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Belly Fat – How to lose Belly Fat (2020)

Belly Fat – a pretty simple word, isn’t it?

But if you call it Abdominal Fat, it starts sounding serious. And believe us, it is. Nobody wants to have a lot of belly fat. That’s a fact.

You may be thinking that having a bigger belly makes you look less attractive. No one wants to have a belly that seems out of place and doesn’t fit in regular clothing.

A big waistline can become a symbol of laziness and sloppiness. People start associating the big waist with the person and start calling that person names based on their waistline.

This can lead to destroyed self-esteem and self-confidence of the person being ridiculed. Although it’s wrong both ethically and morally, people don’t care about it. They have someone other than themselves to make fun of.

They stop caring about the person’s feelings and wreck that person’s life for their amusement.

To avoid this, one must get rid of the excessive belly fat fast. A proper system is required to get rid of belly fat for good and reduce that waistline.

However, before we dig deep into that, let’s first discuss what belly fat is?

Belly fat, or Abdominal Fat, is the fat that accumulates in your abdominal area over time.

This is pretty normal for many people who don’t exercise regularly or have a job that requires them to sit at a single place for extended periods of time.

Nowadays, most of the jobs are of this nature; thus, it’s getting harder and harder for people not to get that belly fat.

Job conditions aren’t the only things that cause excess belly fat. genetics and hormones can also play a significant role in this. Those who have an obesity problem in the family, belly fat can be a severe issue despite them trying their best not to get it.


The accumulated belly fat can be divided into two sub-categories, namely Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat.

The Subcutaneous fat lies directly under your skin, and is sometimes referred to as the “love handles” or “padding.”

This soft layer of fat isn’t too harmful to your body due to its mostly inactive nature. And it can be shed pretty easily with some targeted exercises. So, you don’t need to worry about this type of fat too much.

The real problem is the Visceral Fat. It lies deeper in your body and basically acts as an extra organ in your belly. It is active in nature and has a considerable impact on the normal functioning of your organs. These organs include the liver, kidneys, heart, and others.

Usually, men have a higher percentage of Visceral Fat than women, until the midlife happens.

After that, the roles are reversed because the women pass through menopause. This leads to their bodies redistributing the fat and much of which finds its way to the belly in the form of Visceral fat.

Women’s bodies are more affected by the belly fat than men, and many studies have been done to support this argument.

We’ll discuss this fact in a while, but before we do that, let’s see how belly fat is different from BMI.

BMI deals with the overall weight of the person and the height. It doesn’t have anything to do with the concentration of weight at a particular place, belly in our case.

Belly fat, especially Visceral Fat, isn’t necessarily a problem caused by some extra pounds. If your body mass is more evenly distributed, then you don’t have much to worry about.

People with regular weights and good BMI scores can have a large amount of belly fat with big waists. This means that they may perform well on some fitness scores, but their body is being harmed from the inside by this excessive belly fat.

Let’s take an example of two guys with the same height. One weighs 180 pounds while the other weighs 160 pounds. Based on these numbers, we’d assume that the 160-pound guy is safer from fat-related diseases than the 180-pound one.

BUT that may not be the case. The 180-pound guy may have a lean belly and thus a lesser amount of belly fat as compared to the 160-pound guy who has a bulging belly. This means that the 160-pound guy is likely to have more fat-related diseases due to the active nature of Visceral Fat as compared to the 180-pound guy who has less concertation of fat at any particular portion of his body.

Now that we know a little about Belly fat let’s talk about the health risks of having too much belly fat.

Belly fat, especially visceral fat, has been found to increase insulin resistance and the risk of Type 2 diabetes. It’s observed that men and women with large bellies are more likely to have type 2 diabetes than those with average weight. This is because the excessive visceral fat obstructs the proper functioning of the pancreas.

The body becomes immune to the insulin being produced, leading to abnormal blood sugar levels. These abnormal sugar levels lead to diabetes, which in return causes a lot of health issues.

It has also been found that people with bigger waists are more likely to have compromised lung function and a raised chance of migraine headaches. Asthma attacks are even more frequent in people with bigger bellies.

As discussed earlier, the visceral fat is active in nature and releases a number of chemicals in your body. One of these is the retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4), which leads to the development of coronary heart disease at a faster rate. So Visceral Fat has an adverse effect on your heart, and over time, it can lead to serious heart problems.

A study conducted in Britain showed a direct correlation between heart problems and an increase in belly fat. This study was conducted over a period of 20 years, and the women with larger waistlines were more likely to have heart diseases than those who had a leaner belly.

The same study also showed that a two-inch increase in the waist raised the chances of heart diseases by 10%!

Coronary Heart Diseases aren’t the only aftermath of having excessive belly fat. Cancer has also been observed to make an appearance in people with big waists. This is especially true for women with bigger belly sizes as compared to men.

Women with excessive belly fat are three-four times more likely to have breast cancer than those who are normal-weight, a study conducted in India found. More than 3000 women were observed to reach this startling figure.

However, breast cancer isn’t the only type of cancer-related to belly fat. The likelihood of getting colorectal cancer is almost doubled in women with excessive belly fat, especially among postmenopausal women.

In addition to being life-threatening by increasing the chances of cancer and heart problems, belly fat also increases the chances of dementia.

Dementia was observed to be three times more likely in people who had a bigger waistline than those who had a more linear abdomen.

Overall, having a large waist and excessive belly fat can nearly double the risk of premature death even if overall body weight is normal.

So you need to take control of your life and get rid of that belly fat for good. This will not only make you look smart and attractive but also increase your chances of living a healthy life.

You’ll be able to fit in the clothes of your choice without any compromise on style. People will start noticing you for who you really are!

On the health side, for women, the chances of getting a number of cancers are decreased when extra fat is shed.

Likewise, asthma attacks become less frequent, and blood sugar levels become manageable.

In addition to this, you get to enjoy your thoughts more vividly in your old age. This is because the chances of dementia are decreased significantly when you lose belly fat.

So overall, you get to lead a better life when you lose that harmful belly fat.

One natural question that arises is How to get rid of this excessive Belly fat?

Some people say that sit-ups and other targeted exercises can shed this excessive belly fat quickly, but it is simply not true.

These targeted exercises can reduce the upper layer of belly fat, which, as discussed, is pretty harmless. Losing this top layer of fat will not result in the reduction of your waist, and thus will not have any significant impact on your overall life.

One way is to starve yourself until your body starts shedding that fat itself. To be honest, this is a very unpleasant way to do this, and it’s not permanent either. You will not see any long-lasting results by starving yourself because this belly fat is tough to shed and very easy to regain.

If you really want to get rid of the belly fat, you need to have a proper system with guidelines for diet and exercise. This way, your body will get enough time to lose all of this excessive weight without stressing out.

You won’t need to starve yourself and harm your body in the process. You can just follow the guidelines, stay motivated, and eventually, your body will be free of the unwanted belly fat.

For you, we’ve got a proper system that does just that. It will help you lose excess belly fat and lead a healthy life without stressing your body.

You can check it out and be on the way to a newer, healthier lifestyle.

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