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16 High Fibre Foods to Help You Lose Weight

High-Fiber Low-Calorie Foods for your Weight Loss Diet

When I see the words ‘high fiber foods’ printed somewhere, I always think that the phrase ‘bowel movement’ will shortly appear as I read, and it usually does.

I’ve often heard other people when confronted with those phrases, laugh, titter and make fun of them, but the truth is that high fiber foods are essential for you – as are bowel movements.

On the Farm, in the War

I was a war baby – WWII – living in England in the UK. Pretty much everything got blitzed – homes, people, and food; towns, cities, and countries. The best thing to do was not look for shelter as many did, but instead find a place of nothing and nowhere and stay there and hope no happy pilot felt like practicing that day.

Pardon the pun, but in those days, I don’t think anyone needed to know about high fiber foods.

War Baby

Being a war baby, I ate almost whatever was put in front of me. The country was starving, so if you wanted to stay alive, there wasn’t much choice. I refused to eat rats – although, having said that, they kept a lot of people in the country alive no I didn’t turn up my nose in distaste, I passed and promised myself to be a pescatarian (someone that doesn’t eat meat. I eat eggs and some fish but no meat)one day. So, in those days, I was virtually a vegetarian.

I lived with my Grandmama on her farm (the Government confiscated the animals for the fighting troops in the war, but they let her keep a few chickens). For a while, she grew Brussel sprouts in her back garden – rows and rows of them. These tall, sturdy plants were much taller than me, but I took it upon myself to go out and chop down some of them each weekend.

We Scavenged for Food

As I got a little older and taller, the war blasted on overhead, and I learned to grow carrots, turnips, swedes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, raspberries, strawberries, dandelion greens, and potatoes.

Although the ground was ours, we dare not grow too many plants, or it would be confiscated. But it kept me busy and happy to be helping the family with their food, and airplanes kept blowing up everything, so there was no produce in shops such as what I was growing.

Until we saw sprigs of green again, much later, we lived more or less off the things I’ve listed (plus some tomatoes that we grew hidden under shading so no one would see) and other things that the parents would supply when they could.

Eating Healthy By Mistake

In other words, I sort’ve grown up eating many of those high fiber foods without realizing what they were. I learned to enjoy them. Almost a lifetime later, when I write these words, it is with nostalgia that I do so, realizing that I haven’t heard some of them since those war days!

Living off Nature

Most of what I grew and brought home got put directly into soups, and we peeled nothing. We might have given some plant a bit of a wash, but as usual with plants, most of the goodness is directly under the skin, we peeled nothing – just cooked it.

We found apples, nuts, and mushrooms in the nearby forest, but our parents had to teach us about the mushroom, or we would have been poisoned.

Food Rations Arrived

Towards the end of the war, rations had been legislated, so we had food stamps. It was complicated in its way, but it basically meant a certain number of rations had to be spent on certain things, and after that, you had a choice – meat or sweeties – not quite like that but similar. Many people opted for sweeties, extra bread, and so on. 

We Were Skinny

Our Mother would worry why none of us would put on an inch of weight. Other kids grew up nearby, and some of them were quite plump, but they ate differently to us.

We got only what the stamps said we could have and declined other routes, Mama and Grandmama continued to bake bread and cooked whatever Grandpapa had shot in the forest.

But We Were Healthy

It was clear to others probably, but I wish I knew enough to have told Mama that we were healthier than most because we were eating well, for the most part, high fiber foods – which were really healthy and kept our young systems going at high speed. She felt she was letting us down and, in those days, because of the war – the public, in general, seemed to have developed quite a strange idea; if you weren’t plump, you weren’t healthy! How strange was that!

Let’s  look at some of these high fiber foods; I’ve already listed some of them:

High Fiber Foods:

carrots, turnips, swedes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, raspberries, strawberries, potatoes, dandelion greens, tomatoes, radishes, asparagus, broccoli, fennel, zucchini, starfruit or carambola, spinach, collard greens, endive, pumpkin leaves, kimchi, banana peppers, swiss chard, kohlrabi, artichokes, prickly pears, asian pears;  avocado, brown rice, breakfast cereal,


chickpeas, kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and lentils 


almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios


olive oil, flaxseed oil, and canola oil

The Buddhists

The Buddhists east a relatively pure diet, and I often try it for myself because, as I said earlier, our diets are somewhat similar. I’m not a Buddhist, although my diet is similar to theirs, I don’t make my bowls and plates of food as attractive as they do.

Don’t look at the Wrong – Look For the Right.

To lose weight on a vegetarian diet is very hard, which is probably why our Mother was upset about me when I was a child. You really need to take in some form of protein to lose weight. However, it doesn’t have to be a big block of meat, but eggs, fish, avocado, or poultry do help as does tofu, banana, yogurt, and other slightly refined carbs.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different diets and, because I’ve made notes, I know where I went wrong each time.

However, we should have concerned ourselves more with where we went right.

Because there was a war on because we had no choice, because we thought we were badly done by, and because we were hungry so we ‘made a plan’ what we didn’t realize was the best bit of new ever – we were eating as healthily as most people pay to eat that well !!!!! We didn’t realize we were living ‘high on the hog’ – well, almost.

Too Refined

You’ll probably not be happy when you hear this, but if you threw away all your packets of crisps and other snacks, all your bottles of sauces, chutneys, mayos, etc.

Then look at the lists I’ve given you and make meals from those. Maybe try it for a few weeks.

