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20 Best Low Carb Snacks for Weight Loss

Spoiled for Choice

There are so many different types, sizes, and attractive looking mini snack packs on the market, and one becomes spoiled for choice as more, becomes ‘many’ more, and begins to look like a Christmas Tree – full of everything good to look at and enjoyable to eat!

The Rich Get Rich, And The Poor Get Poorer

When I was a small child, none of these were available. Whatever you could have was set in a shopfront window and leaned towards the chocolate direction. They were all highly-priced, and my siblings and I pressed our noses up against the chilled glass windows of the shops, knowing we would not get any of them.

It wasn’t a matter of being negative; it was more in the region of our richest relative having sat us all down and told us not to expect expensive presents this year – being it Christmas birthday or anything else. Now that’s straight-talking, and you can’t get more transparent than that!

Hence I knew to expect nothing and had already assumed we children would receive this unwanted message on a reasonably regular basis. These were the dreadful days just after WW11.

Know Your Place

Then, I wasn’t sure what I was talking about – who even looked in a shop window unless they had money – decent money?

Rocketed Into The Future

Nowadays, we’ve become so used to the ads for these small containers of food that we can criticize them in a format that makes us sound like fundis  – of a sort!

I sit and look at the availability of these exciting snacks for weight loss and then shut my eyes fast, so I don’t remember those ugly times of having anything and expecting nothing!

My first memory was for all my siblings, but as I had brothers in my family, I doubt that a necklace or a pretty nightgown would go down all that well!

Over the passing years, we have become so high tech accomplished that it’s impressive to realize how far we’ve come.

Our Bodies Are Jet Fuelled

I’ve come to realize that the better our bodies are fuelled, the better they will do forging into the future. What I mean to say when I talk about our bodies being well fuelled is not that we should eat more – far from it! And, not that we should be more decadent in our eating choices – to what purpose?

The main point here; the most significant point imaginable; is that our bodies should take in the healthiest, heart free, low carb, vitamin-filled, carefully planned, diet – which should be easily available for us whether from a café or Mom at home or these easy snacks we’re discussing in this article.

How you make it happen is not nearly as important as making it happen. They say what you put in is what you get out. Therefore, if we can reach over a counter and quickly grab a couple of packets from a stand, knowing the contents will have the best nutrients possible, we subsequently know that our bodies will perform the best way possible.

We’re Faster, Healthier, More Innovative

Life in a week at least – for us – has become life in a minute. That one minute, it takes to choose your snack pack and go! Better yet, we created it all for ourselves so that we could create things for the world.

Back to the Future:

1. Apricots

Apricots spring into my mind. I’ve always loved them, and today I understand why they are likened to avocado when it comes to what they call the low sugar option. I love the Apricot color and the fact that you can bite into it without a big splash of liquid running down your face. Apricots are good to eat and enjoy as they have this enjoyable, mildly sweet taste with a reasonably firm flesh!

2. Spaghetti Squash

It sounds like a surprising mix when you first think about it, but it’s crammed full with fat-burning fiber. The two also lend themselves to a swirly shape that makes the presentation simple, yet it looks creative.

3. Broccoli

I’ve always enjoyed broccoli – my sibling thinking me mad. But if you have a handful of raw or cooked broccoli sprigs when entering the kitchen, you’ll be full when you leave after dipping your broccoli sprigs into each dish and everything you can find. I prefer the raw broccoli as it’s firmer and more comfortable for the firm little sprigs to hold whatever you’ve chosen to dunk into.

4. Cauliflower

Cauliflower has always seemed to be lighter in flavor and, therefore, more accessible to partner with something of a more decadent flavor, and a sharper or harder partner.

5. Hemp

When first learned about Hemp, I miswrote the word, and it became help! I was probably right at that time! It took me a while to understand that hemp seeds have no fat, and yet there are so many other fantastic skin benefits that I was astonished.

6. Mushrooms

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like mushrooms. They partner well with any other foods and have such a neat and tidy shape that makes them easy to cook with. I prefer them cooked as they see to give more flavor, but produced raw on a plate with a selection of other raw vegetables and you’ll be surprised how great they look and taste.

7. Pinto beans

Beans are so versatile that they fit together with almost anything and, they’re good for your heart! I’ve mentioned Pinto here as they yield the lowest in any bean’s carbs, but I love all beans. They’re all my favorites and all so very easy to add to a meal or build a meal around them.

8.  Dark chocolate

I don’t like sweet things. So happy me to discover that Dark chocolate is perceived as a low carb item. It’s also hearting healthy – so there’s the bonus we didn’t see coming!

 9.   Zucchini zoodles

This is an imaginative creation. Pasta and veg; turned into an attractively spiraled dish. How creative and flavourful. It’s low in carbs and healthy. Make sure you take a few packs from the stand.

