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35 Simple Wellness Tips for Healthy and Happy Living

What are the simple things that make you feel good each day?

1. Deciding to Have a Good Day 

Waking up and lying there in the quiet of the day, in the early morning, wondering what kind of day it will be. But looking forward to it and enjoying the peaceful moment between when you wake and when you open your window to the unexpected because whatever happens, you’re determined to have a good day.

2. Morning Sounds    

Listening to the early morning animal risers hoping to score against each other by a quick surprise – dogs, cats, whomever – they’re all trying to surprise each other and catch a little fun before order in the household takes over. Dogs are pushed off the beds by the kids with whom they should not have spent the night. Likewise, cats get put out of the house before they upset the cockatiels, and so on.

3. New Baby Smell   

When you put your head closer to the pram to see the new baby, and that beautiful ‘new baby’ smell just rushes up your nostrils and makes you ‘feel happy’ to the point where you don’t want to stop smiling all day. That smell of ‘baby’ that you can explain forever but still add more words. It’s an effervescent smell of happiness.

4. Baby Angel          

Before you even smell the ‘baby’, you can see the ‘baby’ laid out in its stroller; either bundled up against the cold weather, or laid back upon its blankies in the warmth of the day wit the gentle breezes keeping baby’s skin cool while it’s face takes on the peaceful features of an angel!       

5. Balloons Are a Blast                 

Balloons – anywhere! Lots of colors flying up into the blue sky, or young children are playing with a bunch of colorful balloons, or toddlers holding balloons on a beautiful day with a blue sky and bright sun. But, basically, balloons, anywhere, anytime, anyhow – just balloons!

6 . A Simple Smile     

A smile. Just a simple smile, say when you enter a coffee shop, and see a lady sitting on her own at the back of the shop, and she smiles at you and, as you smile back, her smile grows wider.

7. In the Wink of an Eye       

In the same coffee shop, that lady is joined by a child. The child wants chocolate from the grown-up lady’s small chocolate bar but is told ‘no.’ The lady’s phone rings, and as she looks for it in her bag, the child puts a piece of chocolate into her mouth like lightning, and, as she does, she winks at me!

8. Song from the Soul – Tears of Joy      

The young child has been chosen to sing ‘the song’ for Grandpapa. When he opens his mouth, he has the most beautiful voice and lifts everyone’s hearts to a happier place. The little boy doesn’t want to stop, and we don’t want him to, either; but when the silence arrives, it brings with it, Grandpapa’s quiet tears of joy.

9. What a Rare Blessing               

I look forward to going to work. That sentence says a lot. I’m in the best place, both at work and in my head. I enjoy my work. I’m Blessed with good colleagues. I and my work are appreciated. How many people can say or feel that?

10. Unexpected Connections       

You are bumping into someone you haven’t seen for a long time. You don’t stop and talk for more than a few minutes, but it makes you feel good that you were able to recognize each other, have a quick, courteous chat, and then move on. That’s a good feeling.

11. A Quiet Moment on The Beach

You are going for a stroll along the water’s edge on the beach just as the sun is setting.  With hands in pockets, pants rolled up and feet in the sea. The feel of the water embracing your feet and stroking your calves – how lovely to experience that solitary moment of peace and tranquillity.

12 . Uplift Your Fellow Man   

Always be pleasant and courteous to other people, no matter if you have no reason. Your reason is to uplift your fellow man just to put a smile on their faces. That’s all the reason anyone needs.

13. Friendships That Go the Distance      

If you have a real friend, always remember to appreciate their friendship and let them know you appreciate them being your friend. Those types of bonds will go the distance and still bring you happiness.

14. Perfect Companion – Perfect Coffee

Don’t settle for second best all the time. Sometimes, when you want a delicious coffee cup, go to the place where you know you will get one. Forget cost, distance, or anything else. There’s nothing can compare with the perfect cup of coffee drunk with the ideal companion – your friend.

15. A Little Help for Your Friend       

If someone you know is in need. Then help them if you can. No need to overdo it, but giving some care and assistance to someone a little down on their luck will help you and lot more than it will help them – and you’ll feel good about yourself – and who doesn’t need a confidence boost?!

16. See the Good from the Bad     

When a little rain falls into your life, look first for the silver lining before moving on. Something good always comes from something bad, just look for it, and you’ll find it there – the power of positive thinking!

17. Speak Up

If there’s something that needs to be said to your Boss – just say it. Quietly and straightforwardly, clearly and honestly. Don’t beat about the bush; just say what needs to be said. If it’s a thought that keeps floating around in your head, it has a right to be heard. 

18 . Stand Up for What is Right        

If someone asks for my opinion, I’ll give it truthfully and without holding back, but I’ll give it respectfully. Be known for being plain-spoken and honest, sure, but also, be known for having enough self-respect to show respect to your fellow man. It gives you a great feeling of standing up for what you think is right.      

19. Happiness Comes Only from Within  

If you’re feeling down, don’t call a friend and ask them to come over and cheer you up. Don’t rely on anyone else but yourself to make you happy. Happiness comes from within and only there.

