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Donuts! – The Good; The Bad; and the Ugly (for Cheat days)!

Donuts, Smiles & Happy Faces

When the Boss arrives at the office with his driver stepping near behind him carrying a box of donuts, actually smiles and nods to him as though it was the driver’s gift to us; everything goes still then, until suddenly a big shout goes out – “Donuts.” Then there are smiles and happy faces.

Special Donut Place

There’s a special donut place which costs extra but tastes terrific. Bring the plates, bring the forks, what about the teaspoons, “I’ll take mine in my hands.” By the time the Boss makes his entrance into each office. We have polished off most of the donuts and are ready to say a massive thanks.

On a Diet? Never!

If you’re on a diet, you can’t say no to the Boss. You can hide them or ‘eat them or give them away or take them home?… can do it but do put them in your bag, so no one sees.

For No Particular Reason

Why does he bring these little treats to us? When it is a special day like a birthday for the staff or management, like a day before a public holiday, etc.,

Sometimes, for no reason, that makes you want to give gifts and generally enjoy the day for no reason in particular.

While all these Donuts are Lovely

There is such a good selection, and one can be spoiled for choice. They are all colors, shapes, and sizes; They have lots of decorations, and just as you’ve decided on one bright little gem, another one starts dazzling at you, and then you don’t know what you’ll select.

The Good

The Good Donut, in my opinion, Is one covered with icing sugar, then cream with strawberries carefully placed across the cream – yummy!

There is such a massive variety of Donuts available – which is both a blessing and a curse simultaneously.

The Bad

The Bad Donut. There’s one that seems to have some pineapple in it with some coconut. Now that is an absolute yuk from me, tropical flavors – yuk!

Unfortunately, these delights contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients.  An original Krispy Kreme donut has 11 grams of fat—5 of those being saturated!

The Ugly

The Ugly Donut. There’s one Donut with a mashed banana in the selection, which is quite unpleasant and certainly not for me. Mashed Banana? – Never!

It’s not that I’m not grateful; it’s just that I find these last two items quite unsavory.

Having poured out my little heart to you, I have to admit I’m quite excited today because it’s Donut Day again, and I’ve deliberately not eaten this morning, so I have enough room for a couple of donuts. Naughty? Oh Yes!

Worth it? Definitely! The Secret of Excitement? – Exhilaration, Pleasure, Enthusiasm!


The donuts are not nearly as important as the happiness, and the fun of being together as a ‘donut eating team’ – How Silly that Sounds! Compare this to the Donuts, freshly made and are coming together as a close second because nothing beats the feeling the camaraderie and being together as one!

Comparing one type of Donut to another type of Donut! It sounds like we’re kids because we’re enjoying being so silly for a day – or, even for a couple of hours – it’s terrific fun.

There’s a lot that’s involved in the making of donuts. It doesn’t seem very easy, and also, there are choices because there are different types of donuts.

Did you know that the Dutch Settlers introduced the Donut to early New York, also known as The New Amsterdam?

English Volume

The Very first time Donuts were mentioned was in 1803 in a cookbook – Engish Volume. They did not look like the donuts we have now. The ring-shaped Donut appeared in 1847.

It was on a lime trading ship when a young man of about 16 years made a large hole in the middle of the donuts, the mas making, and filled the gap with hazelnuts and walnuts and lemon ring the center.

He was criticized because his donuts were not so oily as the original ones. Therefore, it was a big to-do about a non-oily donut and oily donuts!

People ate a lot of donuts trying to decide on the best type. This didn’t happen for a very long time, and meantime, even more donuts were consumed with great enthusiasm.

National Donut Day was celebrated in the USA on the first Friday of June each year.

Salvation Army

In 1938, the Salvation Army created Donut Day to honor their members who served donuts to soldiers during World War 1. After that success, about 250 Salvation Army went to France to bring Donuts to the soldiers there. They were an instant hit and did remarkably well with the sales, which hit the roof with their Donut Sales.

Other Countries – Other Ideas

It’s an interesting point to note that the famous Donut also spread amazingly well in other countries. Some people in other countries filled their donut ring with savory centers – making them a little healthier than before. The countries concerned were India, Malaysia, and Singapore – extremely innovative.!

Today, as we sit around and eat our donuts, we don’t think of these things because we don’t know about these things.

It’s such a shame because there’s lots more interesting history; you sometimes wish you could look back into those years and have a conversation with some of those wonderfully brave people and learn what they stuffed into that ring in the center, and why they did it.

Roughly Speaking, How They’re Made.

I do know that India used mashed potatoes with many different flavorings – as did Malaysia and Singapore. Many countries mixed differently with different spices and oils, other types of beans – ground or not, and – sauces. What a collection of flavors!

Generally, donuts are deep-fried with yeast-like dough, and then after cooling a little, they are decorated by icing and as many other appropriate things as your mind will allow.

Little Anecdotes

I’ve heard many stories from people who had tried a donut for the first time. One woman told me she cautiously took the icing and the cream off with her fingers and licked them clean. But then there was the oily pastry, so he just stuck it all into his mouth.

A nearby woman did precisely the same and then went off looking for more! How wonderful when you find something that delights you, and you want to continue eating it!

I hope that some of your questions have been answered here but let me, please remind you. 

Only eat this for dessert when you’ve eaten all the other courses. East your starter and main course – maybe two main courses – and only then eat the donuts, or you will end up quite unhealthy!

Donuts Again

When next donuts enter your life, if you’re cooking them then why not try making a savory one with quite an exotic filling; or another shaped donut so it looks like a triangle; finally, you could cook a sweet outside one with a savory inside filling for sweet and sour taste.

There is every possibility that you may discover the perfect snack for lunch or the best Donut for the desert of a meal with the Donut full of spices that complement each other.

Donuts are not healthy and should not be consumed regularly – maybe grab one on cheat day?

Many people are so glad that donuts were created. I can only eat one or two, and then I’m too full, but hey, how great it is that we do have donuts! Maybe a bunch of us should visit Amsterdam and say thanks for creating these lovely pastries…. What a good idea!!

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