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20 Reasons to Stop Consuming Sugar and 10 ‘Ways of How to Detox


I know people who like sugar. They won’t eat unless sugar is involved. This is to the point of even sugaring the gourds – i.e., the squashes, pumpkins, and zucchinis that you would serve with mutton, beef, pork, poultry, sausage or fish – must all be on the same plate and sweet with sugar!

What’s to Like?

If I told you I’m not fond of sugar or how it tastes, then you would understand why I don’t put sugar on my morning cereal, cornflakes, oats and Weetabix etc. I consume it without extra sweetness; I might be guilty of slicing up a little fruit on my rice crispies, but that’s natural goodness, and not from a can. When it comes to cakes, sweets, sweet fruit juices, or the way any of them taste, I don’t like them. I’d instead replace desert with starters – or an extra portion of veggies from the main course!

1. Artificial

I tried artificial sweeteners of different makes, but they all taste artificially sweet if you get my point. In fact, there is only one sweet thing in my life that I consume, and to that, I deliberately add sugar – and it’s my morning coffee!

You’d think I’m doing fairly well and getting a little ‘Holier than thou,’ but I’m nowhere near that. I eat canned things, and there’s sugar in canned foods – even those containing vegetables or savory proteins like beef or chicken. If you look carefully, it’s always on the label but under many other names.

2. Addictive

I decided to give up sugar, but I couldn’t stop having it in my morning coffee because sugar is an addiction; it’s tough to beat, and, clearly, I’m a sugar addict!

Did you know that sugar has a higher addiction rate than cocaine? That’s scary!

3. In Hiding

You can be too hard on yourself because the enemy sugar is and always has been in hiding! A trip to your local supermarket will probably scare the bejesus out of you! (no disrespect intended) but, for Pete’s sake, open your eyes and pull any food can off any shelf – let say vegetables – and you’ll see what I mean – there’s sugar on that label.

4. No Fat = Extra Sugar

Pick up the non-fat ‘healthy’? yogurt and if you read the label, it’s actually laden with sugar! Breakfast cereals have it baked into them, and, of yes, if something is baked instead of fried, it’s usually got sugar in it. Oh, dear…..

Sugar is an empty calory. It gives us no goodness, and we feel hungry immediately after eating something sugary.

5. Less sugar = Less Weight

There is a way you could eat less sugar and lose more weight. Let’s chat about that:

6. Go Slow

Take your time. You can’t do a 180-degree turn overnight. Maybe you should try to quit the muffins, brownies, and cakes as a start. Together with giving up candy and sugary drinks, just to make a smooth beginning. If needed, you could replace them with small carrots and celery sticks, or bananas, oranges, and other fruit – all full of nature’s goodness and nothing sweet or harmful.

Lose the sugar and milk from your tea and coffee. If might not taste so good in the beginning, but apparently it retrains your palate so that after a month or so, you don’t want sugary things anymore.

7. Labels Are Confusing

Earlier I mentioned labels, and the reading of labels is essential if you’re serious about losing weight and getting healthy. Sugar has many different pseudonyms or aliases that you really need to know what they are. Here are the main ones that are regularly seen on labels – they include:

Cane Sugar Brown Sugar Corn Syrup/high fructose corn syrup

Invert Sugar Beet Sugar Evaporated Cane Juice

Barley Malt Coconut Sugar Maple Syrup

Agave Syrup Rice Syrup Apple or Grape Juice Concentrate

Honey Demerara Sucanat

Turbinado Muscovado Panela or Piloncillo

If there are too many names here for you to remember, then maybe make a list.

8. ‘ose’ means sugar

Something to remember is that usually, any ingredients ending with ‘ose’ is also a form of sugar. i.e.

Sucrose Glucose

Dextrose Fructose


Do you now see how important it is to read labels? It might be a nuisance and somewhat boring, but it will be of so much help to you that it’s worth it.

As you already know, non-fat yogurt tastes wonderful – because it’s full of sugar!

Other words to run away from are:

Splenda Stevia

Equal NutraSweet

Sweet ‘N Low

And avoid these like the plague:

Aspartame Sucralose

Saccharine Acesulfame K or Acesulfame Potassium


9. Fat Means More Fat

This just underlines the fact that sugar causes addiction. If you’re running from sugar and find low-fat items, they usually contain much more sugar than the ones that are full fat.

10. Leptin Blocks Good Signals

There’s a hormone called Leptin, and that controls your body’s weight and energy. Someone with excess weight will find Leptin is their enemy. Why? After eating, when those signals come from the brain to tell you that you’re now full and should stop eating, it is vital to guide us with our food intake.

However, someone who is obese or overweight won’t receive those important signals as they will be blocked. The insulin spike you get from sugar stops Leptin from letting the message of fullness, reach your brain – it blocks it – so you keep on eating and gaining more weight. So now you’re fighting hormones and chemicals. What’s the answer?

11. Dopamine Makes You Motivated

Every time you eat sugar, something called Dopamine (that’s supposed to help you fight your addiction) gets high from the sugar addiction. Thus your body stops producing Dopamine so that you can be happier and higher on a sugar rush, from which Dopamine could have saved you.

