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10 Ways to get Fit if you’re Lazy

Let’s stay with counting to ten. i.e. ten repeats of everything we do, every day. Keep it to tens; even if they aren’t consecutive – but really consecutive is better. If you stand up, stay up for a while and get up at least every hour.

Everyone, always asks this one question: How can I get fit fast?

Therefore, let us show you the lazy person’s way to getting fit.

Exercise might sound great, but have you tried it? It’s not that easy! There are so many excuses you can use. Because it’s too hot, or too cold or too humid, too breezy, you can’t afford to join a gym. There’s always an excuse when you’re lazy.

That just about covers all reasons.

As you begin you journey to getting fit, you realise that you don’t have the stamina needed for this process. So, you are going to get yourself fitter but using the following methods so that nothing feels painful and nothing puts you off your resolve for fitness.

1. Remember to Stay with Repeats of Ten

10 push ups 10 sit ups

Try to do just 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups every day, even if they aren’t consecutive. Because something is better than nothing, and after a while, when you feel yourself finding the sets of 10 too easy, you can up it at your own pace.

Do every day to begin. One you’re comfortable with them, do them faster. After that we will start adding in other extra exercises.

2. Stand up every Hour, on the Hour

Everyone who’s savvy about weight and fitness will know about how sitting all day is bad for you. Even worse, being hunched over your pc keyboard, not stopping for lunch because you’re too busy will cause you fitness problems later in life.

At least one per hour make a conscious effector to:

  • Make a conscious effort to get up at least once an hour – go to the toilet.
  • Go say hello to a co-worker for one-minute even.
  • Make a cup of tea or coffee.


For at least 20 minutes per day – Walk

In the middle of chilly midwinter or in the height of hot midsummer – walk Use your legs and get moving. In just 20 minutes each and every single day, the gasping will stop and as your body gets used to this you’ll start to feel fitter, healthier – and you will be! All because of your own determination and perseverance!!!

4. You don’t even have to leave – The House

  • If you’re not too well you can stay at home and be on the sofa and do a workout.
  • Do some triceps dips and get up and do some lunges; work your abs.
  • You’ve probably got some keep fit books or videos that you can use as an example or to get ideas from.

5. Use a Tabata Timer

  • When you only have 5 minutes, download a Tabata timer app which will help a lot for a super speedy work out.
  • It will guide you for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off makes for a great high-intensity workout that has both fitness and weight-loss benefits.
  • Then you can run for 20 seconds and then walk for 10, or skip for 20 and lay down for 10.
  • You can do burpees, mountain climbers or even the plank (if you’re brave enough).
  • Tabata training will raise your metabolism and heart rate immediately and you should start seeing the benefits in no time.

6. Learn How to Switch Off – You Need It

Exercise programs are never all about exercise. They have to include a section on getting enough sleep. Without sufficient sleep, the exercise won’t help you enough because you won’t be fit enough to exercise without it. Learn how to have some fun and enjoy yourself.

7. Spend time in bed

Sorry for you if you get embarrassed, but not to put too fine a point on it, Scientists have proved that spending time in bed – suggests sex and sleep – and both are extremely good for you!

Sex can be great fun and burns up energy (calories) at a high right if you’re both quite active. In fact, women can burn up 90 calories during a sex session – which is just under half the amount you would burn in a 30-minute jog – which one would you pick, we wonder??!!

Sleep of course is essential but sex will help you sleep in a relaxed and pleasurable way, restoring all your body during this sleep and building up strength.

8. Just do Your Workouts – Forget about the Time

It you start thinking about time then your whole game plan will crumble and fall. The main part of this section is that you do your workout according to your level of fitness. No successful workout depends on how long it is.

All exercise is great and the most important thing when first starting out is to just get moving.

Climbing a mountain before you can even walk will put you off for life. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do a full hour, or if you couldn’t run for as long as you wanted.

The fact is, you’re doing something, and that’s what that matters.

9. Run for just one Song

In the 1st part of this article we said Run for the duration of just one Song?

Music helps take your mind away from time. It doesn’t matter what level you are – or if you have no level at all; just run for the duration of one song and you’ll feel better – as though you’ve accomplished something.

Don’t be too ambitious because you’ll feel horrid when it doesn’t all come together as per your plan; simply tell yourself to run for the length of one song. Make sure the song is a good one that you enjoy.

10. Mini Work Outs During the T.V. Adverts

Nearly everyone watches TV but if people see that you’re watching it they call you lazy! If you are an avid watcher then use the Adverts to do lunges, burpees, jogging, skipping, and squats. These types of mini-workouts will also be of great help in the end – every little helps!We receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

We’ll see you around – live your best Life Today!

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