10. String Cheese

I like cheese of any kind, and the first time I tried this, I couldn’t stop eating it. A little thicker than grated cheese, this small pack of protein and calcium was enough for my cheese friendly palate, but I could have spoiled myself and eaten more.

11. Greek Yoghurt

This thick, creamy, muscle-boosting, yet low carb food is fantastic. Don’t buy the ones with sugar and fruit added, or they won’t help you. Make sure they are sugar-free, etc, so all you get is the perfectly pure and plain Greek Yogurt.

12. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are so heart-healthy, containing about under six of the total carbs. Their beautiful color makes any salad looks good, and I can’t think of one pasta sauce without a tomato!

13. Wild Salmon

Superb Salmon! I would eat this any day of the week as it’s high in the Omega 3s and very low in calories. It’s heart-healthy and a de-stressor. All of my menus could begin and end with this fish.

14. Avocado

When I first met an Avocado Pear, people were throwing around phrases like

Mono-unsaturated fat ???? Then someone said Nature’s Vitamin Pill, and suddenly everything made sense! I can’t count how many avocados I’ve eaten and will always sing their praises (and put them on my shopping list); I love Avocado Pears.

15.  Eggs 

Eggs must always be on my shopping lists. These tiny oval-shaped foods are loaded with protein yet have no carbs! It’s incredible how many different foods you can cook with eggs. Once again, after hearing a long battle about this, it turns out that eggs are heart-healthy in addition to a lot of other healing things they are so good for your health.

16.  Chicken

Let’s not get into that old joke about which comes first – who cares? We all like them both and both of them cook beautifully. Yet again, we are reminded of the health properties of chicken. However, I’d already decided that chicken was one of my favorites.

17.  Walnuts

I only recently learned that walnuts and pecans had the fewest carbs! These help to conquer that annoying, unwanted belly fat.

18.  Raw Almonds

Did you know that a snack of Raw Almonds has the lowest amount of carbs? Now don’t go running off to find those milk chocolate almonds filled with jelly and alcohol because those don’t work. It’s the plain raw almonds we’re talking about. You may feel good with the other one, but the plain raw almonds do the most good.

19.  Kale Chips

I’ve never liked the thought of kale chips – yet I’ve always preferred kale as cooked veg and a raw one, say in a salad. Kale Chips are very low on carbs and make a truly satisfying crunch consistency to your snack.

20.   Oatmeal

If you enjoy starting your mornings with a good breakfast, you can begin with Oats, which is nourishing and very low in carbs. I want the Oats with adding any sugar and, if you can do that and add some low-fat milk, you’ll have a heart-healthy breakfast, low in carbs, and packed full of energy!

The Better The Fuel The Better The Function

Essentially, buying the most basic goodness to fuel your body is a good move today as these snack packs are readily available and reasonably priced.

The better our brains, the better our bodies, the better our capabilities, perhaps creating more upmarket, professionally made snack packs produced by you in another few months!

However, before our brains fly off in wonder at what our future could be. We’ll go faster and be more thorough as our fuel reached that superior mark. In a great many cases, it’s not so much – look what we’ve achieved. It’s more, look at what was under our noses, but we never realized until it was almost too late.

Amazing Accomplishment

Look at what we’ve accomplished. In our hands, we take a small packet that will adequately nourish us. We can read the label as it’s all there in the small print – isn’t that amazing!

There’s an immense amount of these expertly produced snack packs that you can grab and go and not pay a fortune for, and that’s truly exciting.

I hear that some mothers have to make sandwiches for their children the night before so that their kids can take them to school for lunch the next day. However, some of us are already taking it for granted that by giving our kids enough money in their pockets to purchase a nutritional meal, such as the packets we are currently discussing, our children will be suitably sustained foodwise without any problem for them other than making a decision.

It’s getting easier to care for our kids, care for ourselves, and, generally, care.

On Each Packet Is A List

On each packet is a list. It shows the entire story of the good it contains. Therefore you can see how much, how many, how it was made, what it accompanies, and so on. We can read how much nutrition per package, where it was manufactured, heating up or cooking suggestions, ideas that you can make with it, and suggestions or other things you can add and eat together with the contents of your package.

If dips or sauces are involved, they come separately packaged, so you have the choice of using them or not,

Probably there are many of you ready this and thinking, oh yeah – there’s the life! And yet, when your boss interrupts, you don’t resent his intrusion; you welcome it and are grateful you work at a firm where the boss knows your name and is happy with your work. How much better that than working in a sweatshop where conditions are those we don’t want to talk about.

Grateful for the Future – Snack Packs on Steroids!

The next time I pass a vast selection of food snack packs, I’ll stop and say a silent thank you to everyone who’s contributed to making this happen. We are hurtling forward into the future, and we are making it easier to live as we do. Snack pack time is no longer a time where people eat this virtually fast food knowing nothing further than most of them will gain weight.

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