20. Cherish Your Friends

Cherish your friends for being as they are. Don’t try to change them unless they want to be changed. Cherish yourself for being a good, reliable friend who can stand on their own without needing to lean on others.

21. Always Be True to Yourself       

Always be true to yourself, through the night and day, no matter the situation. Be calm, be comforting, be kind.

22. I Love the Sea

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I like to be near the sea. Whether it’s a raging sea with roiling waves of over 40 ft high arguing with itself; or a calm stretch of water that doesn’t even show a ripple and seems to be asleep. I think the sea in any situation is therapeutic.  Whether you’re watching it or walking in it, or it could be just a painting on the wall, I love the sea. You should find what you like and insert that into your life whenever you can.

23. Gratitude Path

I have a short – say ten-minute walk I take every morning. I call it my gratitude path. The whole time I’m walking I say thank you for all the good things in my life, and then I try to remember them all and speak them.

24. Learn from the Speed Blocks

Be aware and learn from the speed blocks in your life. When life slows you down while you’re trying to do something, stop and see what you can learn from this change of pace. Maybe you’ll discover a reason for the speed block, and hopefully, it will help you follow the right path at a better place.

25. A Wise Person Admits They Are Wrong        

Don’t be afraid of being wrong. Sometimes you have to go wrong and admit it before you get to go right. It’s a wise person who can admit they were on the wrong route before they can put things right!

26. If you Don’t Know – Ask!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When I want to know something, I’ll ask. That way, I get the answer. A lot of people are scared to ask as they think it will show their ignorance. If I live like that, there are things I’ll never know – and I need to. So, I feel good about myself when I ask; because I’m learning and moving forward all the time.

27. No Negative Thoughts

We all have negative things that creep into our minds without us know. However, the minute I become aware of evil thoughts in my mind, I stop it immediately. I don’t wonder where the evil thoughts came from. I don’t think of them anymore.

28. Ditch Depressing Thoughts

When I’m reading a book or watching a TV program and 20 minutes into my book or the 3rd or 4th episode into the TV show, it all changes and bad things start happening, guess what I do? I quit reading the book or stop watching that TV show and do not return to it. I think anything that puts terrible thoughts into our minds makes us depressed and depressing. I cut anything like that right out of my life – what do you do?

29. Be Your Best Self

If you aren’t the way you’d like to be, then change yourself. But first, have a good look at who you are. Maybe you don’t know yourself properly, and perhaps you haven’t learned all the reasons why you should like yourself. Whatever you decide – do something positive about it. Be the person you feel right about being.

30. Live Your Best Life

If there’s something you want to do – do it – don’t save it for later. Make a point to have what you want to have and do what you want to do and live your best life now – you deserve it.

31. Remove All the Stress

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t worry a little or a lot. Yet, the good thing is that when they discover they’re suffering a lot, they cut out the stress in their lives and only look at the positive things. It takes a while to practice this and get it right, but you’ll be a lot happier when you do.

32. Don’t Let Others Worry You

Stress brings a lot of negativity into our lives, and we all know that misery loves company. When people I know visit me and bring all their depression with them, I find that it has a bad influence on me, and I start to get miserable. These people only visit me when they’re down and depressed. It’s almost like I have a job to do. So, I do it.

I go into my kitchen and start cooking, and by the time we’ve all cooked, and they’ve all complained, and we’ve eaten, there’s no more stress! Of course, I don’t let this happen all the time. But it does feel good to be appreciated and have the ability to be able to lift the spirits of your friends – and for that I’m grateful.

33. Always Be Polite   

Someone in the street in front of me, asked their companions a question the other day and their companion answered it correctly, but for some reason, the young man wasn’t happy about that. They asked him what was wrong, but this young man gave them a lot of anger for what seemed like no reason. Maybe the young man felt silly because he hadn’t known the answer and the others teased him. Had they been a little more polite, perhaps it would have taken the sting out of things – who know – but it can’t hurt trying.

34. A Rainbow

‘I can sing a rainbow’ (sang Cilla Black, remember?); I can eat a rainbow, and I can read about rainbows. But, best of all, when I can see a rainbow, for some unknown reason, it makes me very happy. I’ll stand outside and splash around in the rain, just waiting for the rainbow because it makes me laugh out loud and feel satisfied.

35. Bridging the Gaps

How do you feel about bridges? They’re all over the world in so many different shapes and sizes. There’s something about them that makes me stop and wonder. I love to look at bridges; I love the thought that they help you connect; to reach out to other people and places. A bridge helps you to continue your journey to the other side.

From the stateliest bridges that are world-famous to the little no-name broken down bridge by the mill, up the road, and around the corner from a place, I stayed overnight and never got the name. I think of them all, and it makes me happy.

One Happy Thought

This was a list of only 35 items to improve your lives and feel better about living. I could share with you another 35 details more, but they all begin and end with the same thing no matter how many different words I use—one Happy Thought. Every day should start and end with that. Furthermore, if you could accomplish that for yourself, you’d be happier, more skilled, more at peace, and healthy, in head and heart!

I’ve just read this, and I sound quite mad. But there you are – these are the things that make me happy and glad to be alive. As I said, there are many more, but you have to pause somewhere.

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