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Eleven Proven health benefits of Coffee

How often do you take a cup of coffee?

Do you consider yourself a coffee lover, coffee addict or an admirer of coffee? If your answer is yes, then there are a lot of things that you need to know more about coffee.

Did you know that aside from the great taste of every coffee that you intake each day, there is also another beneficial side that can make you love your every cup of coffee?

There are amazing proven health benefits of drinking coffee. Let us discover more and let us first check the amazing dominant coffee consumption.

Coffee Lovers Consumption

The recent coffee consumption statistics reveal that over 50% of the Americans from 18 years old and above drink coffee each day. This leads us to point out that there are approximately 150 million daily drinkers of coffee.

30 million of these American adults have also specified that the coffee specialty that they consume are the latte, mocha, espresso, cappuccino, café mocha, iced coffee, and other coffee beverages.

The statistics revealed relates to the reason why there are a lot of highly progressive and immerging coffee shops in every district. A lot of coffee lovers undoubtedly would invest in purchasing delicious and high-quality coffee.

Many people drink coffee but do they know how their coffee positively impact their body? In this article, let us understand how your coffee benefits you.

1. Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

You are now closer to your body goals. The coffee that you intake can help you loseweight which can lead you to your goal to slim fast.

Going to the gym or having an exercise with a dose of your favourite coffee can help you lose weight fast for you to have more fat loss.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, there is an increase in the cases of people who are overweight and obese. There are 39% of adults aged 18 years old and over who can be considered as overweight.

There is also approximately 13% of the adults in the world who were obese in 2016. The statistics have tripled from 1975 up to 2016.

More people are trying to get themselves fit to maintain a good body posture and especially for health reasons.

If you are one of those individuals who are seeking to lose weight, then you can add coffee to your diet to help you lose weight fast.

2. Coffee Against Brain Diseases

Earlier, we discussed on how coffee can amazingly help you in your goal for losing weight. On our second point, coffee can also help fight against brain diseases.

The caffeine in your coffee can contribute to help in protecting your brain cells from the damages of brain diseases. The diseases that we are talking about are Parkinson’s and dementia.

3. Improve Your Memory

Do you want to boost your memory? If yes, then coffee can still help you out in keeping you more alert each day which otherwise can let you feel drowsy.

On your next exam, you can drink a cup of coffee before the exam starts. You can also take coffee on your next long drive to help you sharpen your memory and keep you alert.

4. Lowers Your Stress

A lot of people prefers to drink a strong and delicious coffee which can lower your level of stress in life or your work.

According to scientists, caffeine has been speculated to boost your mood. Several studies point out the benefit of coffee in reducing the risk of depression.

Caffeine also can help you cope up with any of the stressors that you encounter on each day that can help you have a better mood each day.

On your work or studies, it would be a great day starter to intake a cup of your favourite coffee. Experience more of the beauty of life with lesser stress through your coffee.

5. Lesser Risk for Liver Cancer

The researchers of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center have amazingly found out the benefit of coffee against liver cancer.

It was revealed that the people who consume 1-3 cups of coffee a day can have 29% lesser risk of having liver cancer.

6. Coffee Protects You Against Hepatitis C

Coffee can protect you against Hepatitis C. The Hepatitis C is an infection on the liver area which can lead to the damage of the liver. The virus can infect the body fluids and blood that can lead to greater complications.

Drinking coffee can help your body fight against the infection. Coffee, chocolate together with the colourful vegetables and fruits contain the compound that we call flavonols. The function of the flavonols is to protect the cellular level.

The flavonols are also the cell cycle regulators for the body. It also exhibits properties that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiallergic.

7. Lesser Risk for Heart Disease

The Korean researchers have found out that the people who consume 3-5 cups of coffee per day have lesser chances of having signs of heart disease.

Another research conducted in Brazil has revealed that individuals who consume 3 or more cups of coffee per day can have less calcification in coronary arteries.

A 2019 research also have proven that coffee does not cause the hardening of the arteries even for those people who drink more than 25 cups of coffee per day.

8. Coffee Helps You Fight Against Gout Problems

Coffee can help you combat gout problems. If you are drinking at least 6 cups of coffee per day, then you are lowering your risk of acquiring gout complications.

The more you consume coffee, the more you are decreasing your risk in developing gout. This is proven through a study on 50,000 men who drink coffee every day.

9. Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

It was mention in point two and three that coffee can help against the development in brain diseases and it also boosts your memory.

Coffee can also help you lower your risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. The recent statistics point out the increasing number of people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Approximately 5 million Americans of all ages are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was also estimated that 5.8 million Americans who age 65 years old and above are living upon having Alzheimer’s dementia this 2020.

You can take a cup of coffee to reduce the percentage of acquiring the Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Coffee Can Increase Your Fiber Intake

According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, coffee is proven to increase your fibre intake. The increased amount of your fibre intake can also help you in your goal to lose weight.

Fibre is a natural appetite suppressant which can also help you in having a balanced diet. You are one step closer to have fat loss.

11. Coffee Helps You Have Stronger DNA

According to the European Journal of Nutrition, coffee drinkers’ DNA is proven to have stronger integrity.

For the white blood cells in the body of the coffee drinkers have fewer instances and risk of having spontaneous breakage in the DNA strand. This makes the DNA of the people who consume coffee to be stronger than those who are non-coffee drinkers.

Coffee does not only satisfy your taste buds nor cravings for it is also proven to be very beneficial for your body. You probably have developed stronger love and admiration for coffee!

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