Saving Money

You’ll feel very sorry for yourself at first. Still, eventually, you’ll get used to the new way of living, and maybe even enjoy it You’ll undoubtedly feel and be healthier, your food bill will be much lower I think your Dr’s account will be much less. You’ll probably stop seeing your therapist, and add growing a few veggies alongside your self-grown fresh herb boxes. What fun!

To get a better idea of what I’m ‘banging on’ about, why don’t I show you three full meals (that’s one day of eating) in the life of……. It goes something like this.

Breakfast: Egg Muffin

  • 4 eggs (one per sandwich)
  • 4 Whole grain English Muffins
  • Cheddar Cheese (sliced or grated)
  • 1 Tomato ((washed) one slice per muffin)
  • 1 Lettuce
  • 2 Oranges (for side decoration and extra vitamins)
  1. Crack each egg and add carefully to an oiled ornonstick frying pan over medium heat.

  2. Cook until the whies ha e turned opaque.

  3. Gentle place a spatula underneath, flip the eggs,and cook for another few seconds.

  4. While the eggs are cooking, cut the muffins in halfand toast them until golden.

  5. Agg the egg, cheese, tomato, and lettuce to onehalf, then place the other half on top and serve one of these on each plate.

  6. Quickly cut the muffins in half and toast themuntil golden brown.

  7. Add egg, cheese, tomato, and lettuce on one half,then place the other half on top and serve.

Lunch: Lettuce wraps with milk

  • 1 Bibb lettuce
  • 2 pieces Red Bell peppers (sliced)
  • Matchstick carrots
  • 2 pieces Avocados
  • 1 block Extra firm tofu ((350 gms))
  • 1 teaspoon mayonnaise, sriracha (or another condiment per taste)
  1. Slice the tofu, red peppers, carrots, and avocado.

  2. On a large lettuce leaf, add the mayonnaise andother condiments.

  3. Add the vegetables and tofu.

  4. Finally, rightly roll a lettuce leaf with the ingredientsinside.

Note: Cooking the tofu is optional. Tofu can safely be eaten from the package

If you choose to cook it, add it to a lightly oiled pan and fry till golden brown.

Tip: you can replace the tofu for chicken or turkey slices.

Snack: Sliced Apples and Peanut butter Ingredients:

  • 4 Apples sliced
  • 2 tbsp (32 grams) peanut butter per person

Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken with Roast Vegetables

  • Store-bought Rotisserie chicken
  • Yukon Gold potatoes chopped
  • Carrots sliced
  • 1 cup (175 gms) of broccoli, chopped
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 tbsp (45ml) oliveoil
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) balsamic vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
  • 1 teaspoon (5ml) dijonmustard
  • Salt and pepperto taste
  1. Heat the oven to 375F (190C).

  2. In a bowl,mix olive oil, balsamic oil, Dijon mustard, garlic, and spices.

  3. Placevegetables in baking pan and drizzle then with this mixture.

  4. Then bake for 40 minutes or until crispy. Serve with chicken.

That looks pretty good to me, but everyone to his own taste.

Plain was Practical

In the beginning, we all ate foods such as I did in the war. Plain, natural, unprocessed, no husks removed, no poish or finish applied – just as it grows – sort of thing.

Remove the Right Stuff

Then we thought we became more sophisticated, so everything had to be processed, polished, de-husked, bagged, as well. What we did was take good food and make it look and taste nice, and then we ended up getting sold back to us all the very things that got removed at the get-go!

Those components removed from the original grain or plant are what we need to keep us regular in the bowel area.

You’ve Got the Right Idea.

I would suggest that if you’re still reading this, then clearly, you’re interested in what I’m saying, so maybe it’s worth it to give this a chance and try one of the ideas I’ve listed on these pages.

Trying things for a day or two will not be enough. You need at least a week or two before the results begin to show, but you will not be disappointed.

Get Your Own Regimen

I enjoy eating sparsely, but it isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life. Every once in a while, I’ll slip out of my regimen and try something different or spoil myself with something that isn’t good for me, but then, I have enough control just to have a teaspoon or a tablespoon or a small taste of it.

Diets and different ways of eating can be really interesting, and they can also be horrid. It’s entirely up to you to choose what you want to eat, and how much good you want to do for yourself.

Do yourselves a huge favor and stay away from the following:

Sugar-based products: foods high in sugar, and sugary drinks

Trans fats: Also known as partially hydrogenated fats, trans fats have been linked to severe diseases like heart diseases

Refined Carbs: Foods that are high in refined carbs, such as white bread, are linked to overeating, obesity and metabolic disease

Vegetable oils: While many people believe these are healthy, vegetable oils can disrupt your body’s omega 6-3 balance, which may cause problems

Processed Low-fat products: Often disguised as healthy alternatives, low-fat products usually contain a lot of sugar to make them taste better.

Save Yourself

Think about this. If you stay away from the bad things above, you’ll be saving your own life more than likely. Isn’t that something?


Before we wrap up, I set off to talk to you about how high fiber foods would help you lose weight. I personally wanted to give you choices because that’s how I operate. I need alternatives, and when I get them, I’m happy because I can always make things work with options. I hope the preceding has given you plenty of ideas and the information you need to make things right for yourself and your family. 

Choose Healthily

Don’t go on a diet; just find a comfortable and healthy way of eating for the rest of your life – you’ll be happy with that.

Back to Grandmama’s Farm As for my days on my Grandmama’s farm; I grew taller than those Brussel sprout plants so that I could stand in my bare feet and still look down and across the tops of these plants – and the war was still clamoring. Food rationing stayed the same and people made the same choices. In fact, nothing changed for a long time, and the first part of our childhood made our bodies healthy. The state of our minds was another thing entirely!

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