded. While gasping for breath, he said he felt unwell and couldn’t go on. My friend, who was a little younger than him, went back to my house and brought his bicycle, but he didn’t even have the strength for that.

Walk Canceled

We declared the walk canceled – it was a Sunday – and between the two of us, we managed to get my brother and his bike back to the house, where he stayed in bed for the rest of the day.

My brother told me on the phone that my nephew was born with a murmur in his heart and wasn’t strong enough to engage in any physical sports.

Thanks for Not Telling Me?

Thanks for telling me, I thought, while I was feeling guilty for what bad thing might have happened.

My nephew felt embarrassed about it all and would rather we all shut up about it and went back to normal. He continued to stay as my house for the next few weeks, but I went walking every morning early and brought him coffee when I returned.

Add More in the Afternoon

If you decide to do this another way, you can walk a shorter distance in the morning and then walk more through the day. Like, fit in a quick power walk for an hour say, towards the end of the afternoon. Or you could fit in 20-minute power walks during the day after every meal – perhaps you’ll find that more comfortable.

Increase Your Walking Speed

Up your walking speed to get the heart pumping and to burn more calories. During this type of walk, increase the pace for a few minutes every 20 minutes so that by doing this, you’ll burn more calories.

Hike Uphill to Burn More Calories

Hike Uphill, like walking on a hiking trail with hills. This is one way to increase intervals in your walking routing without torturing yourself. Uphill burns more calories and helps build muscle in the lower body area while increasing your metabolism. Staircases can be used instead of hills.

Exggerate Your Arm Swings

Use Your Arms. Exaggerating your arms swings as you walk has extra benefits. Arm swings help you to speed up the pace and work your upper body by burning about 10% more calories when compared with an average arm swing.

If other people say it looks silly, just remember that while you’re exaggerating your arm swings while your walk, there are has additional benefits that will help to speed up your pace and work your upper body. You need to burn up to 10% more calories when compared to a normal arm swing.

To perfect the technique of your arm-swing technique; use these tips:

  • Bend your arms to 90 degrees and maintain this form.
  • The arm should extend behind the body as far as you can do it comfortably and naturally.
  • On the upswing, the hand should rise to the level of the chest. (Like soldiers on a military parade).

Focus on Form

Focus on Form. Correct posture helps improve your workout and calorie burn. Focus on keeping your back relaxed to elongate your spine and keeping your shoulders natural. Make sure to keep your eyes ahead on the horizon which keeps it aligned with your neck and shoulders.

Remember that your heel should go down on the ground. This method helps to  absorb the impact and to minimize stress on the joints. , explains Dr. Michael Gleiber, a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon. Then your foot should roll smoothly forward and you’ll push off from your toes.

Have a Step Goal

Have a Step Goal. One of the best goals a walker can have is a step goal so that you can increase the number of steps you take per day. The more steps you choose to take, the more calories you burn.

If you’re serious about losing weight, why not aim for 10 000 steps per day, to begin with, and increase from there.

Keep Calorie Consumption Low

Keep Calorie Consumption Low. Walking is an excellent de-stressor, and it improves health, strengthens muscles, and bones with any risk. Last but not least, it helps you lose weight quicker and more safely but, for that weight loss, you’ll need to concentrate on a diet to make the weight loss happen.

Focusing on lean proteins and vegetables and limiting sugary and processed foods is where you should start. Keeping track of your daily caloric intake helps you shed pounds quicker and more safely than opting for one of the many fad diets instead.

Include Strength Training.

An excellent way to break up your walks, strengthen your muscles, and burn more calories is to include bodyweight exercises during your workout. Two or three times per week, stop and perform one of these exercises every five minutes during your walk. How many you do is up to you:

  • Pushups (do them inclined on a park bench or against a wall to make it easier)
  • Squats, bending the knees to 90 degrees
  • Walking lunges
  • Front or side planks

Avoid Sugary Drinks & Consider a Playlist

Avoid Sugary Sports Drinks & Consider a Playlist. Walkers and other endurance athletes should not opt for sugary sports drinks during their workouts. The calories from these beverages negate most of the calories you’re burning, and in most instances, they aren’t needed to sustain your activity. Stick with water, and save anything else for more strenuous workouts.

For those days when you need an extra boost, try some tunes. Something that can be incredibly motivating is an upbeat playlist. So, you’re wanting to walk further and faster while staving off boredom.

Be Healthy

Walking is really healthy for us. We were Blessed with two legs and, therefore, intended to walk. Movement from one place to another in the very old day, was accomplished by walking. But life was simpler in those days. We got up when the sun got up, and we started work then. We wet to bed when the sun went down and, if we want to go somewhere, we walked – or rode a donkey.!

However, nowadays I wonder our legs don’t fall off – the number of times we don’t use them.


Never let your body get too much overweight or you pay a high price for it in the pain of bringing it back to the size it should be. You’ll keep your size much more easily if you eat properly and healthily and exercise regularly. That weight you’ll stay younger and fit for much longer!