However, as Dopamine destroys your motivation to get thin, your body destroys its Dopamine content and stops making it so that your sugar rushes can continue. In other words, your body is working against itself!

12. Brain Fog

At midday, you usually feel down, like you need a nap or something to boost your energy. So, stop getting those ‘energy bars’ full of sugar, nibble on some nuts and raisins, or have a turkey sandwich, or eat some dried fruit, you know what I mean.

13. Sugar = Dentist

Simply put, the more sugar you eat, the more likely you are to suffer from tooth decay, which causes several visits to the dentist and many more visits than your non-sugar eating friends. So, sugar is really expensive.

14. Obese Kids

More children are fat than ever before. It’s the subject of great public concern that more and more kids have become obese. Obesity is a severe negative in anyone’s life for all the apparent reasons… plus cancer.

15. Cancer Connection

We heard that a study at the University of Copenhagen showed that sugar helps the growth of malignant cells, i.e., cancer!

16. Nips & Tucks

Another study – this time it was carried out by Unilever. The upshot was that they discovered a connection between low blood sugar levels and healthy, youthful skin. So, conversely, when you have high blood sugar levels – caused by eating all this sugar, your skin gets all wrinkly and saggy with a breakout of zits and acne and worse. It’s no wonder that you’ll either wear thick streaky layers of makeup or end up making a Plastic Surgeon a lot of money.

17. The Empty Calorie

People tell me that sugar must do you some good. Really? It has no nutritional value whatsoever – by that I mean no vitamins, no minerals, no nothing except just calories

18. Sugar Sick

Fact: Sugar suppresses the immune system, so you can get really ill on and off by eating plenty of sugar. It makes you sick. I’m told that sugar is the culprit that’s causing the decline in health in the world (we’re not talking about Coronavirus here). If you don’t feel like going for a work out at the gym or going for a very long walk with a friend, it’s probably due to the face you’re eating way too much sugar.

19. Sugar Can Poison You

You know how we hate it when one of our friends or family doesn’t stop smoking, but they always want to be with us and fill the room full of smoke, dirty ashtrays, and usual coughing?

If you’ve ever had a drug addict in your group of friends or family, remember how you felt and how you watched over them and tried to make sure they didn’t score any drugs or use them in secret. Remember that?

20. Outcasts

What about the overweight people in your life? What about the ones who are sugar addicts? They like to be in our company, but they are usually inactive and tend to sit on the settee eating chocolate bars, etc. What do we do about those people? Do we remove their energy bars and replace them with a healthy carrot? Do we accept their constant excuses instead of taking them with us on a gentle stroll, to begin with, to get them used to the idea of some exercise? No. We do nothing about them except feel embarrassed. Why do we not treat them the same way as the others? They’d be so grateful for it.


‘Detoxing doesn’t happen overnight’, I said earlier in the article. It would take a miracle for that to happen.

1.Right Mindset

Firstly, we need the right mindset before we even begin to break this habit. Knowledge is power, and I covered reading the labels. You might have laughed when reading that, but it’s what you have to do to give yourself the power you need to fight this addiction.

Learn all you can from the labels and don’t choose the canned stuff or frozen foods that contained any of those names I gave you.

2.Healthy Balance Diet

Try to eat a healthy balanced diet – healthy carbs and proteins and only healthy fats.

You’ll be happy to discover that when you’ve been eating right for a month or so, your body won’t be wanting the sweet stuff anymore, and you’ll start to feel fitter and healthier with more energy and more confident pleasures in your life. For example:

You should focus on complete and whole foods, set out below is an example:

Vegetables Fruits Lean meat, poultry or Tofu

Fish Nuts & Seeds Whole, unprocessed grains & legumes

3.New Habits

It’s crucial to start heating healthily not as a diet but try to see it as a habit for the rest of your life. That’s the trick that will help you get through the early, difficult stages. New habits and new routines will keep you going with the self-discipline you need. Do this gradually, and have patience with yourself.

4.Involve A Friend

Join a diet group or at least tell a close friend because you’ll probably need that support in the first few months. You should be able to reach out and phone a friend at the very least. So put a support system in place for yourself.

5.Toss Temptation

In your home, you’ll be bound to have lots of enemies – all the sugary food you bought and now will not be eating. Do yourself a favor and throw it out as fast as you can – if you like, find a good home for all that food so as not to waste, but it must go. You don’t want any temptation in your home.

6.Increase Fibre

For example, you need to eat more fiber because it plays an essential role in blood sugar management as it slows down the rate that carbs break down and the rate that the body absorbs the resulting sugars.


Lose it slowly and steadily till it isn’t a diet it has become a new way of eating. Don’t lose too much weight too fast. Take it slow, and it should stay off.


Enjoy some form of exercise every day – even if it’s just walking. Make sure your body gets some activity. You don’t have to overdo it, but you must have exercise.


Never forget to hydrate. Drinking enough water – about 2.5 liters tops – prevents dehydration and assist the kidneys in removing extra sugar from the body by mean of urination.

10. Feel Good

Always compliment yourself. Give credit to yourself. Remind yourself how far you come from the beginning and how well you’re doing. Be your own best friend, and learn to like yourself.

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